Best 6* Targets for yellow certificates?

As the title says.
I have 103 yellow, so in a bunch of months i will reach 180.
But i wonder if it is worth it to save for a 6*… afterall, the 6* in the shop are always the same starting bunch of 6*.

Do you know if in the future we could buy an interesting 6* different from the usual Siege, Saria, Exusiai… ?

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The best one to buy is the one you need. :v:

Eh, but none of the starting ones are needed to me, my 5* are enoigh.

I was more interested in possible unusual ones, like Mostima

CN Server had Skadi once on the cert shop so there’s a chance for new 6*, hopefully.

As for the best 6* to save for, I’m thinking either Eyja for sheer DPS or Angelina for her versatility in team comps.

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Ejafjalla is tempting… but if i buy Skyfire i get the same at a cheaper cost maybe?

Eyja is a single-target caster so she has less deploy cost, higher attack speed and range. And then skill 2 lets her do AoE damage anyway. It’s not a small difference.


Saria, SA and eyja are really really good, the amount of things they can do really can’t be replaced by other operators. Especially Saria, highest usage on CC and all of her skills gets used.

Holy moly, I knew Eyja did higher damage but I didn’t realize it was by that much. And since that’s just base stats, I assume it’s not counting that her S2 does over triple damage. What site is that btw?

To answer OP’s question, I find the big 6*s worth savings for are Eyja, Saria, and Exusiai - in that order unless you have good replacements for them already (Silverash is awesome too but from the banner list it looks like he’s ever been buyable once on either server, so don’t hold out hope). All of the others that come up on the store are good buys, but if you have decent alternatives to them (i.e. Texas for Siege) then it might not be worth it. Depending on how new you are and how many roles you have filled already, it may be a better use of yellow certs to get some good 5 stars.
On the other hand if you’ve been playing for awhile and already have a good lineup, the math works out better to spend it on headhunting permits and use them on banners that have operators you want.

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This is a good option

But for 38 headhunt permuts you spend more than 200 tellow certificates.

That’s more than 4 5* that you trade for a chance, not a guarantee, of rolling only 1 6*.

It’s a gamble with high chance to fail

Correct - it’s always better to buy operators if you know they’ll be useful to you. The headhunt permits option is only better if the ones that are purchasable you either already have or have a good alternative to.
For example, I have Blue Poison at E2:30, M3 on her first skill, and I have Platinum and Jessica at max E1. Obviously Exusiai is an excellent operator, but I’ve got AA snipers well covered and she would take so much investment to be better than what I have that she wouldn’t be worth all those certs (and when she is needed, like 2/3 of my friends list has her as a support unit anyways). And buying dupes is typically not worth it.
Now the only operator that has ever been purchasable that I still care enough about getting is Texas, so unless they start opening up the shop to a wider range of operators I’ll probably be buying headhunting permits once I get her. Doesn’t mean I have everyone that can be bought, just everyone I feel would be worth it. So this way I might get a better chance at Ch’en or Schwarz.

Aside from Eyja and Saria, I’d also recommend Magallan since she can cover different role depending on the skill and can be useful for CC event and challenge modes that requires only few operators.

I just really REALLY want Saria to come to me dude. I already got her wife and daughter at home. :cry:


Just got my fav ops !!