Bean Build Channel - Episode #2 - Axe Fliers

Second full episode, ya’ll ready? Got some winged axes here. Crazy stuff.
And Reyson, he wants to look strong.
Please be nice to him, he’s trying his best.

So, for those new… What is this?
This is my series tackling one group of characters at a time. All of em from the 3-4*, so these are all units anyone realistcly have and can merge.
I will grade them compared to eachother. A 5/5 isn’t a perfect unit, but one that stands out from the rest by far. For every unit I will include a build to show what you can do with em. At the end will be the overal ratings.



Do you see that blue unit over there? Dead
See that green unit? Dead.
And that red unit? Dead.
Archer? Dead. Dragon? Dead. Gustav? Dead.
So yeah, that’s the thing with Cherche. If we’re talking pure 2 shot brave units, she’s pretty much the best around.
She can also tank somewhat, but sticking to smashing is more fun

Amazing Atk, with a 11mt refinable brave weapon
Great hp
Good Def

Bad spd
Terrible res
Brave weapons can be tricky to use

Biggest standout factor
Her unique axe + atk. MASH those enemies into bloody wyvern food.
It can be useful to make her tank as well, but I’d say go for that what she does best.


It’s not too hard to pick out a way to go. You’ll want to deal as much damage as you can in those two hits.
Hit 'n run can help you get out of the fire after you deleted someone.
For this build I picked the effect refine, since it can be helpful and the atk refine only gives +1. But feel free to do whatever. Even keeping it unrefined for budget is totally an option.
Ofc deathblow 4 is a straight improvement.

Tank (Def)


The great flying assassin.
With sky high hp/def and low atk/spd…
Erm… Assassin? Never made sense to me
But it does make her a fine unit

Great def and hp
Workable res
Bad attack and spd

Biggest standout factor
She’s somewhat similair to some of the other tanky units, but she rises above the rest, add in res that will keep her alive better agaist magic damage, dragons especially…
Yeah, she’s not that bad


If you want to use Beruka, I feel you got to use that res to make her stand out
This build will also work with fort def/res, but the better attack and budget does help her more than mixed range/phase does.
The main targets that she can deal with and normal fliers can’t is dragons.
Boon and refine are pretty flexible, depending if you want more def or res. And an atk boon can also really help.



She can throw little bags as weapons, use cards to damage your life points, smash you with bamboo, and even sunny side up your grave or outdrink you in a beach bar. All while never complaining about back pain. What else do you need?
What do you mean that all doesn’t count? Ah well.
Just her Axe wielding OG here. And while she’s the first, she’s not at all a bad pick. Very allround.
I concidered putting her in the ‘duelists’ group, but it’s about even. Being able to use both her weapon and C skill to buff allies is quite nice. Especially for fliers who can easily stay in range.

Balanced stats, with fine atk/spd and good res
Drive effect on weapon

Low hp
Unimpressive def

Biggest standout factor
First, she helps her ally fliers like a mother. A very violent and unstable mother.
Probably because she also smashes their face in. Her offences aren’t incredible, but they’re also not bad. And she’ll likely take a hit from anything that’s not an archer or strong red unit.


Honestly, you can go a lot of ways on her. I’d recommend going for that weapon refine and help your allies. Adding in goad for 7/7 atk/spd madness, or a more balanced pick with ward. Drive seal is optional, as is flier formation. This build is rather simple: Keep her alive and mainly use her for support, but have her fight if needed.
Another build is to go full bond. She’s clingy, that one.


He’s the most manly of the group here.
And with manly I mean he has a Y chromosome, and that’s pretty much all.
Tied for lowest atk, and balanced unimpressive bulk. But good spd.
And of course being an heron, getting 3 move and healing his nearby allies is great.
Oh yeah he’s a dancer (well, singer), so there’s that. Which is nice.

(potential) 3 move flier
Will likely survive a single hit (not red or archer)
Great spd
Minor easy healing

Poor attack (but not unworkable)
Won’t survive past one hit
Transforming can be tricky, especially as dancer.

Biggest standout factor
3 move dancer. What else do you need?
Oh and healing is nice, plus he’ll survive a hit.
Only 4 star flier with dance/sing, so that’s very nice.


What works well for the peaceful heron? Fury. Get him angry.
That’ll work nice.
And he doesn’t really need WoM, so feel free to put some dancer buffs on him. They’re not populair, but it can help. Less hone/fortify C skills needed, thus more goad/ward. Get your team as buffed as they can.
Chill is also nice for him.
Mind the chosen B skill is quite premium, so feel free to switch it out with any supportive B skill you think works nice.

Overal ratings


4,5 - Cherche, Reyson
4 - Camilla
3 - Beruka


Edit Log

Beruka rating -0,5

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Axe Fliers

Includes Reyson

In all seriousness, I never really payed attention to how few flying units we have in the 3*/4* pool that’s not a lance unit. :thinking:

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I want to make him feel strong

Correction: you needed more units


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This actually may be a short channel considering we really don’t have that many Axe fliers, let alone green fliers in general that’s not a seasonal.

Yeah, it’s a shorter one.
Did think about combining the grail and normal one, but in the end I’ll keep them apart.

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Sword fliers will be even shorter


Lol, Palla and Caeda, with Aversa being the red mage flier.

Don’t forget Tibarn, totally a sword user

He’s a 5* exclusive though.

Oh, right I forgot

I’m skipping those for now.
Gotta be 4 at least.

Sword infantry will be chopped up as well, can’t be too much per episode either.

And there’s only 3 axe flier grail units, soooo

That’s an extra episode.
Ah well, rules are for chumps

Well it makes more sense than giving him a sepaarte rating by himself for green beast fliers

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