Bench Boy Builds

I have been thinking of a build for Alfonse where his speed is average.

What do you guys think of the build above? Do you guys have any ideas on other builds?

Why Distant Counter? Seems like an odd choice instead of another Brazen, like Brazen Atk/Spd.

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Mainly for arena. But I do see why a Brazen skill is preferred. I might try it out.

Out of curiousity, why are you focusing on Spd?

If you’re looking for doubling potential, you could try Brash Assault. If it’s for stopping from being doubled, his bulk can shrug off damage in Arena if buffed right.

In arena and with my Legendary Azura, he can reach 41 speed.

This is without arena buffs tho

Interesting, but there are probably just better options for him. 31 speed still isn’t much. You’re probably just better off focusing on his defenses.

+21 atk/def when in brazen range for 72/57 atk/def respectively.

If you want better mixed bulk you could do this for +14 atk/def/res for 65/46/40 atk/def/res respectively.

I will hold off on foddering the distant counter to Alfonse. So I might go with brazen atk/def in the a slot with desperation and brash assault in the b slot and s slot. Thank you all for the help.

I think for arena just stacking brazens and making him either tank or deal a ton of damage is the way to go. So mine is Brazen Atk/Def 2, with brashperation

Same, serves me reliably, even outside of arena.