Bedivere next rate up

When is it? I plan grail him once i have him np5. Love the character, love his gameplay

Probably Chaldea Boys Collection 2021 in March, it holds all standard and story-locked male servants and Moriarty as the poster guy. Then it’s class-based banners in May.

If you’re only aiming for Bedivere, you might want to turn to class based summoning campaigns since those actually give a higher probability than actual rate up banners. In class based campaigns, there’s a 1 in 4 chance of aqcuiring him for each silver servant card since the pool is filtered to only Saber class servants (or whatever class you roll in).

There’s two class based campaigns next year expected to drop at around May and September respectively.


Go for the class-based campaign, got mine to np5 in way under 100SQ during one of those. :catflower:

I don’t know, but a good banner for geting him is always the class banner

If thats true then you should grail him now and no need to wait until his next rate-up

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Class banner, I got all my Bedi copies from there with the exception of the free one from clearing Camelot.

Another good banner is Saber wars, as it also only has sabers on it plus rate up SR and SSR, although I’m not actually sure about Saber Wars II also having this.

I wouldn’t do that… I grailed mine at Np3 and barely use him now. Hoping once I get the the other 2 copies I’ll use it as much as I’d like to

I got mine from Boys collection while rolling for Ozy but yeah reading the above posts seems to indicate a class banner gives better odds at summoning him.

Normal rate up for a 3* servant in a banner is 4%, which is barely better than your chance of the rate up 4*.

Class banners are much better for bedi because the pool of available 3* is reduced to 4 (bedi, Cesar, Fergus, gilles) so he’s got a 10% chance (1/4 of the total 40% chance of 3*)

Jaguar warrior’s rate is a bit less than bedi, but still better than a standard banner. Salieri is way better because he’s the only extra class 3* and will have a whole 40% chance of summoning and will be child’s play to np5.


Echoing everyone here, wait for class-based summoning or singularity based summoning. Chances of getting Bedivere are highest there.