Bean Build Channel - Class Comparison episode #1 - Lance Cavaliers [Sully updated 12-5]

Hello and welcome!
This is the first new episode of something I’ve done a long while ago.
A post about compairing similair units, seeing what makes them unique or why they don’t stand out.
I will make an overall ranking at the end, but the individual analysis is more important.
And mind that they’re ranked compared to eachother. For example: a 5/5 lance cav isn’t necessarily on par with B!Hector.

All units are summonable from the 3-4* pool. This can thus be a guide as to who’s a good option for merging.
I haven’t included the grail units for now, since they’re not really merge project material. Should I keep em out or add them in later?

For every unit I will give a short intro, sum up their strengths and flaws, mention what stands out the most about them and give some build and general idea options

Feel free to argue in the comments

This time we have a remake of my first episode from back in the Q&A section:
Lance Cavaliers. A somewhat bloated group with lot of units using inhertable weapons. But this group has two shakeups in the form of Abel and Peri.

While not the most populair of unit types, there are a lot of interesting stat spreads here. Some of the highest res found among melee units. But also a triple combo of basicly the same stat spread.
Hopefully this post will clear something up about this ever present but oft forgotten group.

The units are seperated by the catagories explained below.

Units with a good balance of offence and defence, but who do not excel in one area.


Blood. This new Peri is out for blood
Her own blood too, given that her lance works like Sealed Falchion.
The stats this girl stacks… it’s great. And don’t forget her lance is a slaying lance. Keep it in mind!
At this point the only reason not to use her, is if you don’t like her character!
Which… is about 80% of you. At least.

Peri’s Lance is a great weapon for desperation builds and overall damage dealing
Good offences
Nice Res

Poor physical bulk
Her weapon really doesn’t work well with defencive builds. She can dual a dragon, but don’t expect her to last long against anything.
Needs setup before her true potential unlocks

Biggest standout factor
Peri’s lance is what makes her unique. If she can get below max hp, she’ll have 53/37 offences with just her weapon, and 34 res to shoot icebergs like a pro.
Peri is a killer, look out!


Well, the easy way is fury desperation. Keep that in mind, throw in a darting blow, ect… Easy Peri. But let’s go a little further and up her max potential.
Andlet’s try something else a little differend for her second build. It’s wierd and maybe not optimal. But it’s fun. Probably keep a healer close by if needed.

Do mind that the builder didn’t update for the latest refines.
These builds simulate the stats, but have +2 hp compared to reality.

Units who focus in their atk/spd, dropping their defences to do so


The OG, the Panther, the shopkeeper who isn’t a knight anymore.
Which is a shame, seeing how he might be the best lance cav in the 4* pool. Hell, maybe even the best lance cav in the game.
Abel has some restrictions, but it’s easily met and when he does he has at the very least a 18 mt brave weapon on his hands. Without the speed problem.

Panther Lance is amazing
Decent offence
Can survive a hit

Tanking potential isn’t too high
Restrictive playstyle, needs a melee cav ally close by.

Biggest standout factor
Panther lance has no mercy. Abel can destroy a lot of opponents without crippeling his overal performance like other brave weapon users.
16 mt brave with no spd panalty is amazing and it doesn’t end there.
He gains +2 atk/def from every ally close by, boosting his attack and easily moving his bulk up by 4.


Biggest question is: Full on destruction, or mixed phase?
Let’s drop in a build for both. The first with Galeforce, since he doesn’t need the damage from specials, the second doubling down on the allies close with him. Bonds have the special power to work in the player phase as well. I do like the first build more though.

Do mind that the builder didn’t update for the latest refines.
These builds simulate the stats, but have +2 hp compared to reality.


Let’s make one thing clear. ‘Brock’ here is a fine unit. Solid, nice offence. Def just enough to use and res not yet too low, allowing him to often take a single hit (and not any more)
That said, he’s not too special but there’s merrit in using him.

Good atk/spd
Just enough bulk

Won’t be a tank

Biggest standout factor
Best to compare him to Abel. Oscar doesn’t have the unique amazing lance, but he does have the flexibility to run firesweep, brave and slayer weapons for pure offence or even dueling. Oscar doesn’t need cav allies around him like Abel does


I’ll keep it brief. Oscar is made for offence, pure and simple. He’s able to run some setups using his def, but I feel like offence is his best call. So here’s a simple set to run on him.


The other Oscar. Or Oscar is the other Roderick?
Anyway, he’s… got a nice coat? Seems like a fine character?
Ehh, screw it. Roderick is one of those units that doesn’t suck, but simply doesn’t stand out either. The only thing he has over Oscar his 3 higher res. For which he pays with 2 atk and 1 def.

Good spd
Workable atk
Mixed bulk enough to take a hit

Likely won’t take more than one hit

Biggest standout factor
He’ll take a magic hit slightly better than Oscar, that’s about it.


If you want Rody to stand a little out, I’d surgest building him with a slaying spear in a way to find some use in the enemy phase. Take a hit, and go wild. Rody will survive a single one and no more, so fury can get the most out of that.
Slaying won’t make him a powerhouse, but the special in pretty much any fight does make his damage output workable.

Tank (def/res)
Units with a focus on their def or res. But drop down one or two other stats to get their defences.



To everyone who says cavs don’t have the BST to tank. Silas exists with his base 36 def. Checkmate.
Just 2 below everyone’s favorite wall Lukas and 4 extra legs to run the hell away from anything magical, Silas clearly has a niche for himself. His Atk isn’t too shabby either. Silas puts that sweet extra bst to good use.
Especially since his hp isn’t too unneeded high or scary low.
Hell, if you compare the two, Lukas only has 1 higher bst. Gen 2 cavs and gen 1 infantry are scarily close.
Great def
Good atk

Poor spd and res

Biggest standout factor
Like I said, nobody tanks like Silas (as long as they’re Lance Cavs) It’s simple, it’s clean.
Weaknesses are clear too. Keep him away from magic.


Like said, he’s gonna be a tank. The build below isn’t gonna be budget, but you can switch some of the skills for more reasonable ones if needed.
Silas does have some flexibility to go for his spd superboon, as shown in the second build.



Jagen without the old bones that make him so damn slow
Mathilda doesn’t exactly impress and will struggle to deal damage outside specials. But she can fire those off and avoid getting murdered by doubles while doing it. Some ploy support certainly is an option.
Given that she does stand out in ways, she gets some bonus points. But not a lot.

Great Res
Decent spd

Bad Hp
Unimpressive atk and def

Biggest standout factor
Probably the best res tank for the blue cavs. Even among other movement types and melee weapons there aren’t that many with the great combo of mid 30 res and workable speed. Though she’s not miles ahead


You want two things. Spd and res.
But Mathilda would love some branching out to her other stats, making her atk/def at least workable.
Berkut’s Lance and Safeguard are very safe options.
You can choose to focus on her mage fighting potential, or go with the option of mixed bulk.
For mixed a Vanguard(Res) beats Berkut’s lance (Def) due to visable res working with ploys.
But if you want to have her fight, I’d say fortress skills hurt her already bad atk too much. Especially as seal


Jagen… The old res man with way too low stats. Back when IS thought ‘Veteran BST’ was a good idea. It wasn’t.

Amazing res

Overall subpar stats: Bad atk and spd, unimpressive hp and def
Mathilda does his job better in almost every way. Not by a lot, but it matters.

Biggest standout factor
His res it still stands at the highest of all 3-4* melee units.


You want to use that res in some way.
So the two ways to do it are for combat and support.
The support one will fully focus on that, making it so Jagen sees as little combat as he needs.
In general Berkut’s Lance, Vanguard and Wagasa are good weapons for him.

Units that are ‘unique’ in some way. But not always in a good way.


Poor Sully. You awaited your refine and got a TA stick.
Many will still dump her in the trash, since a refined lance means a lot less stats (from refine and effect of Vanguard/Berkut’s)
BUT! She’s a lot better than she used to be. The new lance does fix one key thing about Sully. Damage.
Don’t overlook her, even if she doesn’t soar the highs she could be.
Remember, TA isn’t as bad for her than Seth, Stahl and Palla. Sully wasn’t able to take on green units anyway unlike them.

Fine speed
Above avarage mixed bulk
Enemy phase brave weapon, easy to use in mounted teams
Uses all stats from cav buffs, goads and wards very well and easily

Triangle Adept weapon doesn’t do her any favors.
Can’t use the brave for massive damage like WT!Rein or Stahl can.
Won’t be tanking, especially physical units.
Pretty much needs to be in a cav team to be useful

Biggest standout factor
Her weapon is of course the thing that stands out. Potentially she can burst out quads while avoiding doubles. Her low attack is an issue, but Sully will very likely proc a special. And with a +atk boon she has 46 atk at base. Not that terrible for quads even if she should still avoid tanky units.


It’s very tempting to build her for speed. But I’d say ‘Don’t fall for it!’
For cavaliers there are not too many options for the B slot, so you’re better off boosting her other rather mediocre stats. And keep a cavalier ally close with hone or goad!
Bonds are good for a cheap build. You’re around allies most of the time, and bonds also allows her to occationally smash an unit in the player phase. That TA can accually be put to good use that way, oneshotting red units without high def.
For more budget DC is an option, Sully has good res and the low def of most ranged units make her brave hits deal accually quite a bit of damage. Still, her res won’t be super high so keep an healer on the standby.
Atk/res seal would be ideal, but since we don’t have that…
This is a rare case that I accually like the budget more



Overall rating


5 - Abel
4 - Peri, Silas
3,5 - Oscar, Sully
3 - Roderick
2,5 - Mathilda
1,5 - Jagen


Edit log

Added a build for Sully (outdated)
Added Tags
Grammar and spelling edits
New entry for Sully 2.0


I feel like Peri could run a defensive build pretty well, but like you said it does require some set up. Her weapon can go well with things like Brazens.

shudders at attack refines

These all look really good, Abel is so underrated, I’m waiting for a good IV one to show up so I can build him

poor Sully

It’s okay, Sully is a garbage character anyway.

And bookmarked.
Thanks Mr.Coffee, I’ve something to read for work tomorrow.


I like her character. I have a huge Awakening bias, if you couldn’t tell

Toilet Bowl armor was too annoying for me. The whole “I’m not like other girls” thing is fine, but when it’s in your face all the time it gets old.

“I try to fit in with other girls, but I just don’t. I wonder why.”

Because you’re different.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the same as other girls.”

Yeah, because you’re different. :pensive:

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This was good and interesting (Especially because gamepress is a little slow). I liked hearing your opinions on the units, everything made sense.

About grail units I think you should do a Bean Build in just them. Help people with grail unit merge projects.


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Let’s do a few responses here:

Yeah, I think brazens work good for her. The first build is made for it.
Not as easy to work with as fury desperation, but a high performance celing.
I also like to keep the slayer effect in mind. It can mean the difference between specials every fight or not.

Ignore that! I’d never stoop that low (exept maybe on Cherche’s axe)
Abel is slightly slept on, I agree.
And poor Sully. I tried my best with a build… But she really needs a refine, as do Mathilda and Jagen.

Np Lainy, happy to give you something to read!

Glad it did make sense, I made this over too long a period of time (did it in fragments) so I feared it would become a bit of a patchwork.
Yeah, a seperate post might be best. I will combine the overall ranking in that post, but putting the analysis seperate works out.


I’d say this is fairly accurate. Though unsure if Oscar is better than Roderick enough to warrant an entire placement higher

Sully has Fury QR3. She actually can get enough speed to where you dont need QR and the build itself clashes. I think bond abuse works for her better stressing her defenses. Maybe Brazens too

A fair point, but Roderick is 0,5 lower because he’s a slightly worse Oscar.
The fact that someone a bit better is there hurts him for this ranking.

Fair point on the Sully thing. I’ll cook up another build using bonds for ya.

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Alright then! Sully 2.0 has been added to the bunch.
Digging into her, she’s better than I’d have given her credit for. Not amazing, but hey!

The next BBC is kinda in the works, been a while I know…
Archers gonna drop early this week.

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If I don’t see L!Alm with a 10/10 rating Imma gonna SNAP.

Sorry buddy, 3-4* only.
Can’t have Alm dabbing them into oblivion (Seriously though, it’s good that he’s so limited, because damn he’s powerful)

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I’ll be looking forward to the Archers!

Oh look, I’m reviving a thread. But a good one to revive, imo. @Sir_of_Coffee, where do you think Oscar and Roderick go now with their refines? Oscar is better at support, but both help them do what they were trying to do better.



Oscar becomes a quite solid duelist, using a def or spd boon quite well. He has a simple refine but he had already some of the best stats of the 4* lancers

While Roderick is probably the best firesweep melee unit. 40 spd is no joke. Give him moonbow, LnD, hit n run and heavy blade and he’ll do nicely. No high budget needed.

Both would be 4/5