Benched LEphraim - what to do?

I was looking at my roster and noticed I haven’t touched LEphraim in a while. With the amount of lance cavs that I have, I am considering foddering him off.

Now to figure out who gets Sturdy Stance. Who should get it? Each candidate has their native A skill currently.

  • Black Knight
  • FKana
  • Bantu
  • Fjorm
  • Just chuck him for feathers

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Whether or not I’ll have a legendary for Fire season is the least of my concern, as I do own LMarth.

But Sturdy Stance is on H!Dorcas.

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Grails are too precious to spend just on fodder. :upside_down_face:


Imo. I’d much rather fodder off a spare Legendary Ephraim than a Spoopy Dorcas for the sake of saving grails.

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But grails are easy to earn

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Do you have a galeforcer? Legendary Ephraim can do that if you actually still want to keep him around.

They may be, but I’m sure people want to finish their grail projects as soon as possible.

Using Grails for…

Merges > Fodder



But why

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This makes me sad because I also benched my beloved L!Ephraim after I got F!Berkut

I wouldn’t fodder him honestly, but if you must maybe give the skill to BK

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I honestly preferred to use GHB/TT units as fodder, but then Naesala and now Rolf is a thing.

I can understand why grails are used for merges of beloved units but still think it isn’t a good idea to fodder of a legendary unit, especially if he doesn’t have some big premium skills.

I also didn’t use him often lately but I rather merge him than foddering off the skills he has. Still could do some good builds with him and maybe IS puts in a mode in the future where you could need him, at least you could farm HM to get more feathers.

i don’t think sturdy stance is good enough to really give to any one at the cost of a good bonus unit - there’s always something better. Just use him maybe? I actually use mine and for some things, he’s pretty good and fun to play. The spinning lance doesn’t get old for me, haha.

Granted, I did invest in mine. I gave him Galeforce and Atk/Def solo 3. Those do make him better.

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Imo black Knight or F!Kana are good choices. I have a steady posture (not the same but) BK and the Atk boost will be More usable imo due to some of the skills that render speed irrelevant. he works well enough. I just pulled a f!kana and msg give her sturdy stance, though a breath or dc is much better.

Lol I love his atk animation and his out of combat quotes/stance.

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I did indeed use him for a time. Now, Silas is my main lance cav.

Plus, I don’t have solo skills ready to fodder, so that makes me lean towards using Silas over LEphraim.

I got all three of the Askr trio trained up, so arena bonuses are covered there.

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According to poll, looks like he’ll be sent home.

Time to do the honors. One last look before he departs…



Sending a Legendary home, I hope your Orbs are proud.

Well, he pitybroke me on the banner that had my target SCorrin. That’s when I got him.

In general, I am extremely hesitant to fodder off 5* exclusives if they don’t have premium fodder. You never know when a refine will come.

I would say some people, at least me, didn’t voted because foddering a legendary because of sturdy stance is a bad idea, not to mention turning him into feathers.

The „keep him“ option is missing on this poll.