Best builds to help smoke the most weed

I agree, but I was using Fatalgard as a point of comparison because she was without question the most controversial addition to the game

No one else has drawn nearly as much response from the playerbase, even units that are easily much worse


Yeah I get that

I was just acknowledging the fact that, generally, people focus more on her and not on units like Spring Maria

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One of these two. Probably gonna go with Nanna and bank on B!Claude getting some kind of damage reduction with his refine.


I wasn’t sold in the new Smoke 4 skills but after seeing this, I might have to reconsider.

LMarth, LNanna, SMaria or BClaude with dodge is not something I’d thought I needed. Double dodge BAlm, YIke or LDimitri is also appealing.

If only def/res smoke 4 can grant NCD. Dodge and NFU are everywhere, but NCD is still locked to 3-4 5* units and a single prf.


Yep, absolutely ridiculous. Survives two Ignis procs from Arden of all people. In fact he doesn’t even do any damage otherwise.




i hate this

But why? NCD is a defensive skill but def/res smoke are offensive skills. They’ll probably buff your attack and give forced follow ups or something I’d guess.

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Top candidate for me is my dear Adult Tiki. Denying follow ups will hugely boost her tanking abilities. Yes, she’s old and outclassed but I love her and want to keep her useful.

2nd candidate is Minierva. Had been hoping to get Atk/Spd Rein but, again, blocking follow ups is damn good. Could use Spd Smoke well also but when she’s got so much bulk, dodge is less valuable.

1st for Spd Smoke is Arete. Hope we’ll see Atk/Spd Catch 3 be on a grail/demote soon so Lilith can pass my ideal A skill for her too.
She’s got good Res so add in dodge and she’ll be speedy and magically tanky on both phases.

Then there’s a few more like Miriel, Leonie and Cath who could use it well.

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I have returned with more Spd Smoke shits because Im having too much fun


Vantage strats want def/res smokes, and also NCD. I know it’s a long stretch, but here’s hoping.

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Looks like you, like me, forgot about NY Lyre. She has Atk/Spd Catch 3. But I also hope we can get a more accessible unit with it.


Ah, damn. They do like doubling up fodder from grails and demotes but usually not keen on giving us other sources for seasonal 4* skills.

She’ll be coming round on a dual seasonal banner soon hopefully. Would need 2 copies, she’s too cute to fodder off entirely.


Full Spd DR B.Ike: You guys are taking damage?


I mean, she did come with like 20 effects in just her 2 Prf’s alone

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Also to be on topic, I think I’ll work on +10’ing GK while giving him Atk Smoke… -7 Atk on foes with +6 Def/Res on top of an extra prevention of Foes follow ups, seems fairly well to me. Obviously it’ll have some flaws in say no Canto Control on him or NFU effects, but still seems fairly good for him

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GK can already prevent follow-ups though. So it would be a bit redundant. Although the atk debuff on foes and def/res buffs on him would still help.

Wouldn’t the stacking of prevention of follow ups stack against foes who has both higher spd and guaranteed follow-ups tho

I guess

Because I mean he only has a base 17 Spd, and their plenty of units with 22 base Spd with guaranteed follow ups so might as well maximize on the prevention