Beowulf vs Jeanne (Berserker Alter)

Having accidentally reached NP4 with Beowulf even though I’ve never actively tried to get him, I’m actually using him quite well in some boss fights to take down a bar or two with his buff-stacked NP. But soon Jeanne (Berserker Alter) will be here for Summer3 event, and I’m conflicted on who I should favor once they’re both in my roster.

They’re a similar type of berserker, both with strong ST buster NPs with some survivability. Jeanne will be NP5 for free as a welfare, but I also have Beowulf at NP4. Jeanne has more damage and inflict burn on top, but Beowulf will receive a skill upgrade in the future that buffs his crit ability. In terms of survivability, Beowulf’s guts is probably better, but Jeanne’s unique evade skill can probably be more useful in different scenarios.

What are your opinions on these two berserkers?

(Side note: I don’t have Heracles, who is probably superior to both of these servants but I might never know.)

To be frank i prefer beowulf character-wise but jeanne’s skills are better compared to beowulf. His first skil is great and guts always useful but until his upgrade 2nd skill is kinda useless

Other way around. A one off guts is far worse than a 1 hit evade every turn for 3 turns.

Beowulf has better burst damage. If dealing damage is all you need, he’s your man. And you have him raised already.


You are missing out on one important thing-Jeanne Berserker has a battery.


How can you even ask this? How can you prefer Beowulf to this cutie? :fgo_disgusting:

Anyway, I’ll be taking my leave as I’ll probably even grail her despite gettin Beowulf a few days ago. I’m not biased, not at all, I swear :fgo_gudako:


Relax that’s normal because he haven’t get a rate up since his release banner like 2 years ago

Usually waifu is the best choice

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Beowulf is pretty much only good for nuking, Jeanne seems better for sustained DPS


Jeanne is a better Berserker but don’t forget your Beowulf, he can work in two pretty simple ways, you can just burst in the turn of his NP (even better with two of his Buster cards and even better with his future buff) or just you use his buffed intuition with his Berserker skill with a brave chain, he will do good numbers.
But if you want a safer and better choice go for Jeanne

The real question is: would rather use Bikini-clad french toast that watched too much anime…or THE JoJo reference? :fgo_elementarymydear:

Funnies aside, if we’re speaking purely from an NP perspective he does slightly more damage at NP4 than her NP5. However, his upcoming “Intuition Fix” Rank Up Quest next year gives him a feat to consider in his favour.


Damage wise your Beowulf beats Jalter zerker but that’s it.

Jalter has battery and a fake protection from arrows skill.

I prefer Jeanne.

First of all, her burn stack and is applyed for each attack.

Result is that you can have her deal a lot of passive damage.

More so if yoy pair Jeanne with Tomoe. Tomoe NP inflict the Spread Fire status, which increase of minimum 100% any kind of passive fire damage. So Jeanne fire damage staking will becpme even more dangerous.

Also a evade per turn, lasting 3 turns and protecting only from 1 attack.

Its a nice buff, especially if you fight against only 1 opponent.

CQ with single servants wont kill you anymore with the trick: if you break a bar, full charge enemy np

Beowulf is a 1-and-done nuke. He relies on his upgraded NP (NP4 is a bit better than Jerker’s NP5), and his upgraded crit on demand 2nd skill. Though afaik we don’t get that skill until february next year. Until then, he doesn’t have much in terms of damage and staying power, his only value is in his above average for 4* zerker NP damage.

As for Jerker, she’s a jack of all trades. NP5 + 20% charge = good for farming, can help your AOE deal with a meaty last wave boss, also good if you need to 1 time nuke anything in general. But then the 1 hit evade per turn lets her be useful against tougher content too, so you can slap her in any quest and she’ll work just fine. She’s kind of a mix between Penth and Ibaraki, if you’re familliar with them, but doesn’t particularly excel in either’s niche.

I think Jerker is better in general, so I’d say raise her for now, but also raise Beowulf for crit memes when his buff comes.

And Herc… While he works incredibly well as a team anchor, he can’t compete with post-buff Beowulf damage-wise, and doesn’t match Jerker’s versitility. Really, his one and only strength is being the last man standing, which varies in usability depending on who you ask. I personally have never used an anchor, so I can’t speak for them.


At that Np level they are quite similar, so I would just go for the more likeable and more interesting character.
Which is definitely Beowulf, wish I had him at Np4.

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He can play Herakles’ game to an extent thanks to that guts of his. Take Blonde-MC for the guts that one provides and you got 2 solo-turns to work with. Which may be all you need, since he can throw those stars-on-demand as is atop Blonde’s. Also, lest I forget, Sure Hit on NP-turn, which can matter against targets that got a pesky habit of throwing evade.

Given that said stars-on-demand will receive that huge upgrade, he honestly should receive that fancy green arrow in the tier-list. Not to mention that he has unique flavour, tan techno-viking that he is. I just wish he were more exciting in the main story, particularly LB1


Both are selfish burst damage berserkers with different tradeoffs that require supports to get them to where they want to be: a NP-Brave chain combo.

Jalter is arguably more independent than Beowulf thanks to her single instance per turn evade since enemies tend to spread their attacks out between teammates in most circumstances. This can allow her to dodge an attack or stray NP if it ever occurs. She also has a minor NP battery to compensate for her abysmal NP gain on her regular cards, which can help over longer fights.

Because of this, she also tends to fair better with a variety of mystic codes and cheaper support setups like Hans/Shakespere and Mash.

Beowulf requires quite a bit more babysitting than her and post upgrade, he’s definitely a candidate for one of the hardest hitting Brave Chain servants out there. However, his setup tends to be more expensive and inaccessible to newer players as is the case with most single turn burst skill oriented servants.

In some of the more straightforward burst setups I’ve seen, if he’s not packing a Kaleidoscope, then he’ll typically pack Aerial Drive whilst paired with a 50% NP battery servant like Waver, Reines or Skadii. His placement is also rather limited, with a focus on him either being a frontline, turn 1 bar breaker or placed in the back where his guts can allow him to stave off an attack or two (maybe more with the default or anniblonde MC) and act as a Hail-Mary last stand against a CQ boss’ HP bar.

At the end of the day, FGO is a game where servants are designed around niches and both Jalter and Beo are pretty good at their role, it just depends on what you need at the moment and if you have the right setup for it.

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20% charge is good. Every zerker has problem with Np gain.
Also evade is more usable than gut, help her survive in 3 turns single AOE attack(Demon God Pilar…)
She is also beautiful and doesn’t need ascension mats, lol.

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They’re both solid Berserkers, and there’s really no reason not to raise and use both of them.


I see the problem here.

Your title is all wrong, it should be:
"Beowulf & Jeanne (Berserker Alter)"