Bebe menace battle

I have come to make a lil poll before going to sleep and tomorrow at afternoon I see the results

I recently got another Fallen bebe Morgan, however he didn’t showed up with a boon I wanted, having +hp again, ugh
So I wanted to see if I could merge him or give the menace to bebe Lyon, who is another seasonal merge project I have
So this is the typical question: Do I fodder him or do I merge him? He is already at +1 so that is why I’m asking

  • Merge to Fallen bebe
  • Give the menace to Lyon

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Unless you plan to +10 big forehead boi, I’d say to stick to +1 until you get the boon you want.

Little Lyon would benefit much more from the Menace imo.


Well I supposed Morgan has lose with 0 points looooool
Well Bebe Lyon will get the menace