Best BIke IV?

So B!Ikes come to me quite often, all 11 are unintentional as pity breakers or free summon, and now I could +10 him! I got +atk, +spd, +hp and +res IVs please help me decide which is best for him and why… And maybe some builds suggestions to make him a better tank? I saw one +10 BIke +spd with close call, is that a good idea?


+Atk is generally what you want to go for to make sure he gets as many kills as possible.

+Spd can be considered if you’re willing to give him, like, Repel or Close Call for some massive % reduction strats.


At +10 merges, I’d say speed is his best boon, even without Close Call/Repel. He can stack a decent amount of speed to avoid doubles, which is very useful


From what I’ve heard, +Atk > Neutral > +HP > +Res >>> +Def.

Spd is worth considering if you wanna make it work, but his weapon relies on being doubled anyway. Res is mainly for soaking AoEs, but otherwise I like to believe you can never have too much Atk. Barring Galeforcers and Infinite Miracle, but those are irrelevant

I wouldn’t recommend +spd unless using CC and going into AR, as that’s mainly to counter AoE specials on Bike. +Atk helps him deal with threats faster, and helps him heal more of specials. +def and +res don’t get nearly as much payoff due to his inherent mitigation. Don’t bother with +hp, but it could be better than the defenses. +atk’s the winner.

I’m bias towards +spd since I use mine with repel in AR and he tanks all hell,but I do think +atk is a good boon overall.

Almost anything is good for him, depends on the way you want to build him. Either SPD, RES or ATK can be optimal depending on what you want to do. The only thing I can say for sure is that +DEF is his worst IV.

The weapon does not rely on getting doubled, it prevents you from dying in case you get doubled (most of the time at least). But if you can actually double, instead of getting doubled, this increases your killing power a lot, and also prevents you from dying to hardy bearing.


From what I’ve heard:
+Speed is best, +Res is second best and the rest are garbage.

People seem to think doubles are preferred, which comes to age old question why +Speed is better on Nowi. There are ways of getting doubled, without it being consecutively. HARDY BEARING exists. Weapons with Hardy Bearing exist. Which is why speed is still needed to beat the check.

+Res is great, helps increase that visible Res to lower some AoE damage, and take a few less points of damage from magic/dragons.

+attack is garbage is that he will be incredibly hard to soak a chill attack off him.

+defense is similar to attack in regards to the defense chill, but this one is more useless overall as his def is solid anyways.

+hp could be considered, if using in an IP team, that’s probably about it. Still could be a solid choice, but not as good as Speed or Res.

Not really. My B!Lucina absorbs Chill Atk off my +atk B!Ike

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It does let you charge your Special more :thinking:

Though I guess taking one hit is only half as dangerous as 2. Not needing QR is also handy. Just feels like there’s little reason to refine for +Eff then other than forced doubles. But aight, can see how Spd can be good on em.

She won’t if he is +10 with 10 flowers and SS. But I don’t think it’s the best argument against an ATK IV anyway.

For a maximum +10/+10 SS, yeah +spd would probably be preferred. But like you said, an atk boon is still worth considering

With just merges though, Lucina can still absorb Chill Atk if she runs Fury (which is common on her anyway so you aren’t overextending)

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I mean his speed is not going to stop all doubles either, even with +speed. He will still get doubled by a lot of units. It will just make it harder for lower speed units to double, and QR is still solid as it means Ike will always double since he’s an enemy phase unit.

It’s just extra insurance to break through impact skills, null follow up, etc. Especially if the speed check helps.

I mean +attack isn’t entirely useless, but from my experience and listening in on high level play, it’s not as useful as speed or res. There are always exceptions and different build options and of course preferences. Ike works best with B! Lucina, and you’d really need a matching +10 Lucina to help get prevent getting hit by chills. Which is why on a standalone unit, speed or res works generally better when we remove lucina off the table.

A maxed Ike with very easy to set up support in light season (this has been discussed in other threads) will get doubled by virtually nothing, and will double everything. A +10/10 SS can get 60 speed with minimal support (70+ is possible but requires wasting skill slots, that could be used more efficiently, and sometimes awkward positioning)


Yes I know, but for the terms of my post was looking at 0 support and buffs. With this support and buff options, it makes +speed the best IV regardless. All I was getting at is that +speed is simply the best with or without support. With support it makes it not even an option to pick any other asset (boon).

I prefer to not use SPD IV to be honest, the 60+ speed I’m talking about is with a neutral IV, I don’t need more.

Yep, and I did acknowledge that player choice is an option. Just because one person says an IV is bad, does not mean it is. Each of us prefer to use units in our own way or build units in different ways.

It depends on OP’s support options. If they have all the support options to hit that speed, then yes something like attack or res can be better. If they don’t have the support options, then speed should be considered moreso than attack or res. I even noted if Ike is a AR-D/arena defense unit, +HP can work with IP. So, it all comes down to his usage and preference when making the final decision, along with support options available.

My posts to this topic were in line with 0 support options, and to me that asset would be speed is best. B! Ike is flexible enough to use any IV well, and it comes down to is your personal barracks, builds, team members that can push your choice towards a more specific IV. Without knowledge of this and just going after “which IV is best”, its easiest to recommend speed as ‘best’.

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Of course not, all IVs are viable. His worst IV is DEF, but even that is OK if you have a plan and it’s what you want to do.

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