Bean Build Channel - Class Comparison episode #1x - Lance Cavaliers {Grail Edition}

So… My last episode was well recieved, so I’m going to continue to do them.
Instead of a new episode, this is going to focus on a grail group.
I labeled the extra chapters as ‘x’ chapters, in the spirit of fire emblem.
The previous episode will be linked down below.

They are seperate thanks to their high cost, but they are still compaired against their 3-4* pool peers.
For the rating it’s the cost is ignored, but keep in mind that it’s there.

In case you don’t know previous episode, here’s the rundown.
This series is about taking a group of units with the same movement type and weapon, and comparing them against eachother.
Unless there aren’t any outliers, generally the weakest of the group will get a 1, the strongest a 5. But that doesn’t mean a 5/5 Axe Cav would stand up to a unit like Surtr. It’s all inside the group.
I will look at what makes them unique, weapons or stats. So standing out is highly valued.
For this reason I will also seperate the units in a few differend groups, as you can see below.

Btw, I did include Panne. She’s not a lance cav, but the movement type and color matches. So she functions close to them, only with more gimmicks.

So… Let’s get into it

Units with a good balance of offence and defence, but who do not excel in one area.


The ‘Lance of Legend’ is an impressive title, one Finn doesn’t live up to without a unique lance to call his own. Finn is a decent duelist, one that makes fine use out of weapons like Vanguard and Slaying. If not for the existance of one unit he would be better: NY!Leagjarn. In a ranking like this, being straight up worse hurts him.
Keep praying for a refine guys. Just a little push is all he would need.

Good atk/spd/def

Horrible Res
Overall loses to NY!Laegjarn in overal effectiveness, and isn’t really far ahead of Camus in terms of stats.

Biggest standout factor
His ability to both take a hit and dish it out is impressive. But even that’s no standout factor.
+2 atk doesn’t compensate for -2 spd and -3 def. The difference might not be much, but it’s there.
Him being close to Camus also hurts, though Finn does have a bit better stats to make use out of inhertable weapons


I think the best way to go is mixed phase, boosting atk/spd/def together. To let him stand out a little from NY!Laegjarn the best way to go is slightly focussed on the offence.
The below build is pretty premium, but depending on your team and preference, you can swap in dual bonds, or go with fury. Fury is especially viable if you run a team with a healer, and can be paired with desperation.
Smokes can help to get in a good enemy phase after killing one enemy. A cav’s high movment allows them to deal with troublesome ranged enemies before they can get to you.


Camoo was my first 5* GHB unit. Back in the day it was something special to counter from both ranges, and he didn’t die to every mage thanks to his spd, unlike Xander.
But as time has gone on, the niche has been less and less useful. Not only are there much more DC options, a lot of ranged units can easily outspeed Camus or outright oneshot him even without the color advatage.
He’s not useless, and continues to fight kinda decently. But if there’s any DC weapon unit that screams ‘refine’, it’s Camus.

Decent atk/spd/def
Neat hp
Gradivus, the DC weapon

Bad res, which hurts him more than any other unit here.
No real standout stat.

Biggest standout factor
Gradivus. You gotta make use out of this, otherwise NY!Leagjarn or Finn can do a better job than him. Easier said than done, but it does open options no other lance cav has. But sadly, the great combo of DC weapon + Steady Breath isn’t one of em


It’s hard for him, you gotta at least do something for his res and spd.
While he can’t get out of being smashed down with a hit, you can build him to at least avoid oneshots and take physical hits at the same time.
To stack up stats, the main way to go is bonds. They’re tricky to use, but Camus more than any other cav would love stacking them up. Get your cav teams ready to support him with buffs, goads and wards. If you got a Ranulf, he’ll support Camus like a true bro. And healers are most certainly welcome.
He really needs to compensate not getting stats from his weapon (Beyond 16 mt)

(Do note that the new spd/res bond might be the best seal for him xombined with either atk/def or spd/def as A slot, but the FEH builder isn’t updated)


I guess those teeth are long? That could count as lance… Maaaybe?
Eh well, She’s close enough. Panne is a beast of a unit, in more ways than one. Standing out with balanced stats across the board and a weapon that further buffs up that allround statspread.
The biggest weakness comes from the fact that she doesn’t match well with non-beast teams. But still, not having an inheritable lance does restict her in some ways.

Decent damage output, especially in the player phase
Great speed
Cavalier effectiveness
Easily survives a single hit most of the time, especially in the player phase.
Is accually quite easy to use in beast teams, due to how her semi-solo skill works

Tricky to use in non-beast teams
Beast effective weapons
Can’t bulk up much defense without inheritance, nor can she use some specialized effects like Slayer.


In a beast team there’s some flexibility, but in a mixed one you gotta keep her solo.
That in mind, bonds are probably not that smart. Her lack of slayer and not too high def means moonbow is a safe pick. Not too powerful, but it gives her a reliable boost in most fights.
In the end the best build for her without busting out the solo skills is fury + desperation.
Boring, I know, but she makes use out of all stats and both phases. You gotta make some sacrifice for her if you’re not going to give her solo. Give up a phase with blows and stances, give up her doubles with fortress or close def, or give up hp with fury. Her defences won’t make her last at length anyway, so best to go all out when low.
But if you do have them, Atk/Spd and Spd/Def Solo are the best for her.

Tank (def)
Units with a focus on their def or res. But drop down one or two other stats to get their defences.


Oh sweet prince of Rigel, you will always be OP in my heart.
Because in heroes he’s kinda ehh. I would say he’s not as bad as some say, but only by a small magin.
Not being min maxed with lower speed being the biggest thing that hurts the idea of his stats.
Biggest problem comes in the form of another dark clad rider. A +res Silas can do the same job, switching out berkut’s higher hp for more def. And on tanks expected to take multiple hits, def is worth way more.

Good hp and atk
decent def
Salavagable res compaired to other def tanks

Spd that’s too low, yet not low enough
Res won’t be useful without massive investment

Biggest standout factor
His mixed bulk potential, especially with combos of Berkut’s lance, Steady Stance 4 and Close def are quite astounding. And he’ll won’t have to drop his atk to do so due to it’s decent base value.
But all of this is hurt in the face of Silas and his amazing hair. And bst I guess.


Gotta go bulk. Gotta go SS4.
I know berkut’s lance screams DC, but his res won’t really help him enough. And he needs ss4 to avoid all the specials he’d otherwise proc. My recommendation is to focus on def, using the res on berkut’s lance and close def to deal with dragons better than his other tank peers can. He’ll likely survive non-green mages as well, though not by a lot.


Clive’s not a good unit. He’s ouclassed plain and simple.
He can deal some decent damage, tank physical hits. But nothing Silas can’t do better.
It’s a shame because I do like Clive.

Great hp
Workable atk/def

If your greatest archievement is great hp, you’re doing something wrong.
Too low speed to be of any use
Poor Res

Biggest standout factor
45 hp is the only thing he has. No kidding.
Silas can do everthing Clive can do, exept panic ploy. Not just in base stats, but boons also allow Silas to boost up spd or res if he wants. It’s a sad truth that the only reason to use Clive is if you like his character. Because if you need panic ploy, you might want to look to another movement group.


Panic ploy is almost a must, Clive’s only way to make some use out of his hp.
So what might be what you could do is just go full on the support like the Jagen build in the previous episode, this is more for a mixed team though.
The build can be ajusted with differend link and chill skills depending on the situation
Chill atk is also a great seal for the build.


This classy lady enters with a wierd statline, in a good way.
I struggled picking the right label to her, duelist or tank?
While low in res, her atk/spd/def are all excellent. Put simply, her bulk comes from the fact that she’s very good at avoiding doubles.

Great spd/def
Workable atk

Won’t be the best damage dealer around
Even investment can’t save that res

Biggest standout factor
As said a few times, Speed and defence. Only Silas can really run ahead with a boon, but no lance cav has the speed to back it up.


I feel to make full use out of Laegjarn, you wanna go tank. No duelist like I surgested for Finn, leave the damage to bonfire procs. Of course, getting speed high enough is very important too.
While her base weapon is nice, it’d be a shame not to go all out on the def. Her B slot is pretty flexible. QR can help if you want to make sure she doubles, a support skill fits in easily, but I included sword breaker so she can take on very fast sword units especially in the player phase.
But below is also a slightly differend build, in case you have the fodder for her.
One skill that could be of use is spd/def solo, but since the unit builder doesn’t have it I didn’t make a build for it.

Overall Ratings


5 - Abel
4 - Peri, Silas, {Panne}, {NY!Laegjarn}
3,5 - Oscar, Sully
3 - Roderick, {Finn}, {Camus}
2,5 - Mathilda
2 - {Berkut}
1,5 - Jagen, {Clive}

Grail units within {}


Edit Log

Added more explaination to Clive
Ranking Clive 1>1,5
Added Sully’s post refine rating

Previous Episode

#1 - Lance Cavaliers

Bean Build Channel - Class Comparison episode #1 - Lance Cavaliers [Sully updated 12-5]


Another great topic! I know I’mma take a few screenshots to some of this here so I don’t forget them later. What caught my attention most is Panne and Laegjarn. Keep up the good work!

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This is the one I was waiting for the most. I enjoy your way of writing, and you at least try to find something positive about each unit.
Finn not having a personal weapon really is what hurts the most, and sadly I don’t think he’s gonna get one. Spd / Def Solo might be something to consider as well, although you did say you wanted to focus more on his offense. I get that
NY!Laegjarn has a beautiful statline and I would consider her if not for Finn. Another budget friendly build for her might be triple chill, considering her basekit and the release of the Chill Atk seal. Not the best build, but an idea if one wants to keep the weapon
Also poor Cliff

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Of course, trying to find the best of all units. Especially those everyone can get without spending orbz…
It’s more fun than trying to crack down on ‘bad’ units, even if it’s true.

Yeah, I tried to surgest builds for Finn and Laegjarn that pull them appart from eachother a bit more.
Triple chill is indeed a good option. Though I prefer going for max potential, it’s very much both useful and budget friendly.

Also, poor Clive

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I mostly agree to everything, even though Berkut is so low though…
But that’s how it’s, still doesn’t mean certain units are bad.
Thankfully Finn is high, I really like him and hopefully he’ll get some nice Refine in the future.

Btw don’t say out loud that Clive is so low or RoyBoi will teleport behind you

I love my Berkut and use him with pride. But I have to face reality… He’s outclassed.
But far from useless.
Sorry @RoyAhoy, but Clive…

I feel a lot of units here are itching for a refine, see what it has done for Abel.

Now… To think of what group to tackle next…


Flying Axe units


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Ohh, I like that.
Not as big as the Lance Cavs, but it’s a neat little group.

A challange though.

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Oh no I almost missed this!

I would actually say Clive is 2. While he is in general outperformed by Silas in literally every aspect, I think he still performs it well enough to warrant him being better than Sully and Jagen. And def not worse. Overlapping niche I think invalidates them from a hardcore meta perspective, but it doesnt invalidate their usage if that makes sense.

As for Camus I find him probably with Mathilda in that tier. Even with the DC weapon he struggled to use it and horses dont have a way of using their specials to cheat like infantry and armored units can.

I agree. Sully’s stats are just not good. She’s got decent speed but she doesn’t really have the necessary attack power to make use of it, and her physical defense is a whole 8 points lower than Clive. You could go with a mixed bulk build with something like Def/Res Bond, I guess.

I don’t see how Clive could be worse than her. :thinking:

Good read.

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Why Clive is slightly worse that Jagen is because res is a better niche than hp. In straight up combat, Clive maybe wouldn survive better against melee but Jagen can deal with dragons most cavs struggle with. It’s a bit more unique.
And Jagen can use ploys a bit more reliably.

As for Sully, she’s hard to rate. She does have the benifit of being rather hard to kill with mixed bulk and speed, but she not really tank worthy and really can’t deal meaningful damage.

Her unique statline gives her 0,5 in my book

To me she suffers from what Mathilda does but worse. For Clive to become a defensive wall all you need is SS4. For Jagen you need DC, and at that point Jagen gets into major struggle territory to kill. And even struggle territory to survive. Though I can see a way where he can try to mix the bulk and give up ranged threats which may end up being best for him. So the reason I think Clive is better is because making a melee cav a defensive wall pays off more than the Res counterpart.

Fair point.
Alright, I will at least raise Clive up a bit. But not much.
I still believe he’s fairly useless. But so are Jagen and Sully.

Let’s call them the overshadowed club

Edit: btw like I said uniqueness is a factor
Which is why Mathilda and Camus seem a tad high, and Clive a bit low.

Can be Ridersbane+ a good weapon for any of them?
There are a lot of red cavalry units and Mathilda is available at 3 stars, so it’s easy to get her.

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For general use, a ridersbane isn’t too useful, but it can help in specific maps and fights

Oscar and Silas are probably the best users of Ridersbane and armor slayer.
Oscar for two shots and player phase, Silas for enemy phase/ one shots.

I’d say Oscar has the slight edge for Riders while Silas might be better with the anti-armor (Which he comes with)