Best CE to max lv

I missed sumo CE from kintoki event. so far i got lv 60 black grail and 4 kscope and HNS. is there another CE that worth it to max lv?

Other common picks are Aerial Drive and Holy Night Supper. For other choices, you’ll generally want one that provides a pure ATK stat to maximize the gains for your DPS.

It might help to provide a screenshot of your available CEs so we can provide more precise advice.

those all 5 star CE i got. is there any good event CE in the future? other than sumo, HNS, aerial drive

Level HNS, definitely.

As for upcoming ones, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Painting Summer, coming this Summer 3.

It’s mixed HP and ATK stats, but gives an Arts buff, NP Gain buff, and Starting NP, so it’s great for Arts DPS and Arts loopers.

Oh no
You combined Kscopes before being able to max one???

im not sure if i need arts CE although i got tamamo no mae. especially since i got black grail kscope and HNS. i guess i can wait until any other good event CE before lv up HNS. and what good 5 star CE beside kscope and black grail to max lv if i can manage get them?

i combine 3 of them and left 1 since i only need 2 kscope to grind

After Sumo, Kaleido, BG and HNS, i think Heroine Eli-chan’s Adventure it’s Amazing for sheer buster dmg.

In general the best ones are the CEs that makes daily life easier.
They have already been mentioned earlier in the thread but HNS, AD… K-scopes, Black Grail.

Once that it covered you might want to look into more specialized CEs such as Card type improvements or trait based CEs.
Art of Death is a 4* that you will probably obtain eventually as it is in the general pool.

The example @LeiCiel mentioned is for NP looping, basically it means that you can use the same servant to use their NP several times in a row.
Some servants doesn’t have enough NP refund to be able to do that easily so the additional Arts buff and NP gain could be the difference in reaching the required percentage.
Leveling that CE will also help in hitting the overkil bonus earlier.
If the enemy has traits that can be abused then NP looping can be a match for Black Grails.

This isn’t the best example as Mordreds NP gain is absurd but it should illustrate part of it.

There will also be an arts flavoured version this Halloween.

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Good to know, i need to choose another CE to Max

i think i will max HNS after BG and kscope but im thinking to get joint recital from rare mana prism or if i can get limited zero over. are they better than HNS if my most servants are buster oriented?

Mecha Martha