Bean Build Channel - Episode #3 - Infantry Archers

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well… time for another
Bean Build Channel

If you wanna know what the rules are, go down to one of the links below. Ain’t gonna repeat myself every time.

So now… Archers.
Personal favorite is Emiya tbh, the guy’s stylish and badass. Gilgamesh is pretty dope too.
…what’s that? Accual bow using archer? Aw come on, here I thought we’d be getting our crossover

Back to Feh, these guys are usually a bit sidelined. Mages are more populair and daggers get more and more tricks. Especially effectiveness.

But with some nice refines and good stat lines there are a few fine options around.
However, a lot of em do truely seem to be waiting for their shot at a refine. So expect this topic to be updated in the future

Atk Focus


Most fabulous archer. Leon is a units with terrible res, alright spd/def and good atk.
For combat he’s not too impressive, but don’t you go selling him short. There are a good few bows and skillsets that can be used.
Mind that for max potential Jamke is slightly better, but Leon is obviously cheaper.

Good atk
fine spd/def

Very poor res
Spd won’t allow him to double much

Biggest standout factor
Not that much, but his atk is the best of the non-grail archers.
While he doesn’t stand out a lot, there are a few builds he uses better than others.


Easy to say Brave Bow, but some slayer bow builds can work really well.
Given that simple brave doesn’t need the B slot and kinda gets beaten out by Klein you could switch to the modified version below
There is however one rather build that works kind of unique. It’s very similair as Ophelia’s build but he’s easy to get. In general, slayer isn’t a bad choice for him.
Without CC I wouldn’t go for enemy phase builds, given how most ranged enemies rely on magic.
Spd refine may seem wierd on the AoE build, but it can really help keep Leon alive before he can proc his special. Or when he runs into guards.
Hardy bearing the prefent vantage bullshit, +atk seal (+3, or one of the combo seals) for more damage.



Spd Focus


Rebecca is just as amazing as she was in FE7
Which is to say, not that much.
Somewhat nice mixed bulk… For an archer.
And fine speed, which is kinda undone.
Rebecca is somewhat usable but not much more than that.

Fine speed
Mixed bulk will likely save her. Once

Poor atk
Defences aren’t high enough to really help her.

Biggest standout factor
She’ll make some use out of stacking on defences while avoiding doubles, not amazing but she can do it.
Her res especially can be made workable.


The right bow for the job can be important. The easiest way to do that is going for the good old triple DD.
Rebecca can accually reach impressive defences using that. However, her power will take a nosedive. So you better have allies swooping in to kill.
There are other ways to build her, especially offence. But I’ll just say that Setsuna does offence better than Rebecca.

Surgested IVs: +Spd, +Res, +Atk


Now let me tell you all abo–
Oh look a butterfly!
Well… Setsuna is a slighly more offencive Rebecca, trading 3 res for 3 spd. Making any pure offence set on Rebecca work better on Setsuna. Though I’d say Guard Bow is better on Rebecca.
But overal their performance won’t vary that much.

Great spd
Usable mixed bulk

Poor atk
Again: defences are one and done.

Biggest standout factor
Her speed allows Setsuna to do one thing better than the others: Flashing Blade
She can’t really make use out of high damaging specials, but it has it’s uses.


There are a lot of differend options if you were to go offence.
I’d recomment against Brave because Klein, but Firesweep, slayer, short, Coco, fishy, Beguiling… There’s no shortage of options. Won’t go into every option, these two I have now.
For A slots generally everything giving atk/spd.
Fury gives not that much, but can help take a single hit.
Solo is usually the endgame option at a price.

Surgested IVs: +Atk, +Spd

Surgested IVs: +Atk, +Spd

Def Focus


Ohhh… My…
I’m scared to say anything bad about him, in case some Gordin fanboy will skin me alive. You know the one.
On the bright side, Gordin has great physical bulk and I’d say he accually makes use of his high hp. Atk isn’t terrible.
But his speed is in a void of too low to matter and too high that it ruins the chance of some other stats.
I half expect some optional builds be put into the comments, but I’ll do my best here

Great hp and def.
fine Atk

Poor speed and res
Jamke and Leon outshine him in atk.

Biggest standout factor
His phycal bulk with high hp makes him stand out.


Best way to make use out of him is banking on that special proc
Unlike most builds, I’m going for no pure budget here.
A semi-budget one (close counter) and a full premium one.
And using his def in some way is almost a must.

For a defence build more focussed on tanking than killing, you could use monsterous bow.

Surgested IVs: +Def, +Atk

Surgested IVs: +Def, +Atk

Res Focus


Oh man, look at that atk! This guy could never be useful!
Don’t let this clever little sneak trick you, his icebergs hurt. And they hurt good.
Still has some flaws like his poor physical bulk and guard effects are his bane…
But his bow is just so much power packed in one, and he still is a fine mage bait at high hp. Giving him an easy way to drop down to desperation.

Niles’s Bow is an all in one package with everything he loves: Flasing Blade, Slayer and shining bow effect.
Great res
Good speed

Atk is still very low, needs those special procs
Any worthwhile physical hit will crush him

Biggest standout factor
Icebergs. Iceberg aaallll the waaay across the enemy’s corpse. Naughty Niles is a cold killer.


I’ll just give you one build here, the one build he really needs.
You can go ahead and tweak it with atk/spd solo or a wave skill, but the core will stay the same. This is Niles.
One note, I’d surgest Darting Blow as seal over Brazen Atk/Res, Niles needs to double and proc flashing blade.


Another build surgested by @Kirchou
Very premium, but it does keep Niles healthy and kicking. Does really like team support, especially for def and res so he can get around without desperation. Best suited for mage dueling. Seal can be +3 spd instead if you keep him buffed up to help with the mixed phase.
If you want him to battle foes that can’t counter, Iceberg is the better choice.
Assist is to help him get back at full hp if mystic boost isn’t enough. Cuz no desperation



Archest of Archers
Elite Archer
…man… Best part of Virion’s character is that he’s a braggart that can back up his word. Not in heroes though.
If there was some powerful trick hp could give him, he’s be a lot better. but there isn’t. Outclassed and outmatched, Virion can be used. But really? You shouldn’t.

Amazing hp
Passable atk/spd

Horrible Res
His offences really don’t let him stand out
Does need spd support for faster foes

Biggest standout factor
His hp is pretty much all he has. It’s massive, reaching 48 with a refined weapon, reaching above some armored units. But it’s not that useful when his spd and defence don’t help him.


Try to do something with his hp, and his workable offence.
Panic ploy, infantry pulse, support skills in general. Something.
Healing is also an option.
Using escape route and bonds…
I do think he’d use fishy bow with ER well.
Gonna try something

Surgested IVs: +spd, +atk, +hp

Surgested IVs: +spd, +atk

Note: Keep a healer close by!


Remember the good old days of Bride Cordelia? Brave bow quads, no unit came close to her balance of atk and spd. But her being so rare made the public forget about her.
This humble Archer General graces us with what’s basicly the same idea, cheap and avalable.
Compared to B!Cordelia with a brave bow, he does have 3 lower atk, but he can either have 3 higher spd or go for chill def on his weapon fixing the gap in atk. And, you know, the low star pool is quite a perk.

Amazing Brave Bow in Argent Bow. Not only a straight upgrade, it also as support (or extra stats)
Fine offences
Will likely take a hit if not doubled or raventome’d

Pretty one note for combat.
High def enemies are his bane, can’t do much with 4x0.
Poor enemy phase
Does rely somewhat on spd buffs

Biggest standout factor
Cheap brave bow with utility, real simple. If you want to use a brave bow unit that’s not 5 star only, Klein’s your man. When he can’t do anything, he still chills by only standing around.


Pretty simple way to build him, just like Niles. Go with the first one, adjust a few skills if you got the budget ect. Make sure to keep it high. If you don’t like/need Chill you could go for +spd
The second build is made for him to focus on the triple chill. It’s both the easiest and hardest type of support.

Surgested IVs: +Spd, +Atk

Surgested IVs: +Spd, +Atk

Mind, the seal is Chill Atk


The forgotten refined bow, the very classy dresser.
Arden’s voice.
All of this apply to Jeorge. Lemme tell you, he’s not that bad.
But he’s also not an hidden gem.
This has been done to death in this topic, but he’s among the many here who can take a hit. But slightly better than average. But more importantly, he has an extra 6 atk on top of his 14mt weapon when baiting ranged foes. This can be used well.

A good bow that improves his enemy phase potential
Fine offences
Alright defences

His stats are somewhat too balanced.
Doesn’t have the attack to really make use out of his weapon

Biggest standout factor
Parthia allows for some good damage, especially with the right skills. Making him the best archer option for vantage builds.


You might think he might not be strong enough to oneshot ranged unit, but remeber that ranged units (especially mages) have raither meh def most of the time.
If you want more long term use, you can again opt for solo skills. With the right skillset and allies he can be a fine duelist.
Distand def could be used as seal if you have proper spd support.

Surgested IVs: +Atk

Surgested IV: +Spd, +Atk, +Res

Overal ratings


4,5 - Niles, Klein
3,5 - Jeorge
3 - Leon
2,5 - Gordin
2 - Rebecca, Setsuna
1,5 - Virion

Do mind that 2,5 really does mean middle of the road.
This is no 9,1 is meh. (or 4,5 in this case)


Edit Log

Added a build for Niles
Posted that build outside the tab, fixed it now

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Saw Rebecca, saw the build, and didn’t care for the rest. But I’m happy she’s here!

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I hope you at least like the build.
Bonds could be fine for her too, as could Loki’s bow.

Too bad a owl bow isn’t a thing (outside Niddhog)

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@Sir_of_Coffee The build is okay. I personally wouldn’t like having her be Enemy Phase, and Guard Bow+ doesn’t really fit her imo, since I’d prefer Brave Bow+, Slaying Bow+, or Short Bow+, but it’s reasonable.

My problem with that is that she gets outclassed in it.
This episode what probably the hardest for me to do, because of units like her.
She’s not terrible, but there’s little point to use her.

Klein and Niles especially lord their unique shiny bows over her.

Oh yeah @HeavenlyTempest
You’re the one who requested it.


I would strongly recommend mystic boost on Niles on a premium build, it helps him to deal with dragon and can run fury with no recoil or you can go for a solo skill for the cheap healing. It opens him the possibility to be a mixed phase unit, and you can switch his special for glacies for even more damage

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Thanks a bunch for the @ Mr Coffee Man! I don’t know why, I just really like archers.

It seems like I greatly underestimated Niles. Maybe that Atk stat simply made me uninterested, but he actually seems to be very usable now. I have no interest in building one because my Innes can tank mages fine as well, but it’s interesting to know at the very least.
That’s probably my most favorite part about the BBC: discovering something new about units you have seen since release.
I mainly suggested the archers just because I wanted to see if you could do anything with Virion. Part of me wants to build him up every once in a while, but then I remember his statline and lose all interest. A Gen1 archer is really just lacking the BST for all around (except Res) workable stats. He is at the top of my “really deserves a refine” list for sure.
And the forgotten archer is a fitting name for Jeorge because I kinda forgot he was a 3/4* unit
I’m gonna look forward to the grail archers! I could use some inspiration on what to do with my Jamke

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Mr.Coffee… RUN


I knew what I was getting into. I have to deal with it.

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Fishie Bow… Wouldn’t Brave Bow be better due to things like Wary Fighter?

Or does Brashperation nullify that? :thinking:

I’m not at home and I can’t remember the exact effect of Brash Assault, so sorry if it’s an odd question.

Mystic boost is accually not a bad idea, I’d totally surgest running atk/spd solo in that case to fully make use out of it. With fury he has the problem that his hp will chip down too fast anyway. The healing makes a difference (and he uses all the other effects)
A bit tired atm, but I’ll update Niles’ entry with that.

Yeah, Archers have this style to them. There’s something very satisfying about seeing em in action.
Getting to know older units again (and sharing that) is one of the biggest reasons I started doing this. It’s easy to forget older units when newer ones keep comming. Besides, a lot of em use new skills quite well. Retroactively buffing them
Dual bonds especially make a difference.

Virion really needs something to make use out of his immense hp.
But so far Bow refines have been the best, taking meh units to new highs. Especially Niles, Klein and Faye.

@Krazytre yes, Brash makes it an speed check again. And Gordin’s 25 spd does allow him to double the usual users of wary fighter.
Gordin with Brave Bow just doesn’t have the punch he needs.


I couldn’t agree more, fury is only good if you want to have brazen atk/res in S slot and if you’re poor like me and can’t have atk/spd solo fodder and maybe for visible stats (?), but atk/spd solo is superior for the really needed +3 atk/spd over fury and the healing is better than 3 def/res in the long shot

And thanks for considering updating your entry, glad I gave a useful input :slight_smile:

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I did add it now. Super premium and probably needs team support to shine (getting around no desperation is hard) but it works.
Fury is an excellent skill on him (with darting blow), but only if he uses despertation.

Getting feedback is important. I know stuff, but not everything.


Kinda can’t wait for red sword infantry. I am getting my epic critiques ready.

You can probably guess why


I’m guessing it’s the Grail episode you’re looking forward too, amirite? (This is the first time I write that, tell me if I wrote it wrong.)

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Yee exactly. Tobin does require some investment and dedication to make him good though so he’ll probably get ranked low.

Not everyone has the determination to turn him into a monster like I did.


Honestly, I’d love to build him, but I’ve already got a Grail project going. Is he a GHB unit? So I can get him if they ever bring his back. I haven’t summoned him yet…

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He’s a TT+ unit. Probably won’t be making a comeback either. If they did bring him back, it would make my life 10 times easier though. :’)

That’s a shame. Maybe if I ever finish building Cecilia. He’ll be next. Just for the Morale.

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If it’s any extra encouragement, I have yet to find a sword infantry unit that I have nearly as much fun with as him. The moment I got him to about +5 merges, he just destroys everything he sees.

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