Been a while since I +10'd an Armor unit

But during my escaped for a +10 Valentine’s Elise - who has been battling elegantly, thank you - I got enough copies to +10 a V!Hana.

I havem’t had the chamce to really stress-test her yet; but she’s been working out really well so far.

Initially wanted to give her Savvy and Kestrel 3; but the fodder chains just didn’t work out (I have the V!Lucina, but nothing to set up the full Kestrel inheritance). So I opted to build on her Special Fighter base kit (she also got Distant Dart from SF4) and turn her into a Special-spamming, self-sustaining little murderer. Which she does quite well. I’ll give the Savvy to Felix whenever I get the setup fodder.

A/S Near Save would be nice for her; but A/D works just as well, and even buffs her Ignis a little bit, this adding just a little bit more to her self-sustain.