Best CE for Skadi

So, it’s the first time I’m drawing a blank on a CE to use on Support.

Waver - is practically attached to CL or 2030
Merlin - Golden Carp or Prisma Cosmos to boost NP gain
Tamamo - same as the above plus her Bond CE

Skadi is mainly used for 3T comps so her Bond CE seems to be the best pick as with Tama. Problem is, unlike dear fox, Bon 10 is still ways off and I just can’t think of good alternatives.

What are you using now? (except CL)

For Support Slot?
If there’s no CLT (or later CTT) I personally wouldn’t even bother picking her.


For Support and general use. when looping.

CLT is on Waver, since he’s more general use/useful to newbies and Skadi holds one of Travel Dress CE for now.

Her Bond CE can compliment her support role, it pffers 10% Quick and 15% Crit, and can extend kill range of Loopers.

Chaldea Lunchtime always works.

Mona Lisa because we’re all poor after raising her.


Her Bond CE is the best pick by the looks of it, but it won’t be available for a while even with her in the backline 24/7.

For support, do people actually look for ML outside Rider?

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Mona Lisa or CLT.
My own Skadi has 2030 on her, it isn’t relevant for looping, but if someone does decide to take her for any hard content, I find it to be the best CE for her, that or Golden Carp.
But yes her bond CE is the best for her support role.


2030 is a safe bet. Sure since youre using quick np’s you will drown in stars but its better than nothing

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Yes, some do. I’ve had friends post messages asking for ml on waver, but alas! No waver for me to help them with. Also, even little ol Marie can loop doors with double skadi, so some of my friends do have ml on skadi

I groan at the number of 2030 Skadis on my friend list. Of all supports, WHY give it to her lol


If you have a MC CE, you can put it on Skadi since Arctic is a thing.

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Yes! I’ve been looking for Skadi with MLB Mona Lisa when running doors. A lot of quick farming comps have their own riders/berserkers so Skadi with MLB Mona Lisa allows for optimal DSS :)

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For looping her Bond ce or the tipical ce’s like lunch box
For not looping give her 2030, she isn’t good generating stars so this will help her teammates to be able to crit at lest some times

No no no, no 2030. Only if it’s not a heavy Quick team or if the DPS has low hit counts or is otherwise bad at generating stars. All of this is assuming no looping, because 2030 really won’t matter then, as you pointed out.

Most Quick teams will produce enough stars on their own that 2030 shouldn’t desirable on the friend list. I’d sooner borrow even the MC XP CE or of course the staple CLT than that.

Like most support casters, the basic ones like Chaldea Lunchtime or Mona Lisa for nice EXP or QP additions (hell, even Mystic Code CE’s are fine)

However if you’re running her in a boss or other content where you’re NOT 3-turning things, I’d reccomend running NP gain CE’s like Divine Banquet or Prisma Cosmos. Her NP isn’t the most powerful thing, but it’s nice having her NP available quickly in case you need a team-wide evade for an enemy NP or critical attack.

As someone who has neither CLT or Mona Lisa, I am open to suggestions as to what to give Skadi (when she’s ready). I could do 2030 or Prisma Cosmos. Alternatively, I could also use the new MC CE but its not MLB.


3000 HP from 2030 is beautiful


Some Green-power equivalent of Ox-king would be desirable to have for her…

Failing that, if I am ever convinced that people don’t want/need el-Melloi any longer I’d probably be boring and put CLT on her. Once our God-King Gong arrives next year, I can see Camlann/Merciless One working well, too.

EDIT: Forgot -

Postergirl would do better, in that case. :fgo_gudako:


You allow her to get hit? You are a horrible husbando.

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3T is still eligible. What CE do you want?

Since we’re talking about Support list only, CLT is always safe. Be Graceful if requested for the people focused on leveling MCs, but 2030 is useless for too many players who want to borrow her. I might put it on my own Skadi depending on the comp, but it’s very situational for the aforementioned reasons. Too niche for Support list.

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