Bean Build Channel - Episode #4-2 - Sword Infantry (Mercenaries)

Alright, gonna take the spotlight back!

This is the real BBC. I swear.
@GamingBro1 started it off by dicussing the swift and deadly of the sword fighters, and I just want to say say that it was a great episode. I’d say it’s almost as good as mine! :D almost
But seriously, it’s very well done and I did almost nothing in it. So yeah. Check it out!

Gamingbro1's episode

Bean Build Channel - #4-1 - Sword Infantry (Myrmidon) - [GamingBro1 edition]

Mercs. Funny how the name for a lowly sellsword evolves into a hero.
Maybe if you just kill enough men…

Anyway, these guys and gals are usually a bit more neutral in their statline. Most common is a good atk, all but one 35 or higher. And good physical bulk.
With spd and res really being all over the place.

But Selena just has bad atk. I think she dumped her sword for a magic shield. Not a great tradeoff.

This episode is part of the sword infantry collection, after this there’s one more normal episode plus a grail one as usual.



Heyo, all the gals here. Soleil is here to steal your feathers because she might be one of the most merged units. That isn’t a dragon or Reinhardt. Also she’ll totally steal your panties. What a gal.
But yeah, it’s for a good reason she’s merged. Soleil is one of the most solid and versatile units in the game. There are many sword fighters with great unique swords. But Soleil is the inheritable weapon pro.

Amazing Strength
Great Speed
Mixed bulk

Somewhat low hp for a melee unit
Her mixed bulk isn’t going to make her a true tank
Does not have something truely unique

Biggest standout factor
Like I said, Versatile. Especially the 38/35 offences.
Soleil can be whatever you want her to be. As long as you provide the goods (inheritable weapon + skills)


So yeah, let me start with saying that you can mold Soleil in whatever you want.
Pure offence, mixed bulk, triple chill with NY!Hríd’s sword. So these are just 2 options. But many doors are open for you.
If you want an Boon that’s flexible between the many options, use +spd.
The easiest way to build her is with firesweep. She comes with it, she’s good with it. Simple as that.
For more premium you can push all her stats up, especially def/res. Making her the duelist to end all duelists. Though I’d stick with melee range and push her stats up for that.
DC is one skill I wouldn’t pick for Soleil. You’d have to either give up some bulk or spd for that. And I feel going for stat stacking works out better for her.




Ogma is a simple guy. But he’s the OG simple guy, he’s THE mercenary.
Now what does he bring? Hp, truckloads of it. But unlike many other characters Ogma drops res to the lowest level. And he has good offences to show for it.
Biggest thing he has is his oft forgotten refine. It’s no gamebreaker, but a 16 mt weapon that gives 4 atk/spd and heavy blade… It’s nice. The semi-bond effect of infantry/fliers is the easiest type of it found among refines.
As a side note, he has good synergy with Axura and Flying Olivia using wings of mercy. Procing the effect of his weapon and keeping Ogma going

Amazing hp and thus good physical bulk
Great offences, boosted by his weapon
Gladiator’s Blade gives him heavy blade while keeping his A slot and seal free

Tied for the lowest res in the game
Needs his sword to stand out. That makes him less flexible. Especially because of the semi-bond

Biggest standout factor
Gladiator’s Blade boosting him to 55 atk and 38 spd when active, plus he can shoot specials faster than most units.


In general you’ll want to try and see how you can build around the special.
Aether and Galeforce come to mind
Galeforce recently got a lot juicier. About as juicy as Ogma’s oily abs. The problem often was how to keep the bond effect after the first fight. But with brazen atk/spd it allows some freedom to even not need it at times.
His def isn’t high, but with his hp and quick healing, Ogma has potential to become a good aether warrior. Most of the time he’ll be able to balance his hp to a level that’s acceptable
Both of these builds are pretty budget. You can spice it up with some premium skills but they’ll work just fine without.
IVs especially in the ather build are flexible. But try to aim for 55+ atk and 45+ spd.




plz don’t kick me off GP
Ahem, Chrom. Not the most populair of falchion users but a solid man.
Biggest thing to realize is that Chrom is buffed. Not by a refine. But by skills.
The many brazen and bond skills open up a lot of doors for Chrom. He can be a tanky boy, but also a savage destroyer.
Especially of dragons.

The amazing Dragon effective Falchion in two spectrum style flavours (bond 'n renewal vs brazen)
Amazing hp and str
Can get his spd up with his weapon and superboon

Res is quite bad
You need to invest heavily in his spd to make use out of it.

Biggest standout factor
The two Falchions allow for some neat stat stacking. And even idle, his renewal + high hp makes him a pseudo healer with Reciprocal Aid
Many dragons will fear his effectiveness + high atk.


It’s really quite simple. Pick a sword and build around it.
With Sealed Falchion you’ll go the offence route. Stack atk and spd mostly, but his hp and def will keep him alive when healthy. +spd IV is pretty much your only choice.
The other is to go with Awakening Falchion. Going for bonds, defence and support. This Chrom can be a bait and dragonslayer, but if he can’t fight he’ll still be of help healing. His high hp will also come in handy with support like Infantry Pulse or Panic Ploy. The IVs are more flexible. I’d go with +def, maybe +spd. If we get the spd/def bond seal in the future, spd will become better overal. For now Atk/Def is nice for dealing the damage. Close def can help avoid deaths to dragons and make Chrom rely a little less on bonds.

Side note: If you happen to have Infantry Breath you could put that on a unit usually next to Chrom. That buffs his performance to new highs: Steady Stance 4 or Spd/Def bond in the A slot will absolutely help him out greatly.




This is a beautiful boy. I gotta say that because I like him, but I gotta tear him down.
You ever wanted to know how Chrom played without the Falchion? You know, the weapon I’ve made both his entire builds around? Here you go.
To be fair, he does have 5 higher res… And that’s all. Anthing else is minimal and he has to give those points up in hp and atk.
But yeah, to be short. 9 times out of 10 you want Chrom instead. It’s that simple.
Laslow won’t be useless and can be build. But ask yourself; Why?

Good hp and def
Good atk
His res isn’t too shabby

Poor spd
Not quite a tank
Can’t really stand out

Biggest standout factor
Probably his mixed bulk. If I had to say something.


I’m gonna just post one build here, a premium one.
Cuz if you’re gonna invest into Laslow, you better do it right (and pray his eventual refine works well with it)
And what you do is make use out of his mixed bulk. Laslow needs to use it, and probably his spd superboon too.
If there are any Laslow fans out there: You do NOT want to half ass it.
So what do you do? You use solo skills. Pro tip; Solo skills stack a lot of stats. Generally they work good on infantry that can allow themselfs to stay a space away from allies. This Laslow will love the help of tactics buffs.
You could drop the speed for more tankiness, but I feel it’ll never reach true high levels. Better to make him a more tanky duelist. There’s another fast tanky duelist among the swordfighters we’ll talk about soon, but unlike them Laslow does have a decent 50 atk here.
Bonds are good in theory. But remember who uses bonds very well? Chrom.



In many ways, Selena is weird. Most of all her stats. Atk is not often a stat dropped, but she gains other stats to compensate.
If you want a unit to survive, She can do the job. But if you want a unit to deal damage? Ehhh. Hope you can proc those specials.
Even then, don’t count on it.
Don’t despair though. While she’s no super unit, Selena is unique and her bulk is near unmatched. With the only thing holding her back being her low hp.

Great spd
Very good mixed bulk
The combo of the above two is unique and very useful

Terrible atk with no special trick to boost it.
Hp isn’t that high for a melee unit.

Biggest standout factor
Mixed bulk with speed. This makes her at the very least a decent unit for baiting and generally staying alive.


First let me say that boosting the atk is probably a good call. Most of the builds she uses are centered around defence, but the superboon in atk can at least allow her to dent the enemy a little bit. Giving you the freedom to just stack on speed and bulk with the other skills.
On a budget you can focus on stacking her bulk. And leave the damage to her allies.
But with premium builds she can accually deal some damage by spamming specials. Like with Laslow, solo skills can really help here. Unlike Laslow, bonds are accually a decent choice since Selena has way less overlap with Chrom. As always, bonds are flexible in that you can pick and choice which combo’s you want. Though I’d say getting some spd and def is a must.




Overall ratings

4.5 - Hana, Lon’qu, Soleil
4- Hinata, Ogma, Chrom
3.5 - Fir
2.5 - Athena, Selena
2 - Laslow

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Bean Build Channel - #4-1 - Sword Infantry (Myrmidon) - [GamingBro1 edition]


Laslow might be the unit most in need of a refine

I used to have one on my friends list with a Slaying Edge+ Def Refined, Reposition, Bonfire, Fury, Swordbreaker, and a C skill and seal that I don’t remember, he was +10 and +speed, and he was actually one of the best units on my friends list for a while

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Yeah, Laslow Selena and Athena all need it quite badly. But Laslow probably the most.

Though Laslow and Selena do make the most out of refines. They are both capable of making use out of every stat they have. So going with high merges changes them more than some others

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Good work as always!
Laslow doesn’t see much use, but his statline is actually quite the interesting one, especially since his Res isn’t unsalvageable like many other Sword Infantry units. His build is probably my favorite of the ones you made, that just seems like it would work nicely. I’m sure he would benefit a lot from merges (and a prf of course).

I feel like Ogma gets overlooked way too much (probably because of the general dislike against his artwork). His statline is quite minmaxed when you remember that he is a launch unit, dropping every chance of using his Res for the other stats. That HP stat really works wonders for him, I might just consider building him up in the future.


Audino how to feel about this… Nah, I’m kidding, it’s more than true. I’m delighted to help! It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you keep letting me help in the future!

I know you can take a joke ;p

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It’s one of my redeeming traits.