Bean Boy's Bag of haul

Roughly 200 orbs today.
About 120 on the CYL banner and 80 on the second 3H banner

Isn’t the best luck, but I can’t complain.
Eliwood is +1. You might think I’m in a hurry to get him merged up, but for now this is ok. Gonna want a better boon though.

3H was 4.25% before today.
I just really wanted a Hubert merge.

But here it is. All I got.
My free summon is Eliwood ofc.

Not the best pity breaker in Mordecai. But he’s nice.

Alm may seem bad, but that’s 28 res with his weapon.
Not good for oneshots, but perfect for tanking.

Eli’s nice. +hp again not ideal, but eh. Got him +1 now.
That’s what makes me happy.

And Hubert is +2, +res now.


I wish I had Hubes… oh well. Ill just live my dreams through you

I went CYL for 80 Orbs and I got Eliwood. Now im at 230ish orbs oof
I was gonna pick Micky if this was the case, but my loyalty to Alm is taking over I need expert advice

We could ask Lain and MrShinyGyarados to duke it out and you pick who wins.


Do what I did. Get pity broken by Brave Alm when trying for Micaiah then nake her your free pick… unless that Alm is -Spd.

Will you plan to make tanky Alm with DC? I toying with a DC build earlier today in my head, but Scendale’s damage and Alm’s really bad resistance put me off on that.

Ain’t got the DC for that.

I am wondering mostly what to do with his A slot, but I think I’ll focus on him in close range.