Best eeveelution today?


I got a few high level high iv Eevees. Thinking of evolve them now or keeping them for future?

Any suggestions? Thanks.

The future is basically Sylveon, and I doubt that any of the Eeveelutions will get any further special treatment. They might get given additional moves, but these will probably be TM-able. Not impossible that we’ll get more in Gen 8, and there’s been a fair amount of speculation on this.

As for the best, I’d have to say Glaceon, particularly relevant at the moment because of Rayquaza, but Espeon is a close second.

With the exception of Umbreon, who is basically built for PvP, the rest are all good at what they do but are not the best in their field. Sylveon, I’m guessing, will be no different, probably playing second fiddle to the likes of Gardevoir. As such, none of them are really bad choices but if you have a really exceptional IV specimen I’d probably aim for an evolution you can actually control, i.e. not Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon (assuming the name trick has already been used).

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My rank would be:

  1. Glaceon
  2. Flareon
  3. Espeon
  4. Vaporeon
  5. Jolteon
  6. Leafeon
  7. Umbreon

Ice is a far more useful type than Psychic (and Fire). Three legendaries are doubly weak to Ice, ten are singly weak to it and dragons are common gym defenders.

Among Ice-types, Glaceon is tied with Weavile in second place, behind Mamoswine, but among Psychic-types, Espeon is tied with Alakazam in third place, behind Mewtwo and Azelf (ignoring Deoxys-A). Flareon ranks 4th in DPS (and 10th in TDO) among Fire-type attackers, but remains the best non-legendary, non-legacy option.

Despite once dominating the metagame, Vaporeon is barely viable, as Gyarados is far better and almost as accessible.

Grass is a mediocre offensive type with too much competition, some equally accessible (looking at you, Exeggutor).

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No. Unless you’re living close to a water biome, Magikarps are about as rare as Eevee, while costing 375 candy more to evolve. Of course you could try balance that out with buddying, but most likely you’ll get to evolve Eevee first.

Also, Gyarados’s Flying sub-type could become a liability vs. Rock types (although it becomes a good thing vs. Ground types), not accounting the fact that Vaporeon has higher average bulk than Gyarados too.


If you don’t have a full team of Mamoswine or if you’re a player who likes to use 6 unique Pokemon, Glaceon is a great pick for Rayquaza. There are also 3 legendaries in Gen 5 that are part Flying type.

Espeon is great for new players. Get a team of 6, tale down Machamp raids then use Machamp to take down Tyranitar raids.

Umbreon is fantastic in Great League. Last Resort (Community Day move) helps but isn’t required.

The original 3 forms are middle of the pack for their types and the Pokemon that are better are easily accessible (except for Electric). Swampert and Blaziken beat Vaporeon and Flareon and had a Community Day. Raikou and Magnezone beat out Jolteon and Raikou was in research for a while and had a raid day.

Leafeon is okay but any grass type starter Pokemon that had a Community Day is better.

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In your case pick glaceon i think, because of the name trick u can have it with no risks, also works for rayquaza (20~ days left) if u dont have enough mamoswine (Y).

As was mentioned, Eeveelutions are usually behind the best of their types in both damage and bulk. So if you have the resources, those will work better than Eevees in almost any situation.

That said, Eeveelutions can be used to patch up a team, as needed, since they’re still decent. And that depends entirely on what you need. If you’re lacking in the Ice department (against those dragons), go with Glaceon. It will fit nicely in an incomplete team of Mamoswine. If you’re lacking Fire, Flareon can help fill your team.

But if you don’t really need any of them, I personally wouldn’t spend the resources to power-up an Eeveelution, until something changes for them. I have a 100% Eevee, but I haven’t used it since there’s better ways to spend that sweet sweet Stardust.


One perk about Eeveelutions is that their moves are exclusively of their type (i.e. Vaporeon has all Water moves, Espeon has all Psychic moves). You are therefore generally less likely to need to TM or re-evolve one to get something that’s a decent [your type here]. In that sense Glaceon is a better bet than Weavile since you would at most use a charge TM for a better ice-type move.

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This thread and recent use on my alt have convinced me that Glaceon is currently the best Eeveelution from a raiding standpoint.

  • Easiest to batch evolve

  • Top 3 of its type

  • Really only need to spend one CTM at most to get rid of Icy Wind. Either fast move with either Avalanche or Ice Beam works in a pinch

  • Ice has more relevance than Psychic, nudging out Espeon’s priority

For my alt I dropped a Glacial Lure, evolved a bunch of ~L30 Eevee with IV’s ranging from great to something I’d normally insta-transfer, and suddenly I had a team capable of duoing Rayquaza with my main’s Mamoswine army. Only two have the ideal Frost Breath/Avalanche pairing and they still get the job done, albeit with multiple relobbying.

Leafeon is easy to batch evolve too but has much more limited use than Glaceon and is outclassed harder. Espeon is also top 3 of its type but is more likely to force you into the TM roulette due to dependence on a specific moveset and isn’t as relevant once you get your Machamp army built up.


I second that. Eevee is your joker: Evolve it to the form where you are lacking the most in alternative options! In raids or gyms, any Eeveelution will be a totally okay, if not great, filler for the team of it’s type (except Umbreon, as said, which in return shines in trainer battles). But no Eevelution dominates it’s type: there is aways something better. Keep in mind that we are regularly given great fire/water/grass pokémon every other month thanks to community days, if you can wait for this.

None of them really.

Sylveon’s going to be bad since we have togekiss and gardevoir with charm, and the number of pokemon that beat the others aside from espeon and flareon will grow every gen, with Umbreon being the only stand out because as a brickwall its great for PvP, but you want trash attack for pvp, and mot importantly you want last resort.

The only two I can say are semi worth getting these days are espeon because its good for matchamp raids without needing to shell out tons of RC on mewtwo or hunt abra so it at least has a reliable usage. Flareons a maybe, but its still not the best nonlegacy fire type anymore and legacy blaziken and Charizard are just kinda better ontop of fire being pretty niche for most things

For the others and exclusing legendaries:
Jolteon’s worse than the three gen 4 electrics
vaporeon’s worse than gyarados even without considering the legacy water starters this year
Flareon’s already kinda boarderline this since blaze kick blaziken
Leafeon’s worse than a fair few grass types
and glaceon, uh…mamoswine exists.
Down the line sylveon’s fate will be the same, and depending on what we get for gen 5, so too may espeon

These are pokemon that are generally starting out pokemon since community days and more widely gen 4 happened, useful when you dont have many options or resources to power up the better pokemon and are sufficient in the start, but are a stepping stone to getting better things. Once decently well set up, got the stardust and needed candy for other pokemon, they dont really have much of a purpose, unless you are last resort umbreon for GL or do pokemon draft.

make some chilly bois

I’d argue you’re downplaying Glaceon’s utility here. I know it’s not exactly apples to apples but for the amount of candy it takes to get one Mamoswine (25 + 100 + 1 Sinnoh Stone) you can get 5 Glaceon if you can get access to a Glacial Lure.

Like the rest of the Eeveelutions, accessibility is Glaceon’s biggest selling point. Sure it’s not the best of its type, but it can still do what everyone amasses an army of Mamoswine to do - duo Rayquaza. Its higher body count doesn’t stop it from playing with the big boys. My alt is living proof of that.


If high lvl mean 30+, then i will immediately remove Umbreon, Espeon and probably Leafon off this list.

Umbreon is only PVP useful and you want low attack Eevee here. Espeon , while being one of the best in his type, who this days really raid Machamps, when you can just evolve wild high lvl Machop or even easier, Makuhita to create enough strong team to raid? And both Umbreon and Espeon need walk 10 km to evolve, which is kinda annoying.

Leafon have many competition here and require least useful of the 3 specific Lures. Even without starters with CD moves, Leaf Blade Sceptiles or Exeggutor is fine and easier to obtain. And Roserade exist and have 2 common weather to obtain good ones.

The best choice is Glaceon, unless you have 2 parties of Mamoswines. Also being pure Ice have some pros( like being neutral to Grass) and cons (weak to Ray Ancient Power).

As second, i would place Flareon. Great DPS, easy access, only pure Fire viable type here.

Jolteon is lot easier obtainable than Electivire( quite rare spawn), good moves,no need Rare Candies. Great option as Team B or even in A if dont want spend RC on electric team. Magnezone requiring special lure can be hard to get( i still havent in example).

Vaporeon over Espeon and Leafon, because can spam Aqua Tail, is bulky and can be really annoying defender. Ofc Kyogre, Gyarados and CD starters are better, but 25 candy cost is simply good. To be honest, is better use in Gym battles or vs Grunts but it can be solid pick in B Team.

there was also there was a mamoswine event, where swinub was kind of everywhere, as well as poliswine is currently a t3 (and an exceptionally easy one at that)

But mamoswine is still the better option, it can do the job of beating ray, but glaceon also costs a sinnoh stone just as mamoswine does. 200 coins for a subpar, and likely to be replaced pokemon isnt something I think most people will want to do.

Let’s not sleep on Espeon unless you’ve got an Azelf/normal M2 army or maxed CD Gallade. Espeon learns Confusion/Futuresight just like Alakazam but isn’t made of tissue paper like Zam is.

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If you were actively playing, way back on that one day in February, then you probably have enough Mamoswine to meet your ice needs.

If you weren’t actively playing at that time, then Glaceon is almost as good, for a fraction of the investment. You don’t even have to buy your own lure, as long as you know where one will be used.

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thats a lot easier said that done. haven’t seen any dropped outside of the first release, and even with rayquaza being out, most people already have the needed ices. That still also means someone had to have purchased it, and discover it for yourself unless a groupchat specifically called out one or you happedn to stumble on it. Outside of big cities/college campuses, that doesnt seem common, living in a place where theres only a few places to actually play with more than 4 stops, i’ve never seen any reported or any active outside day 1, since most people dont want to spend coins for what to many is a dex entry. In theory glaceon would be able to contend since its cheaper, but that cheapness means nothing if theres no ice lures (while also costing a sinnoh stone), and there was recently an event where sneasel also known as what becomes weavile, happened, which is also a nonmamoswine ice type and also requires a stone, but that doesnt need an ice lure.

There was an event, you’re right. This means literally nothing for accounts started a month ago. Swinub aren’t as common as they once were anecdotally speaking, and if the goal is to raid Rayquaza who would spend the passes on Piloswine? I can more reliably catch and get enough candy to evolve a L30 Eevee than I can a Swinub.

No the hell it doesn’t. All you need is to plop a Glacial Lure down and you’re golden. I’ll admit that some may be put-off by the 200 coin sink in getting one, but you don’t necessarily need to use your own. Even if you did, it isn’t 200 coins for one Pokemon. I can drop a lure and evolve a dozen Eevee under the same lure and have my army ready to go.

Who cares if they get replaced later if the only thing spent on them was a lure and some Eevee candy, which can only be used to evolve Eevees? I never said anything about powering them up - you literally just catch a bunch of high-level Eevee, evolve them, and you’re set. Evolving anywhere between 6-12 Eevee into Glaceon takes nothing away from potential Mamoswine down the road. Hell, the lure might even be beneficial by spawning a Swinub where one normally wouldn’t appear.


I want to defend the mossy lures simply because that lure has Beedrill and Butterfree as specific spawns for it and during stardust events like the one we’re having now that means even more stardust.

But yes, the evolution you get by using it is overall not a top contender, so a glacial module is better if you want a useful Eeveelution