Bella Lisa : What's the hype and what's the correct way to use it?

So as a new F2P player, I never understood why people are so concerned about QP farming since I never have enough apples, new servants, mats, AP or time to spend through the savings I have. (i’m reaching 300 mil point soon)

Is there something that I’m missing here?

Also, how many copies will the shop have when it comes out? Enough to MLB it?


The QP requirements become a lot harsher the more you advance into the game and the more servants you get.

Maxing one SSR servant costs 170 million QP while maxing one SR servant costs 85 million.

Double Bella Lisa and Mona Lisa give you 30% more QP, which is 10% more than just Double Mona Lisa.
That difference might not improve things too much for Main Quest/Free Quest progression but in Event farming and especially with Raids it is a world of difference when you are constantly farming nodes that give a minimum of 800k qp and over 2 million at max. During the upcoming Case Files and later the Summer 4 event those CEs can net you hundreds of millions of extra QP in the long run, which means you don’t have to spend time farming doors.

Also, the shop, sells 5 copies which is enough for MLB.


bella lisa would be time gated on manaprism/MP shop, u can exchange 1 bella lisa with 1000 MP and u can MLB it with 5 copies (5000 MP total)

Just slap it on the Support List and forget About it


Until you get enough secret gems to seriously skill up your servants, it can be difficult to be in qp hell as a newbie. Ascension and low skills don’t cost much, but skills cost pretty much exponentially more the higher you get and the higher rarity they are. Just level 9 to 10 on an SSR is 20 million qp


I didn’t understand why people need more than 200M QP until it all disappeared in 5 minutes


Assuming your friends don’t just kick you if you don’t put up a BL, you get 25% as long as you have your own ML with their BL.

Also in my experience as a GSSR only, I hardly get enough servants that warrant completely maxing out their skills, much less immediately, so the QP from lottery is generally enough for me. Not telling OP not to get it (if they can afford it) but just want to put in a different perspective, because I got ML using a RP a year ago and I have only used that during apoc raids and maybe 4 door runs because I am in reverse QP hell most of the time

I started with Apocrypha and did the raids so I was flush for months. Then I got “lucky” on my rolls and got most of my target SSRs.

It’s really a gut punch when you can’t take your favorite servants past a certain point because of a gem or mat wall and then when you finally get the gems/mats to raise them up, suddenly all your QP is gone because you dumped it all into one or 2 SSR servants.

It’s roughly the same to max an SR servant on all 3 skills as it is to just take an SSR from 8 to 10 on all 3 skills.

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While everything LVBF said its true if you’re a new player then its recommend that you
A. wait for a lotto then buy out bella lisa then
B. use the free RP we get to buy a mona lisa/lunchtime later then get more MP during the Galemas Lotto
There is No real reason to get Bella Lisa/Teatime except for supports(as its only a 5% personal boost and we get more MP CEs that give that amount anyway). Plus doors are scuffed against QP CEs making the only worthwhile time to farm QP occur 2? times a year anyway. the extra 5% doesn’t mean as much anyway. Plus the actual best time to get QP anyway is still a lotto. iirc you get more QP than you would door farming/Raid farming anyway as long as you can get like +6 or so in drops

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Those were good times, i used to say the exact same thing years ago.

Don’t worry, you will soon know true hell too once you start having an advanced roster, one day you’ll come back here to chuckle at your naivety :fgo_insane:


People: Hype about Bella Lisa.
Me who stuck with reverse QP hell: interesting


Yeah, I haven’t used ML in… 1.5 or more years thanks to lotteries. But I got extremely lucky with my pulls lately so my former reverse hell is approaching the other type of hell, especially considering the fact that gray and GUDAGUDA 4 welfare and all the new bronze servants and summer Hokusai are coming, so I will be glad for BL support during the raids to ensure that I don’t have to hit doors before Gilfest.

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imagine thinking 300m qp is even a drop in the bucket

also, put it mlb on your rider support slot and watch the fp roll in

or put it non-mlb on your rider slot and watch your friend slots open up


Is Bella Lisa good to MLB, I currently have around 3k so Im thinking if Im getting copies or not.



I feel your pain :fgo_jeannu:

A lot of people will unfriend you for sharing a non-mlb Bella Lisa. Its all or nothing because a non-mlb is not helpful when they can just find an mlb friend one.

Same applies to Tea times, lunch time and Mona lisa.


Dont worry. When LB4 come, I’m gonna fully raise the LB king, Hot Wheel, and Ishigami-kun. That’s 250m qp. Not to mention new low rare servants & few new welfare.


and then all of a sudden 1 lottery later it’s back to 900M :fgo_coffee:


Exatly. I’m gonna buy Bella Lisa for culture reason only.