Best builds to help smoke the most weed

Smoke 4s are pretty cool. I’ve been looking a bit on how they can be utilized well.

As a general basis, units who can’t normally use Dodge or Follow-Block want these skills the most, but that’s not to say units who nornally can don’t want them too

From what it seems, some of the best users of Spd Smoke 4 are units who can prevent the foe from counterattacking when initiating by any means. Things like Adept/Despo or Sweep effects.

However my favorite idea so far is combining it with Guard Bearing since GB works only first combat and Dodge comes out second and later:

For Atk Smoke, seems like galeforcers or tanks that only planned on taking a single hit when initiating anyway:

(I haven’t had as many ideas for Atk smoke.)


We’ll eventually get Def and Res Smoke 4s too, I hope. Thinking they might have Atk+6 and Dominance as its added bonus, which sounds cool for vantage and galeforce setups.

But enough of my rambling. What ideas or plans y’all got?


Thinking spd smoke on Dagr. Menace is good but dodge seems even better.

Also mildly debating atk smoke on Eitri and L!Lucina. Although Lucina could probably also make good use of dodge…

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had to take a second to make sure i was looking at the right screen


Gonna wait for Res smoke first but I’m considering one of the smokes for my Arete. Denying a follow-up is nice from Atk smoke, plus with Plegian it helps her stay bulky, but the self Def/Res+6 buff is a little unnecessary. Spd smoke would be nice but the Plegian tome doesn’t make use of Spd debuffs so I’ve just decided to wait for Res smoke and hope it helps make her into a nuke. There is quite a bit of potential in these smoke skills but I’m not really seeing who I’d put it on rn.

Beyond what I’d do, I can imagine the cancer that is Spd Smoke 4 S!Maria. Atk smoke 4 also seems really good on many of the slow units that are unable to benefit from many sources of follow-up manipulation, such as Reinhardt, Ashnard, Henry (Spring too), etc.


Although I might not pull right away. May wait a few days to see how good they are in practice first. I remember feeling pretty bad after hastily pulling for VA when A!Mareeta dropped so I’d rather that not happen again.

They all will appreciate Spd Smoke 4


These Smokes, especially Spd Smoke, are going to be a little tricky to use because you have to do one combat before you can abuse their effects (this was true before but it’s even more important now).

Atk Smoke is typically put on tanky units that want to participate in multiple combats anyway, but Spd Smoke 4 feels a little awkward to me. Fast units dump their bulk, so if they don’t already have Dodge or some other form of DR they’ll take some hefty damage in return before they even get the Dodge effect. F-Lilith circumvents that a bit by using Dive Bomb but Dive Bomb has a very restrictive HP threshold, so it’s basically a one and done thing. Spd Smoke was generally pretty bad compared to the other Smokes to begin with, and while adding Dodge helps a lot, I’m a bit skeptical about how many can utilize it well


Honestly my main concern with it, and why I mentioned I think I’ll try to hold off from going all in for it immediately. I want to see what people think of it in practice first before I pull, unlike what I did with VA. I’ll still pull on any reds on my free and ticket circles though, just in case I get lucky.


L.Marth will use it especially well, especially if he’s reaching that +5 Spd from the start for his B slot since unless the foe has NCD they’re not going to be attacking him regardless and since he doesn’t get Dodge from his Prf B slot it will help his EP so much better


L-Marth is absolutely a strong choice for Spd Smoke 4; he gets a lot of stats from his refined weapon so he’s not as fragile as some of his speedy peers. Most fast units focus only on Atk and Spd, though, so I think Spd Smoke 4 is not going to be a very splashable skill, but those who can use it well use it really well





Although granted my Dagr’s bulk isn’t that bad even without dodge. 38/33, +5 (minimum) from her weapon isn’t bad at all. So I wouldn’t say I’m too worried about her ability to take a hit. I’m more just curious how practical it will actually be to use.

B.Marth on the other hand I’m not sure if I’ll actually give it to him, mostly cuz since if I’m using him he’s going to be Vantage spamming Shining Emblem, and while sure not every enemy will die in 1 hit before they can finally attack him on EP, he at least already has Spurn. But both A/LF.Corrins for me will be able to use it fairly well since they both have CD charge in their weapons to use specials faster anyways

Maria: “What’s damage lol?”


it’s kinda disgusting tbh
horrendous amounts of flat dr that can’t be pierced by deadeye and such
high natural defenses and speed
null effectiveness
healing after combat
true damage and an actual PP


Stuff like this is why I feel like Deadeye and similar effects should be updated to also negate flat DR. Because that’s absolutely ridiculous.

It honestly surprises me that Spring Maria isn’t talked about more

She’s a way more bullshit unit than Fatalgard but seems to have fallen by the wayside for most of the player base

Girl can easily tank Duo Chroms and L-Nannas even with color disadvantage


Seasonal units tend to do that for some reason. Ones like the ninja duos are honestly kinda exceptions given that they still get talked about somewhat regularly.


It’s mostly because Maria is a seasonal unit and wasn’t the Duo/Harmonic of the banner

I feel like F!Edelgard is obsessed over a little bit too much because they literally have so many counters for her that it’s hard to say you’re having a bad time with her since most people only have her at no merges or +1