BEST command codes for Mori?

Simple enough, I just don’t know what Codes that I currently have that could work on him, so any suggestions for future and current codes would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I grail Ed him to 90 and planning on going straight to 100 once gilfest launches :) gold fouing too but I’m basically out so it’s going to take a while. Also RIP to only one copy, next year I’ll save for more.

Go to this command code thread, instead here

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I’m thinking star generation. He wants to crit with his massive 3T crit steroid but only has a 1T gather skill, and gathering cc’s aren’t the right magnitude to aid a zerker. So you need to star flood and any additional sources of stars that you can add will help feed him.

Edit: maybe a debuff remover to deal with the self def down debuffs that come with atk up on s2. It won’t help his s1 demerit, but it can mitigate the def down