Best Bond CE among those?

Hello dear masters,

Welcome to bond-10 CE for dummies. I’m the dummy here. Before my question let me explain to you how dummy i am. But if you don’t wanna listen to me on this just skip to the question

So yes i can check on those bond CE and look at the effects(which i already did actually) but you see i’m not that kind of player. I’m noob. Even if i can check on them i don’t really get the point of it. All those %xx NP damage/heal/etc. means not much to me. Everyone who seems to know what they talking about says something but when it comes to gameplay all those talk is a little confusing to a-few-months-player-me because while everyone agree herc bond CE is objectively the best bond CE you should prefer other 5 or 4 stars instead of bond CE. Anyway…
BUT now we have Agartha which gives double BP for females and non-genders(is that the right word?) so unlike shinjuku (which i didn’t know there was a evil BP boost so i finish the whole singularty without taking advantage of any of it.) i want to boost some of my servants BP. But i have troubled on which one. So here is what i have in mind in terms of waifuable(I’m not sure if it’s a word) and “this BP CE sounds good but i’m not sure”

TL;DR question: Which one of these servant has the best bond CE?
Assasin of the nightless city (no spoiler please, if possible)
oda (archer)

Thank you for all kinds of help. Have a nice day

Edit: oh right, Guess i should also add my team but you see, I kind of need an advise for “Well you can use this Ce regardless of the team”…yeah

kiyohime’s ce is 100% a gimmick that you wouldn’t use in any serious team comps, unless you want to challenge yourself

whose gimmick power gets enhanced once we get her next strengthening, but still remains a gimmick

nightingale’s Ce is really great i think ,because it helps her fulfill her role perfectly(Increase Buster Card effectiveness of all allies by 10% and increase Healing Received by 20% for all allies while she’s on the field.) that’ s really great to have on a buster support

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Nightingale’s is definitely one of the better ones here yeah, past her though I think the good ones here are limited to assassin and arguably Nobu.
Assassin’s increases quick card effectiveness by 20% which effectively doubles the second effect on her third (best) skill, except it also buffs herself as well, and definitely works with her role as a quick support/dps hybrid.

Nobu’s is on the edge I think; it gives 25% crit damage up to the front line which is pretty decent and probably abusable if you stack it with an identical ce (like Okita’s). That said, Crits are fundamentally unreliable and Nobu’s not great at creating crit stars, so it might be better to just use a CE which increases increases her flat attack stat and has a secondary effect.

Nightingale’s is good, Assassin’s is good as long as you have other quick orientated servants, Nobu’s is iffy. I don’t think any of the others have significant effects.

You really only want a Bond CE in a support unless it’s something like Herc’s or Hijikata’s.

BB’s is quite good, but it’s not the best CE on her my any stretch of the imagination. If you paired it with Tamamo’s Bond CE, that’s a permanent 23% arts boost—now we’re taking. But by itself, meh. Underwhelming.

Mordred’s is quite good if she’s not the only attacker—20% NP damage is nothing to sneeze at. Combo her with Helena/Merlin + Waver + Plugsuit + another attacker (SoP + Waver + Merlin/Helen is enough to charge Mordred’s gauge from 0; plugsuit so you have another damaging NP) and you might hit some otherwise inaccessible damage benchmarks. But as a farming servant, starting NP gauge is generally preferred for Mordred.

Nightengale’s is quite good.