Beating Shadow Gyarados

Just had a showdown with a grunt using Golbat, Scyther, and Gyarados.

Double Rock TTar takes care of Scyther nicely, and Golbat is beatable, but Gyarados with waterfall is just deadly. Literally three quick attacks took down my level 31 Zapdos (91%).

What are people using to beat Shadow Gyarados? Electric is the usual answer because of the double weakness, but most electric quick attacks are high energy low damage, and when facing a boosted (rocket shadow) waterfall, they go down fast. Any advice appreciated.

I haven’t had the (mis)fortune of facing a Gyarados yet, but what I’ve seen with the particularly tough rockets is it’s better to utilize resistances rather than exploit weaknesses. Against Waterfall I’d consider maybe Giratina (either) or one of the other dragons. Dialga or Latias might be tempting since they both pack Thunder, but that takes a while to charge with Dragon Breath. Does Raikou not live long enough to smoke it with Wild Charge?

Electric also counters flying type (Golbat). You could save your energy with only fast attacks to take down the golbat, and use charge move as soon as you see the gyarados.

hope this helps.


I feel like Magnezone would be a solid choice

I feel like palkia would be a good choice. Dragon stab with a double resistance to water.

I used Alolan Golem with Rock Throw-Stone Edge+Wild Charge. Resists flying and poison great. Hold the Wild Charge for Gyrados. Use another rock type to start (SD T-tar, etc).

Dialga… My weather boosted Dialga with double Dragon moves with bad IVs owns Gyarados

This. Love me some A-Golem.

I feel that Giratina and Latias should be extremely risky options because of Bite. Dialga however should be fine, as long as shields are available. Maybe double legacy D.Nite?

I took on with a Raikou, but it was close, almost died before getting the wild charge off.

Easiest way is start fight with Charge Ready to go. Even Rock Ttar can beat Gary, if saved energy for Stone Edge.

Energy Farm with Golbat and Scyther. If not switch into a Raikou and go home with Wild Charge.

My mustachioed go-to for Ultra league trainer battles. Great against Candela and Blanche

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I listed those specifically in case of Waterfall as OP mentioned.

In terms of resistances, Water is resisted by Grass, Dragon, and Water. So to double up on water resistance, one would have:

Dragon, Water: Palkia, Kingdra. Palkia doesn’t have a great charged move, and Kingdra might not have high enough stats to be competitive at this level.

Grass, Water: Ludicolo. No good fast charged move, but Razor leaf will shred Gyarados.

Dragon, Grass: Alolan Exeggutor, ideally with bullet seed or Dragon Tail, and Seed Bomb, to get the charged attacks off faster.

I also like the idea of using A-Golem, charging up on the Scyther (double weak to rock) with Rock Throw , and greeting Gyarados (double weak to Electric) with a Wild Charge, which should mostly (if not completely) take care of him. Of course, one also risks that Waterfall could really hurt A-Golem, so it becomes about having Wild charge ready to go and firing as the grunt is throwing Gyarados into the fray. I suppose one could do something similar with Arcanine, using Fire Fang (edit) and Wild Charge; one gets single resistance to water and Scyther is only singly weak to Fire.

Let me know if I missed any meta-relevant options.

Gyarados is not weak to grass right? (Oh you are talking about resistance, then it makes a lot of sense, sorry)
In my case, I met psychic Snorlax, Poliwrath and Gyarados. I brought MM Metagross, HP Kyogre, and SD T-tar cuz I don’t know what they have. Used Metagross for Snorlax, and Kyogre for Poliwrath. Gyarados killed my Kyogre with bite, T-tar finished Gyarados. It was close… If I have another chance I won’t bring T-tar for sure lol

One literally just popped up on my office building. It was a flying-specialist Grunt: Golbat, Crobat, then Gyarados. The Gyarados definitely surprised me, but unfortunately for him my Tyranitar was out and close to charging up a stone edge. It basically one-shot the Gyrados for the win, but I’m not sure how things would’ve gone down if we were battling on equal footing.

I use Tyranitar for the first two. TTar gets a couple hits on Gyarados before going down. Spark / Wild Charge Magnezone is a great finisher. Against any of the Rocket teams, I keep Dialga in the third slot, though he could be replaced with a variety of top Master League mons

But in the end you have no idea of what Gyarados’s fast move is. Just to be on the safe side.

Dunno how much this helps anymore, but my Lvl 35 Raikou handles Shadow Gyarados without too much trouble. Sure, Waterfall puts it into red, but at that point Raikou gets safely to it‘s Wild Charge and wrecks Gyarados with it.