Best DPS servants for an arts team?

I currently have an arts team i’m doing pretty good with. I have Tamamo as the center, Waver and Jeanne for support, and mainly playing Archuria for DPS.
Now what I want is a strong DPS servant for each class to use with this team. Some classes have obviously really good servants like Nero Bride for Saber. Others, like Lancer for example, are more difficult. Should I play Tamamo Lancer even though her synergy is not the best with an arts team, should I play Li Shuwen as the only ST arts lancer, or should I just play Archuria against archers and forget about class advantage?
I am really wondering about this and would appretiate suggestions for DPS to use for each class with my arts team.

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Saber - Lancelot/Nero umu.
Archer - Archuria/Chloe/Edgemiya
Lancer - Li Shuwen… No other Lancer with art except LSW and Fioon currently in NA. In 2 year will be Kagetora
Rider - … I don’t think there’s an Art ST rider so far… But Modred works well in farming. Later will have Sakamoto, and Da Vinci
Caster - the only 2 I can think of is Caster of Midrash and Sieg but they still not in NA
Assassin - Shiki… Ryougi Shiki… And later should be Old Man Li in 1 1/2 years
Berserker - Vlad 3 is quite good actually… He was my main boss killer if there’s no counter class or multi classes boss
Extra - Kiara, Hokusai, Sitonai, Astrea, BB

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I mean, Fionn gets a lot of (mostly deserved in my opinion) hate, but he isn’t the worst. QQAAB deck with an Arts NP, a skill to increase his own arts performance, a skill to increase team NP generation. An evasion paired with a taunt, which can help on the stalling side of things (many arts teams naturally lend themselves to slower, but more consistent, damage). Li needs crit star support as much as he needs arts support, and even then he’s very much set up to do damage 1 turn.

Lancer doesn’t have really have any Arts options at the moment- so probably Vlad (the Berserker) would be the best bet in an arts team when going against Archers.

The Archer class is full of potential. Robin Hood, Euryale, Helena, Orion. All arts-based

Medea is ST. Lower damage than most, but makes up for it in how often she can use her NP. Again, Helena works, and Caster Gil as well.

Thanks alot for the reply, I currently use Drake and UmuCaster that dont have arts NPs, but still have good synergy with Tamamo. I’m really worried for lancer though, if a hard challenge featuring strong archers comes up I will struggle.

Honestly, Vlad is probably the best option out of all of the available Arts damage engines right now, simply because how versatile he is, and because he can spook you at any time. Sure, he is usually not the best possible counter against a lot of enemies, but he is a good one against all of them. Bonus damage against practically everything means you don’t have to mix and match your team for every encounter (unless you want to, of course) and tough cookies, like Rulers and Avengers, pose little problem for a team with him in the center, and he compliments stalling strategies as well.

I have been using him a lot (he was my first SSR and the reason I rolled for Tamamo and became and Arts player), and I would say his only problem is that he is really costly, both in terms of resources (124 bones just to get his two important skills up to par) and support (you pretty much need to have either a Tamamo or a Waver of your own if you want him to live up to his full potential). Though again, you can look at it from the perspective that you only have to raise one servant to counter everything instead of having to raise a separate servant to counter specific classes, in which case he is economical, I suppose?

Lately i’m playing with the same setup with 2 2030 & MLB Another ending and the answer is either borrow vlad or pick shishou for one shot.
Anything else can be killed by endless np spam even with neutral dmg.

Saber - Saberlot, Bride, Saber Empíreo (ST)…Saber Empíreo comes with EoR3, Umu (AoE)
Archer - Archuria, Kuro, Robin, Euryale (ST), Helena, Jeanne (AoE)…Archer Jeanne comes in Summer 2020
Lancer - Shuwen (ST), Fionn, Melt (AoE)…Summer Melt is our next Aoe Arts Lancer. I know. It’s bad.
Rider - Mordred (AoE)…arts riders are rare until Ryouma, who’s a welfare from Gudaguda 3
Caster - Medea (ST), Helena, CasGil, Scheherazade, Da Vinci, Anastasia (AoE)
Assassin - Serenity, Kerry, Shiki (ST), Shuten (AoE)
Berserker - Vlad (ST), Musashi (AoE)…yeah, we don’t get an Arts AoE Berserker for 2 years. Eww.
Ruler - Astrea/Luvie (ST)…won’t come until Case Files Collab around April/May 2021
Avenger - Salieri (ST)…comes in LB1 (but story-locked)
Alter Ego - Sitonai (ST)…Halloween 2020, Kiara (AoE)
Moon Cancer - BB (ST). Ganesha (AoE)…Ganesha comes in LB4 around June 2021
Foreigner - MHXX (ST), Hokusai (AoE)…both are really really really excellent servants (Hokusai is the best Arts damage dealer in the game) but neither come until 2020 (Hokusai on the new year, MHXX during the summer)

Right now, Waver + Vlad/Archuria/Kuro/Robin/Bride/Saberlot/BB/Shiki/Medea/Da Vinci/Mordred + Tamamo is your standard Arts comp.

You can also run Arts crit servants, which means you get access to Sherlock, who is super good.

You can get away with using Archuria for those, she is an OP existence.

Saber - Lancelot
Archer - Archuria/Chloe/Emiya alter
Lancer - Li Schwen
Caster - None really, but when I really need one I use Nitocris for np spam
Assasin - Shiki is best but I only have Assasin Emiya, his dps is pretty poor due to low np gain
Rider - None really, Rider mo can spam her np but its pretty weak
Berserker - Vlad

And as far as the best dps overall, I normally use Archuria unless the enemies are lancers. Shes just that good.

If the Waver is yours just run TamaLancer + Waver + Support Merlin. Bam. Problem solved, unless it’s not your Waver.