Best blue near saves

Looking forward to building a blue near save but unsure about who, i know B!Hector is op but isn’t he more of a far save unit ?


He can do both succesfully. I run mine with N/S and it works perfectly.

Others would be Pirate Surtr (amazing), Valentine Rudolf (really good), Forsyth (love his lance) and the renewed Winter Ephraim (scary).

F2P options I’d say Benny is the best right now.



Other then that we realy only got B!Hector.
And yes he is more suited for far save, but that don’t make him any less effective at near save. so the best far/near save combo is B!Hector paired whit B!Hector


No love for W-Ephraim? I mean I guess he doesn’t have DR or effectiveness annulment or follow up blocking but I do not think an EP Brave effect should be underestimated

There really is no stopping the B-Hector, is there


Pirate Surtr is basically Blue Gustav. He’ll need some investment to be as good as Gustav but that aside he’s a solid pick if you like Gustav but want better matchups with Swords.

Another option is Winter Ephraim. Think of him like a premium version of Arden. Can quad on retaliation, can run other B Slots, heals himself… even has a decent enough Player Phase with his weapon alone. Also unlike Arden he has a salvageable Res stat


It absolutely shouldn’t be underestimated. Plus he has slaying too.

Give Ephraim something like this and I bet he would do great.


complacently blanked on that he got a refine, but yes he is definitely a new threat that should be among if not the best near savior


I’m gonna fodder my Dedue to mine once I’m done grinding all his feathers

7000 more HM to go


:feh_ardenwoke: a wise decision


When I pulled Dedue from the Hero Fest tickets I was scratching my head over who to give Near Save to, with my best candidates being Idunn and B-Hector

But then here comes W-Ephraim refine and I’m just like :feh_ardenwoke:


Nope. Way better as a near save.

@Thehalohedgehog , still got that screenshot of Eirika doing like 10 damage to him?

Oh wait, here it is.

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laughs in brave weapon.
escutcheon also bypasses the guard as counter. leaving T1 kill (wich is fairly easy to stop whit the structures) and brave weapons as valid ways to nuke. preferably brave whit NFU.
that said best way to beat armor balls is to make the AI move there units by breaking structures next to one opponent, and threaten the space an opponent currently occupies, but not the tile you broke, making the AI move the unit to a " safer area" and hence letting the entier enemy team move and can now be placed around so they start attacking you, wich should be very easy to tank, and kill since it is only two units whit complete EP skill sets, and does practically nothing when they attack them self.


Bector, Wiphraim, Pirutr.

These nicknames curl my tongue


…They said BLUE Near Saves
Bagel is a very good Near Savior but she is definitely not blue


When did she turn blue?


Deleted are you happy?

If you have Close Foil fodder, Winter Felix cpuld be a good Near Save unit as well, he also has SPD to boot.

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Does the rope on her Axe count towards her being Blue

If you switch to darting breath can he one-round ignis F.Edelgard to death?

Unmerged one yeah