Besides gilgamesh, who is strongest lore wise?

I just want to know if there’s anyone who can stand up to him (when he’s not ■■■■■■■
Edit: Servants only

This will require a lot of hands on deck to answer, though the problem is that there are heroes who can beat him under ideal conditions, though only a few who can match him whenever. Anybody associated with the Grand class can beat Gil easily, as well the Beasts of Sin/Calamity, and probably greater entities that have a direct connection with the root.


Wouldn’t that be Angry Mango Angra Mainyu? I mean, something something All Evils in the World, something something CORRUPTS THE GRAIL?

But Nasutheory anime logic aside, lore wise should be one of the Divine Spirits. It would only make sense that the only creature to best a man that is 2/3 god is a COMPLETE, 3/3 god. Even the god-slaying Heroic Spirits needed the help of other gods or godlike plot armor weaponry to fell such powerful beings.

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Sticking to Servants only in order to keep things simple. Then Enkidu is the obvious answer. He’s virtually on par with Gil. And he’s probably the only one.

That said, there are several servants that have a shot at defeating Gil, like Karna, Arjuna, Cu, (maybe Dantes? They have never explained how his other NPs work). But much more often than not, they’ll lose to him.


I would be interested how will Scathach stand up against Gilgamesh. We know her doggy student able to fought against Gil for 12 hours before being defeated, but since she is better skill wise, and she seems to have never lost a fight, so it will be interesting how her fight against him turn out and how she stand up against chain of heaven

p.s I’m not talking about FGO game mechanic that lancer have advantage against archer, all these mechanic should be excluded otherwise Gil needs to run away before the fight begins.



Nobu might have a chance, considering her Anti-Divine NP’s. There’s a 1 hour video out there somewhere that looks at various Gil matchups if you’re interested. One thing that makes discussing this hard is since Gil has a shite load of NP’s in his GoB of all kinds, theoretically he DOES have a counter to anything and everything you could throw at him, at least from what I understand.


Are we talking about Nasuverse or only Servants?

In Nasuverse there are characters who could defeat him such as Arcueid and「」Shiki/Ryougi Shiki which both are one of the most powerful characters.

For servants only I’m pretty sure Karna could at least fight on par with him if not more powerful.

I’m not sure about Void Shiki (or saber shiki in FGO) because she seem powerful enough, but Ryougi Shiki only had the weapon (Mystic eyes) to kill Gil, but don’t have the method to get close to him. Even the ■■■■■ Gil doesn’t do close up fight with his enemy, and not to mention OP ask if this is the serious mode Gil

Lorewise, Void Shiki and Ryougi Shiki are the same body but different personalities. She posses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception through her connection to Akasha or the Root which is the “force” that exists at the top of all theories on dimensions.

They do, but void shiki are definietly the more powerful version, and lore wise she seem OP enough. But how strong would be Ryougi Shiki against GoB, will she be fast enough to dodge the rain of NP? I have no doubt if Shiki is right next to Gil, he is doomed, and that’s why I said she have the right (and powerful enough) weapon to kill him. But the fight doesn’t just start off Shiki standing in front of Gil, so it’s about how will Shiki deal with the distance between herself and Gil while Gil rains his weapon on her

As I said before, the hypothetical scenario is based on Gil in serious mode where he is not taking on his opponent lightly, which mean he won’t just fire a couple at Shiki, but literally rain on her if he needs to

Also I don’t know if void shiki will swap out in the middle of the fight if Shiki is losing

I read Ekindu so probably him

From the Type-Moon wiki:

" Q: In the other Type-Moon works, who else besides Arc can fight against Servants?

A: If we’re working on the condition of one on one, with an extremely average Noble Phantasm. Generally most of the 27 Ancestors, Kishima Kouma, Aozaki Aoko.
If it’s just a defensive fight, but would still be a fight, then Ciel. Shiki (Rakkyo), Shiki (Tsukihime) are no match for Servants…but Ryougi Shiki (3rd personality) might be able to go as far as the Ciel class".

So, no… I don’t see Void Shiki beating Gil anytime soon.

According to the Comptiq 2006-09 issue, Arcueid will fare poorly against Gil.

" Her ability to deal with single opponents, “single entity ability”, is roughly on the same level as Servants, so she has bad compatibility against those like Gilgamesh. Servants utilize Noble Phantasms, while she utilizes her backup, leading to differences depending on affinity. She can be called a “simple-is-best” fighter and an all rounder with high chances in most fights, but doesn’t go well with those of high versatility. Gilgamesh has the “firepower” of over five Servants, but Arcueid is only able to draw strength based on “single entity ability.” He has roughly the same statistics as her, but a large amount of weaponry to utilize against her, making her have horrible compatibility in such a fight."


Ryougi Shiki won’t be able to face Gil on serious mode, yes. She won’t be able to cut Gil without getting close.
But because Void Shiki and Ryougi Shiki are the same body it’s hard to talk separately about them because it’s basically the same person with different personalities.

Talking about Void Shiki against Gil though, I think Gil will have a very though fight. About her ability:

Her third personality born from the body can be said to be directly connected to the Root, and she can even be called the Root itself. While Shiki can see the Root with her Mystic Eyes, 「Shiki Ryougi」 can go even deeper, connecting to where all cause and effect begin and everything and nothing exist.[19]She claims the ability to do anything she wishes, as being connected to it makes her an equivocal existence. She claims restructuring the laws governing atomic matter, going back in time to change the evolution and development of all life, and reconstructing the orders and laws of the world would be easy for her to accomplish. It is not actually changing the existing world, but instead annihilating the old one with a new reality.[31]
Despite this ability, her combat ability is only possibly around the level of Ciel, allowing her to manage a defensive fight against a being on the level of a Servant. She is still much stronger than the regular Shiki, who holds no hope in even competing with a Servant defensively.[32]

How would Gil fight someone who can bend even the reality itself?

@Majestaat I think you’re mistaking her ability which is the same level as Ciel only in combat ability

I hate to admit, but Nasu have made Gil a bit too powerful, and only forcefully give him weakness by pesonality. Even his equal competitor Enkidu was before Gil got his NP GoB.

Other direct counter say the like of Emiya Archer or Zerkerlot (maybe Saberlot?) but then Shirou (arguably Emiya archer) won because that was a ■■■■■ Gil.

@Sha1n I’m aware she has other incredibly busted abilities. I do not know, however, if they require preparation or have any other sort of limitation. Thus, I’m just sticking to combat prowess alone.

@Pandarilla Pretty much. Whenever Gil loses, it’s because of plot armor or other poorly executed excuse. We don’t even know the full extension of NPs GoB houses, and should Nasu wish it, he can make up any new trinket for Gil to come out on top whenever somebody threatened his reign.
Also, Ea. When in doubt, blast it all away with Ea.

The only known counter to Ea is Avalon, which saber doesn’t always immediate access to, so for argument sake, to fight against serious Gil, get Arturia with Avalon

I don’t know if this video has been mentioned. But it’s just a 2 hour video of them discussing who could have a chance at beating Gil using their stats.