Beehunter S2M3 Attack interval

Hi everyone, can someone give me the exact interval attack of Beehunter with her S2M3 activated?

Skill Effect:
Significant Attack Interval reduction

  • This Skill modifies the Attack Interval by multiplying it by 0.40
    for me it’s Attack Interval 0.78*0.4 = 0.312 s
    but below with “Detailed Skill Info” it’s written base_attack_time -0.6
    so 0.78-0.6= 0.18s?
    what is the exact number?
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This is correct

As for this

Think of it as 0.78 x (1 - 0.6)

Or alternatively 0.78 x (1 x 0.4)

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It’s approximately 3 attacks/s.

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@IorI1 Wanna try her out?
I can add to support for you :slight_smile:

It’s late but thanks, i think i have already try her s2M3 among my friends once.
I tried her with skalter boost and debuff def.

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