Best Boon for Flying Nino?

What do you think is the better boon for flying Nino +speed or +attack?
And do you think you can go overboard with speed? Like if you 10+ a speed boon and give her Swift Sparrow 3

Also I was wondering what people think is her best a slot option, Swift Sparrow 3?

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I’m guessing Spd. Her weapon does more damage based on her speed being faster than her opponents. The more the better. Judging by recent banners, you might need a lot of it this coming year. So go +spd.

Thanks, I was planning on merging the three I have and I have a +speed and a +attack and I want to make the right decision

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No problem. For what it’s worth, I went +spd on mine as well.

+3 spd adds +2 damage to the weapon, or 0 if you’re already at 7.
+3 atk does +3 damage.
Atk is still better unless you actually need that speed to double.

41 base spd with the weapon, plus A slot, plus buffs, plus presumably some merges if you have multiple IVs to choose from… she’s very fast already. +spd might help against W!Sothis but +atk will help in every other fight.
I guess it depends how much speed creep you think there’s going to be in the future.

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Throughout 2019, maybe. If she’s up against 41 speed opponents, she needs all the speed she can get. In fact, she still gets big value against 37 spd opponents, which is super common now and the average speed will be higher and higher as bst increases.

Go speed.

For lower merges, +SPD.

But if you’re gonna go the @Vegi route and +10 her, I’d personally take +ATK, since she’ll be cataclysmically fast (46 SPD with “only” 55 ATK if +ATK) as-is and will likely be running some version of Swift Sparrow. She only needs 10 points of SPD more than the enemy for the full +7 effect of her tome, so really you could get by with just Phantom Speed as the seal, though Brazen would probably be better overall.


It really depends if you’re planning for the past or the future. New units are 45-48 spd with 10 merges now. At some point, +Atk won’t be good enough.

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In which case +SPD would land her at 49 SPD for +1 damage, as opposed to +ATK’s +3.

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But if you control offense, you can use more buffs or use Phantom Spd, guaranteeing the +7 damage.

Even ignoring buffs, a +10/+5 +ATK Nino with SS2 and Phantom hits 60 SPD on initiation for calculation, giving her the full +7 against anything under 50 SPD. If we go SS3 instead of SS2, that’s 63 SPD.

(Though Brazen ATK/SPD would be better overall, giving her better ATK as well while still hitting 60 SPD.)

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A low investment Flying Nino would prefer +Spd to secure the doubles she wants for her damage output, but a max invested Nino can actually get overkill Spd pretty easily. Strong skills & buffs can easily send her over 50 Spd, with 55 Spd within reach (without Legendary Eliwood & related stuff of course) :feh_birbpeek:

So it really depends on how far you want to take her.


For sure, and who you pair her with.

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+Atk is usually the better option for Nino AT LEAST in my opinion if ur going to spam merges on her. If not then +Spd.

On higher merges, her Spd is actually good enough to double pretty much everything if u buff it up, I run my Summoner Supported Nino-chan with SS3, Brazen Atk/Spd, and a L! Azura support with Goad Fliers. Just that grants her a minimum of 67 Spd, which is just fun HEHEHEH.

So in order to focus on her offensive power, then just go with +Atk.


If u r NOT going with Giga and going with Bladetome which is so boring and unoriginal XD, then u might wanna settle with +Spd.

+Atk if you’re investing, +Spd if not. SS3 indicates investment, so my vote goes to +Atk. :feh_angrynino: