Beating BB?

So I’ve tried about a dozen times to beat BB in the “final” of Part 1. Different strategies, different teams (including a full ruler team). I’m hitting her with Level 90s and don’t often make it past her first break. Her NP seems to ignore Evade (at least it didn’t seem to protect Robin) so her NP is wiping my team every third round.

What am I missing? Surely this isn’t the devs simply wanking off at us.

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She nps FAST and often.

I recommend a group of double Merlin with Summer Martha
Or Merlin/ruler Jeanne with summer Martha.

Summer Martha is a must though.

Edit: my team was Merlin waver Martha Jeanne Game support MHXX and mash


I just borrowed a support Cu Alter, stacked as many buffs as I could on him, stunned her with CCU and spammed NP with CS after trying twice to beat her legit with Ruler Martha support.

I don’t have any Rulers myself and my roster is limited so eh, some would call it cheating but if the devs wanna be that way, fine with me lol.

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I don’t remember her NP ignoring Evade, as I dodged it twice with Skadi’s NP effect. I used Support Jeanne, Skadi, Sherlock as my primary team.

Her NP doesn’t ignore evade. Starting NP Gauge is useless too because she drained starting NP.
My team was
Front row:
OG Okita, my Skadi, Support: Skadi
Back row:
Jeanne Alter, Scathach Assassin, Gilgamesh (not like Jeanne Alter and Scathach were of any help)

What I did:
Okita Souji/Skadi/Skadi
Charge one of Skadi’s NP and Okita’s NP bar to 50% in the first 2-3 turns
When you get to 50%, use both Skadi’s 3rd skill to charge Okita and Skadi’s NP, then Okita NP, followed by Skadi NP. Okita’s NP will break her first bar easy.
During her break, she’ll charge her NP gauge (which is full anyway, so…) and all party members dodge the whole NP from Skadi’s 1-time evasion
Dealt massive damage with Okita’s Quick crit (and both Skadi’s first buffs) for 2nd bar. Dealt with her 2nd break bar purely on face card.
Be helpless and got mass-stuned on 2nd break bar.
Do one more Okita NP and all front members of team got wiped from her NP

Gilgamesh in the back finished her last break bar easy as it’s already damaged from Okita’s 2nd NP.

Wish I could record it, but didn’t think this would be a memorable battle (like, most of story battles were a joke lol)

I even forgot I have Sherlock and his rare class advantage :fgo_elementarymydear:

Mystic Code used was Artic MC from LB1


I have several rulers and I sent them in without a plan really. Oh my goodness, Sherlock with NO buffs outside of CE (at Trifas, lvl44) at only 3-4 stars each, critted down her entire bar when I was just trying to gain np for him and Jeanne.

:fgo_elementarymydear: Mmm… Revel in the rare class advantage

So yeah, he made short work of her. Sherlock, lots of stars, and win


Melt and double skadi.
I made sure to use skadi’s NP on the turn I broke the 1st bar.
Then it was a matter of keeping Melt alive long enough to wreck her remaining bars with NP+crits. Backline had Robin and Mash and I forgot whom else. They were all basically fodder lol though Mash’s targetable invincible, target focus and defense buff helped Melt survive.
MC used was the ST Quick buffing black suit one.

I happen to have a level 100 NP5 Jeanne stacked with healing command codes and an MLB Prisma Cosmos, so I soloed her with that and the Atlas Mystic Code. I love Jeanne, she was my first ssr on NA & JP and my first grail, but I feel like I never get the opportunity to use her these days, so I thought a Jeanne solo would be fun on a rare opportunity to fight a Moon Cancer lol.

If none of the other strategies here work for you, feel free to send your friend code and I’ll add you and you can solo it too. With that said, I imagine any lv. 90 Jeanne w/ Atlas could probably manage, especially if they have a Prisma Cosmos.

I just soloed her with First Hassan. Real easy.


My team was Casgil, Mash and Jeanne. Just stack Def and she has little to do. And jeanne does decent damage thancks to jer class advantage. Is an easy fight to focus on defense, just keep on mind her full NP charge on first break, and her teamwide stun in her second.

Start battle, NP drained(-50%) so we shouldn’t give start Np CE to starting line up. Use plugsuit to swap main dmg with start Np CE from back lineup look good, lol.
Her NP isn’t too strong. Stack def up from Andersen/Waver/Mash can protect team well.
Mash, Andersen + support Martha ruler, taunt Georgios(if need) can be budget team to beat her. Or we can use berserker as Cú Alter/Joan d’Arc Alter Berserker as the main dmg or last man stand.
She will NP when 1st bar break, we can prepare David to active evade before nuking 1st bar.
P/S: she will comeback in next raid quest, alter ego class, very high hp bar.

Amakusa fixes everything, especially if she doesn’t resist his stun. Constantly strip her buffs while pummeling her with (preferably) BG-empowered NPs.

Just borrow any Ruler and you’re golden. I did Amakusa solo and had little difficulty.

“Local Priest Exorcises Demonic Kouhai”

If that don’t work, borrow a Sherlock with a Mash and you’ll also do fine.


I borrowed a summer Martha with golden sumo since I dont have any Rulers of my own yet (R.I.P) and she absolutely destroyed her.

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Fixed it



Since I don’t have a ruler, I borrowed a summer Martha NP5 : a massacre.

Martha is the woman for this job :fgo_buster:

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I ran a Merlin/Mash/Borrowed NP1 Martha (10/10/10) and got it done on my first try :slight_smile:

BB’s NP isn’t ignore evade, don’t worry. But she does NP often, if you could time her first break with her NP, you’ll just be using one party-invul skill from Merlin. Also if you can stack enough defense ups with Mash’s NP, you can take her NP straight up. It did like 1,500 total damage to my whole party with Mash’s 1st skill and NP up.

Hope this helps!

Summer Martha with 3rd skill active takes down a bar with NP and BB doesn’t do much damage to her.

I totally forgot about Ruler good against BB lol, I dealt with the start NP with combat suit and friend’s Cu Alter.

I went with Mash, Bunyan, Waver, Cu Alter, Summer Jalter, Heracle
Mash buff def, switch in Cu Alter with Mash, charge him up, Bunyan uses all buff, Cu evade and NP in buster chain.
BB break, np charged, kill Bunyan, Waver survived(tbh, might have been better if he had die and Jalter replace him)
The rest is just a berserkers beat down. Took the team stun like a champ.

Actually any ruler works, Martha just makes it faster.

I’d use her if i had her, i can’t even find one in my supports so i’ll have to use something else for the raids.