Best build 4 best girl Olivia

Proposed build:

Current build:

What do y’all think, is it worth all that premium fodder?

Notes on new build options:
Special is flexible
Might drop Fallen Ike instead of my only Kris to give Repel 3 and Darting Blow instead of Spurn 3. Might play around with Flashing Blade seal in that case.

All thoughts welcome!


you shouldnt think if its worth
you should think if you like her enough to give her the skills


If you want her to be a fighter, the first one is your best bet minus the seal :catdance:

Your current build’s also pretty great though :feh_flaynfish:


also bellringer and brazens, maybe something else
could use Spd/Res Solo


He would be correct.

Anyways a problem with this builds is Bellringer, Spurn and Brazens, they don’t work well together because Bellringer heals. The Brazen and Spurn could work, you would just have to swap her Weapon.

Slaying Edge/Wao Dao could work if you want to swap her weapon.

Or spd/res solo could work for her S slot if you don’t want to change the weapon.

Also since you’re foddering an F!Ike why not just use Repel and darting breath? Rather then Spurn?

Anyways my opinion is:
Do it, it looks like she’s your favorite character.


It also depends on what you are going to use her for. Pure offense, it seems like it would be fine.

However, you do have the ideal boon for dodging Mila on defense and you can work around that if you wanted too. That obviously shifts her build more too, so she can also be an amazing support unit too.

I disagree with this. The Bellringer works with Spurn to help her survivability, and Brazen kicks in when she takes more damage than she can heal, boosting her mitigation even further, if not already at the cap, while also adding to her offenses.

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I too have a +10+10 Olivia though without summoner support.
These builds are builds I have used and thought to share them to another fellow Olivia fan.

This one uses wings of mercy to dive in and get a kill.

This one is a kinda selfish but solid build. I’m all about dancers that can dance and combat.

This one here is similar to the first but overall a tank that also provides support for allies. -7 atk on foe is pretty much +7 def res for Olivia or whatever other unit is baiting the debuffed foe.

These builds are super expensive but seeing your +10+10 ss olivia I assume you are willing to go all the way.

Here’s mine, I’ve tried with joint Drive Speed, but since her partner is Reinhardt…

Basicaly, she counters nearly everythings Rein can’t KO.

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O such grace! O such beauty! Thanks for sharing this queen! Too bad I’d have to fodder my only Big Backpack Anna if I wanted to try Joint Drive Spd. It would compliment my Olivia’s support partner (a speedy Cherche, who performs better than you might think).

Oh well. I’ll keep dreaming until I can’t stand it anymore.