Bean Build Channel - Episode #3x - Infantry Archers {Grail Edition}

Do these still exist?
Yeah they do! I’m just lazy!

I’m gonna try and make these a bit more visually appealing.
By which I mean I’ll steal some pics off the web and dump em here

Time for some more Archers
this is still a feh post, don’t leave

Bean Build Channel is here again, with a followup on the archer one.
I’ve always had a special love for archers, there’s just something cool about them.
Grail units, too, are something I hold dear.

So how does that combo fare?
Not that well

Atk Focus


Just look at that man. Glorious.
Best to start off with the best here.
The machine gun of Verdane, the ranger of the woods, the guy walking miles behind the rest of the army.
Luckly that last one ain’t a problem in heroes. Yay for small maps.
Jamke suffers a lot from free unit syndrome. He’s in isolation a good unit, but a 3-4* unit (Leon) is very much the same without the grail cost.
Luckly for Jamke, he’s no Haar. Merged up a +Atk Leon has the same atk and 3 lower speed as a Jamke with the neutral boost. Lending Jamke more for a duelist build
Still, not all is wonderful. The lack of unique bow does mean he loses out on the tricks Klein and Niles have. And high def is a lot less useful than high res for an archer

Amazing attack for a ranged unit
Workable spd
Fine physical bulk

For offence, the spd needs a lot of investment
Magical bulk is terrible

Biggest standout factor
His offencive statline is probably the best of the low rarity archers. The ones that surpass him in offence are those with a unique bow. That is an issue, but with the many good inheritable bows… He won’t dissapoint


The obvious way to build Jamke is like Leon. But Leon and Jamke have pretty much the exact same performance when using AoE. With maybe Jamke surviving a ORKO that Leon doesn’t. But the better way to justify grail spending is to find a way for him to shine.
Which is through going for a more duelist build. I am not kidding when I say Jamke has the best offences of a low rarity unit. Effecively 37/33 with neutral bonusses. So making use out of the many bows in the inheritance pool, Jamke can be quite the neat unit.
For budget fury is nice. The boost it gives to res allows him to survive a hit and in most situations Jamke can reach the sweet, sweet desperation fine.
And I must say, Brazen Atk/Spd is a blessing for units like Jamke.
Premium has a shiny new bow for a unit like him. Or should I say fancy?


(Note, bonfire is a good damange bomb. But both moonbow and glimmer can work well if you want a special every time you attack)


(Note: Seal is very flexible. Brazen for player phase, support, ect. This one just helps in both phases and all the time. Sometimes simple is all you need)

Def Focus


Must be hiding some chainmail in those clothes, because this man is bulky.
At the cost of some hp ofc.
Corrin is a more forgotten unit it seems, he’s a unit with wierd stats and a unique yet not unique base kit. While I won’t say he’s some secret special gem, this man has some worth. Especially as a cheap support unit.
Biggest rivals are +def Gordin (Much better hp) and Leon (Better atk). Which is something that holds him back.
Many times I’ve said that a lot of units avoid oneshots. But NY!Corrin is a perfect example of one getting utterly destroyed by magic.

Great def
Workable spd

Horrible magical bulk
Hp is low for a defencive unit

Biggest standout factor
His high def with the accually workable spd. Corrin can be build to avoid doubles.
But ask yourself if that’s really worth it.


Now here’s something you can do with Corrin, his true worth.
A very cheap support unit, in a way like Marth is. Drive up your allies into being amazing walls just with Corrin’s base kit. It’s not a build unique to him, but it’s a build that’s most budget on him. He doesn’t even need to fight to be useful like this.
For a more premium build, close counter is a way to go. There are two ways to do it: Use his speed to avoid doulbes and focus on being a wall, or the ignis bomb that’s at 1 cd after SS. It’s very strong but does need setup.


(Note: B is flexible, with links also being useful. Rally Def/Res+ is an amazing option, if you have the fodder. Spurs can become drives if you want more flexibility)




This Takumi is from the much loved fallen type of units…
And he might be the worst of em. Which isn’t that bad, given how strong they are.
Takumi’s greatest special part is his bow. The first AoE, never was that good of an idea. But at least it’s probably the easiest one to use. 3 turns with decent range, if used well you can time your attack or bait in that turn. So maybe you can have fun with that? Better than Garon’s lackluster one anyway.

Decent spd
Workable mixed bulk
Skadi can be fun

Stats are spread thin
Other units can do similair jobs if you try to ditch Skadi

Biggest standout factor
Skadi as explained before can be a boon to him.
Other than than, he’s got mixed bulk with spd, so being a ranged counter is possible. If you have the budget.


Best cheap build is just upgrading his base kit. Fight short fights, bait the enemy on turn 3 (or go full offence at the start of the turn). Small tip: Use high mobility units and dancers for maximum turn 3 ownage.
Darting Blow > Brazen atk/spd cuz you really want that spd as quickly as possible. You can’t take the time to get Takumi in the hp range.
For premium you can make use out of the classic 3x DD. Only difference with the normal version is that you can use his spd to avoid doubles.





Poor, Poor Clarisse.
If only her bow was slightly better and a prf. That would have made a difference.
There’s really not much to say. Talking pure gameplay, there’s 0 things she has more potential in than F!Takumi. Clarisse is Fallen Takumi -4 res and Skadi. Not massively behind, but enough to matter.
Only use her if you want to use that bow cheaply, or if you like her character.

Fine Spd

Thin statline
Doesn’t stand out at all

Biggest standout factor
…She comes with her own bow? That… Can be given to any archer.
I always try to stay positive, but there really isn’t any reason to use her over F!Takumi.


The only thing I can recommend for her is building around her bow. That’s what she has, what you can do cheaply. Kinda like NY!Corrin. Not unique on her, but it’s far easier to build her for it than, say, F!Takumi.
But do note that you’re probably better off using Sothe instead for this idea.

Overal ratings


4,5 - Niles, Klein
3,5 - Jeorge, Jamke
3 - Leon, F!Takumi
2,5 - Gordin, NY!Corrin
2 - Rebecca, Setsuna
1,5 - Virion, Clarisse

Do mind that 2,5 really does mean middle of the road.
This is no 9,1 is meh. (or 4,5 in this case)


Edit Log

Made a small mistake with NY!Corrin’s build, fixed it
F!Takumi 2,5 > 3

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Nice, I was interested in this one!
I kinda disregarded Jamke’s speed it seems because it just seemed “ok“ to me. But with the new tools of Bouquet Bow and the Brazen Atk/Spd Seal, I might have to reconsider that, seems fun. I’ve been running a Brave Bow on him (which he still uses to great effect), but this might just be the alternative I’ve been looking for on him.
You’ve captured his natural beauty with that artwork, nice work
NY! Corrin is a fine budget unit I like to use in AA for stacking Def/Res and getting some. KOs in with Bow Breaker. I’m not interested in building him any further, but I do appreciate his artwork.
Clarisse reminds me of Navarre, in that they both have a GHB unit who bests them in every single stat. Navarre’s one selling point is his PRF, and I feel like this is the only thing to salvage her too.

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It was fun to read it (as always).
I personally think that F!Takumi should be on the same rating as Jamke and Jeorge or atleast on the rating with Leon.
Even though they are both better than him (not for me though) F!Takumi outclasses Leon without a doubt in both offensive and defensive capabilities.

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Yeah, it seems low… But with the neutral boost + many options for refine/A/Seal it’s not as bad as it seems.
The art is his offical one from FE4. The character design of that game is just great.

Normally I’d focus on the unit’s potential and not persee what cheap to do. But in Corrin’s case it’s really a big thing. He comes loaded for that role, and pulling off the dual spur isn’t hard for him. He can boost a unit’s mixed bulk by 11 def/res on his own when he just switches his seal to spur def/res

At least Navarre has his weapon. Clarisse seems cursed. I do wonder if they’re ever gonna do something for her, Legion and OG Berkut.

At the very least, for duelist builds, I feel like Jamke rises above him and Jeorge has a good deal of tricks to pull off (Well, Vantage blasting) and Leon as a good deal more attack, so he’s quite better at the AoE special build.
He does have his defencive stats, but the thinly spread stats mean his atk will suffer if you go full defence.
I am concidering raising him to 3/5. But certainly not further than that.


That’s completely enough though.