Best Colored Dagger for Pegasus Carrot?

I’m semi interested to try getting a S! Palla for her dagger. I could see some benefit to the armor effectiveness and stopping the prevention of follow up attacks since that effect is becoming more and more common place, but I’m at a loss over who the best candidate for the weapon is.

Red daggers do it the best due to the most effective and common WF armors being green
Eg. LHector, Surtr, Mamori

Tbh, anyone who isn’t Lilina, or either Flora

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S!Palla is really the only person who uses her dagger well, despite it being inheritable.

Every other colored dagger wants their prf and colorless dagger either doesn’t have the firepower to use it, would rather use their prf or broadleaf fan+.


W!Jaffar could be decent with it if you run him in your arena core :feh_jaffarstare:


Winter Jaffar would be good for it and since he’s a grail unit, he’s easier to merge than the other colored dagger units


Pegasus Carrot is best used with a rgb unit. The negation of follow up effects is contingent on having color advantage, so colorless units could never get it unless they’re going up against a raventome while using cancel affinity.

Winter Jaffar imo. Blue armors are the second most common armor color and he makes pretty good use of the effect. Also he does like the swift sparrow 2 inherit as well.


TBH I think the whole purpose of Pegasus Carrot was to introduce a Surtr counter back in the day. I don’t see it as having a lot of usefulness now that there are so many other ways to defeat armors, and hardly anyone uses Surtr any more.

So…NY!Eir, S!Palla, or Onsen!Elise?
Eir’s the only readily available red dagger.

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I just gave up on this quest and gave it to Chad.