Best CE for Skadi

I’d say

  • Event CE
  • Chaldea Tea time
  • Mona Lisa
  • Be graceful
  • prisma Cosmos
  • ideal holy king
  • Kscope for quick np if needed
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Noticed you didn’t mention Devilish Bodhisattva for Merlin. If you have it MLB, you can pair him with another 20% NP charger holding a 2030 and get Garden of Avalon pumping out 15 stars per turn, for 23-25total stars each turn for the first five turns. I can personally attest that most of your fights won’t last much longer than that with such a setup.

Don’t mind me, just trying to spread the good word of the Book of Merlin and his Lewd Nun Domme.


2 merlin with each mlb devilish thingy: it gives 30 stars.

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I don’t have Lunchtime or ML, I’m sorry :fgo_lipburrito:

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I prefer Merlin with DB and Waver with 2030, as then I can have my DPS NP turn 1 with AD equipped, further overcharging GoA, and getting 30 stars per turn, anyway.


Now that I think about it, with a DSS comp… What’s the best? Poster girl (80% atk bonus) or a MLB black grail?

Whatever… I’m going to test it.

Black grail, no contest.


Probably black grail cause the poster girl is a regular attack buff which is additive to skadi’s defense down afaik vs the np buff being multiplicative with both the quick buff and defense down (if I remember my dmg formula right)

Edit yes I’m right had to find the pic of the dmg buff types


That’s correct. Black grail also has up to 2,400 attack, while Poster Girl is pure HP.


I forget about the ce having stats sometimes :ferdbirb:


Only time I ever thought about it a lot was for apoc raids for OHKO boss runs

Sadly, too many CEs are ruined by mismatched or split stats. I get sad every time I see somebody using One Summer for Skadi looping, when AD would be better.

Put those mana prisms to work!

AD? With skadi? Wouldn’t HNS be better if you want 50% charge and 2k atk stats?

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Yes, it certainly would be. I was just making the point that even AD would be better than One Summer, because AD’s attack bonus is way better than +10% more quick up when you already have +100% from double Skadi.

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Event CE, always. That’s really Skadi’s big draw.

if there’s no event, I’d stick to Teatime in caster slot or whatever you think makes challenge/story easiest in all.

So it’s CLT and ML in general (barring events).
Tammy, Merlin, and Waver make use of 2030 (not on Tammy I guess?), Prisma Cosmos, and their Bond CE’s.
Scatty is mostly Bond CE.

Is that the gist of it?
Barring specific strategies of course.

Best Fox Wife is best served by Prisma or her own Bond CE in the vast majority of situations. She has no crit support, and arts teams aren’t known for their stargen. Leave that to Caster Gil, in my opinion. More than anything, she wants to use her NP as often as possible, while actually choosing as few of her own cards as possible.

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If you’re talking practicality, NP gain CEs like Magical Girl Sapphire would be best so she can use her NP often.

If you wanna hoard FP, just plop an mlb Lunchtime on her and call it a day. That’s the best option imo as Skadi is mostly utilised for her skills anyway.

Most players will avoid a Skadi with an NP charge or gain CE since they don’t usually plan on casting her NP when borrowing a Skadi, and they will try to avoid her face cards.

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