Beginner and I rerolled, which are better?

I rerolled several times my best results are:

Silverash, Meteorite and Blue poison.
Hoshiguma, Siege and Lappland.
What do you think? I’m really hesitated which account to pick and continue with.
Thank you

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Either is strong.

Go with favourites,
Definitely Hoshiguma, Siege and Lappland for me!

Also, welcome, enjoy, Arknights is a wonderful game!


SA is really strong, Meteorite and Poison Kiss do their job well enough.

Hoshiguma and Siege are great at their respective role. And Lappland is in the upper echelon of the 5* in this game.


SilverAsh alone can trivialize a lot of the game’s content, but it will take quite a long time before you get him to that point. Not to say he isn’t good before that point, just that he is far from his best until you manage to promote him twice to unlock his third skill. Meteorite and BP are both great Snipers, each one filling a different role and are great at what they do.

On the other hand Hoshi, Siege, and Lappland make for a really strong melee team. Siege, despite being a Vanguard, can fill the role of a Guard pretty well with her second skill. Lappland is a pseudo 6* once you’ve raised her enough. Hoshi is a solid tank while still providing plenty of firepower.

Either one is great but personally I’d pick the second one mainly cause I just love Siege. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lappy is :fgo_goodciv:

Always choose the way of the Lappy


Either one would be a good starting setup.
Silverash is game-breakingly powerful once you get him to E2 (which will be a while), Blue Poison is a great AA sniper, and Meteorite–while she’ll get less use than the other two usually–is a huge help for those Annihilation stages.

For the second set you have the advantage of two 6*s–Siege is the strongest (though most expensive) DP-skill vanguard in the game and when well leveled is possibly the only one that doesn’t need to be swapped out later in the battle, Hoshiguma is a very solid (if simple) defender, and Lappland’s silence ability is very useful and is one of the strongest 5 stars.

It’s a tough mix-up, and I’m a little biased because Blue Poison is my personal favorite. I feel like set 2 is probably your stronger set early on, but set 1 will pay off more in the long haul. That said, it’s impossible to predict who else you’ll be able to pick up by the time you’re seriously working on E2s, and either one will be good until you find out.


Actually I like her laugh.

I recommend rerolling some more until you get Thorns from the OF banner. SA, Hoshi, and Siege are practically guaranteed from the beginner banner anyway. With Thorns, you can roll with anything. Even Shining or Nightingale (I swear those two exist just to contaminate the starter banner). If you got Thorns and SA/Eyja/Exu/Hoshi then even better.


Silverash - The best ROI among 6* for beginners to carry you through most game content - sees late game use even by veterans.
Meteorite - A solid aoe sniper but her archetype is rarely needed - she’ll probably be benched at late game once you have more operators.
Blue Poison - Very good consistent multi-hit dps that shines in early game of almost any stage while your vanguards are generating dp - sees late game use.

Hoshiguma - Not optimal in regular content once your operators outscale them, but you’ll aprreciate her tankiness in very hard content - useful (but niche) at late game.
Siege - The most solid vanguard imo, stronger and beefier than other vanguards. This makes her the most viable vanguard to remain on the field as a dps/blocker even when dp is no longer needed - sees late game use.
Lappland - Her near-useless talent is unfortunate, but she’s still the best ground unit for dealing consistent ranged arts dps - one of the best 5* even at late game

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id go with SA hes just too good to pass up. hoshi and siege are both really good but youll get them eventually and so just use other def/vanguard till you do.

but the thorns banner is on so you could reroll till you get him. so many options…

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