Beginner Notes

Some things I would note for beginners:

  1. There is a minor mistake in the beginner guide about Galaxy bookmarks: these are not only obtainable by exchanging gold transmit stones, but also randomly drop from the bosses in the raid labyrinth
  2. Do not stress too much about which heroes you start with. There is a guy on youtube who is clearing all PVE content with nat3 teams (specifically the banshees + Ras and Mercedes). You don’t need a specific hero to clear anything. The only hero I would consider re-rolling for is Angelica, because she is universally good.
  3. As a basic rule for success (there are exceptions, but not many) the importance of team building goes something like this:
    gearing >= team composition >>>>>>>> individual heroes
    What that means is that gear and overall composition have a far greater impact than singular heroes with high stats and/or good skills. Try to use flexible heroes like Lorina that can fit into various team compositions. Heroes like Ludwig that require very specific teams to work well are not a good idea for starting. When evaluating heroes start by looking at what they can do and under what conditions. Then evaluate how easy it is for you to build a team that can enable those conditions.
  4. Don’t invest too much in beginner/intermediary gear. Resources are not easy to get in relation to how much is required for maxing gear. For anything you don’t plan on using for a very long time only enhance at the very most up to +9 (I would recommend +6 though).
  5. If there is a side story event active, do the side story. The rewards from side stories are usually very valuable. Catalysts require a lot of effort to farm, sometimes you can obtain gear (which has been very good gear so far) and more bookmarks are always welcome. Sometimes the side stories feature free artifacts which have unfortunately been pretty underwhelming so far.
    5,5. Special challenges (the normal challenges are very meh) often feature very good rewards so farm them!
  6. Aim to build a good wyvern team. Speed gear is good for almost every DPS, sub-DPS, healer and utility hero. You will spend a lot of time farming wyvern so make sure you invest into good wyvern heroes.
  7. Focus your resources! This is extremely important for progression. Don’t try to build many heroes. Instead focus on 4-5 heroes from which you can compose teams for different content. The reason for this is that resources are very scarce. Even though you get swamped with resources at the beginning of the game you will soon notice that you deplete resources extremely quickly.
    My recomendations for flexible non-Moonlight nat3 or free heroes are (in no particular order):
    (Commander) Lorina, Silk, (Falconer) Kluri, Taranor Guard. (Thief) Roozid, Montmorancy and (Mascot) Hazel
    If you can get your hands on one or more of these nat4 heroes you should definitely consider them:
    Angelica, Clarissa, Cidd, Achates, Karin, Schuri, Rin and Rose
    Unfortunately the good healers in this game are either nat4 or nat5. However the nat3 healers still do the job, they are just less flexible.
  8. When deciding which heroes to give priority within your chosen set of heroes always give priority in order of DPS potential. The DPS of your team will make the biggest impact with more resources while your healer can work even on crappy gear most of the time.
  9. When a new banner/hero appears take your time and carefully evaluate if you want to pull. A lot of heroes are actually not worth pulling for gameplay wise. Evaluate if a hero can fit into your current hero pool and how much you need to invest to make that hero work. In many cases while the banner heroes are good heroes they will either not fit with your current hero pool or require resources that would be better invested elsewhere. The exception are limited banners. Limited banners with guaranteed pulls have up to this point been absolutely worth pulling, because those heroes are extremely strong.
  10. DO YOUR DAILIES! They take maybe 45-60 minutes total including a labyrinth run.

These are just suggestions which will help you if you want to progress quickly and spend a lot of time playing. If you just want to play this game casually you can definitely do so. Just go at whatever pace you feel happy with.


Thank you so much! The beginner guide was based around the questions I had when starting, but details like Galaxy bookmark drops slip by then. These points line up pretty well with the purpose I had in mind though-- don’t stress, have fun, focus on your core Heroes, progress efficiently but naturally. The thing I’ll mind going forward is that Wyverns may not be the only path to progression, but they are a path that’s still well worth discussing.

As for the dailies, I might make a separate guide for that a la Dragalia Lost. There’s quite a bit to do for E7, and a dedicated guide could probably outline it simply while also providing targeted efficiency tips.

Sorry if this is off topic but I’m really looking forward to getting Sol as the welfare servant for the collab event going on currently. Should I farm the currency needed to buy all the copies of Sol from the event shop?

Yes, you definitely should in my opinion. I think Sol has very good base stats with decent skills and can be a very good character even with just mediocre gear.
The artifact on the other hand is not very exciting. You can run it on a character for the bonus event currency, but it’s effect is not very good.

Thanks. Should I start farming the sol story missions before baiken’s story missions are available? To get all the copies of sol, I mean

I think starting to farm early is definitely a good choice. I’ve been running the event on Hell mode every day since it was released. If you have a really good team starting later is also fine, but if you’re new to the game starting early is the safest option.

thanks again. I can’t beat hell difficulty so the best I can do is the difficulty just below hell difficulty. Do i just have to farm the one and only sol story mission that has the higher difficulty option if i want to buy all the copies of sol from the event shop?

The higher difficulty stages have a better currency/energy ratio, but you can definitely farm the event currency on hard or normal difficulty.
For newer players I would actually recommend going for normal difficulty since it usually has the best exp/energy ratio and allows you to level promotion fodder while grinding event currency.
Which stage you run doesn’t matter since all stages yield the event currency and let you progress in most of the reputation quests. The stages with difficulty choices tend to have the best currency/energy ratios though.

Awesome, thanks