Best Buddy not working?

Clearly this last heart is completely filled in but the game isn’t recognizing it. This morning there was a sliver left to fill in and I’ve done everything but Visit a New Place and the Bonus hearts. I also calculated my Hearts from the Total Activities screen - 314 hearts not including Bonus hearts and you need 300 to hit Best Buddy.

Have you tried switching and switching back?

I did, nothing :frowning:

It probably needs one or two hearts more, no difference in the way they fill the heart. So try again tomorow and it will be your “best buddy”

If you select one of the levels you have, the heart displays as a light orange with a dark orange surround. If you have another heart (a level you haven’t achieved) they all show grey as per your screenshot.
This suggests you haven’t got it yet.

I recently earned a Best Buddy and it seemed to take forever. The heart looked like it was filled in for a few days of earning like 6-7 hearts before it finally unlocked.
It looks like you are at the same point.
At the ‘Best Buddy’ level, it takes many, many hearts to unlock so each one gives an incredibly small completion percentage and you can’t distinguish the heart filling up.
Keep going. You’ll get it soon!

As others have noted, you’re close but no cigar. Part of your logic is faulty, due to your calculation of hearts. I’ll talk about distance hearts because I think it’s easiest to illustrate. You can’t divide the distance walked by 2km and get the number of distance hearts unless you only ever walk exactly multiples of 2km in a day.

For example, consider a weekend where you walked 3.7 on Saturday and 8.3 on Sunday. By your approach, that would look like 6 walking hearts, when it’s actually only (1 Saturday, 3 Sunday). Saturday has 1.7km “wasted” because you haven’t quite reached the next heart. Sunday has more than 2km “wasted” because you’ve passed the max/day.

This sort of thing also applies to other hearts where you can add to the value on the total activities count without always earning a heart for it.

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I got it today, needed 4 more hearts. I know calculating the hearts isn’t exact but being 14 over the 300 needed seemed accurate enough given you can’t see how many bonus hearts you earn.