Best eeveelution today?

While this doesn’t help now, Glacial Lure will be great on Piplup Community Day because it spawns Piplups and everything else the lure spawns will instead be Piplups. You can then evolve all your Eevee.

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That piplup day will be in about 5 months

Accounts that started a month ago arent going to be able to do much to rayquaza unless they have the msot optimized counters. Trainer levels might go through the roof quickly, but without the stardust or even just the resources to evolve high level anythings doesnt mean anything. Eevee’s not exactly the most common pokemon, and unless a nest is present, its not like 2 days can get an army of pokemon to take on a raid boss, that generally can take a maybe a few weeks if theres no nest of finding whatever stragglers are here and there.

eevee is also at less common species, or at the very lease much more biome specific. After eevee days last year, the numbers of them have seemingly dropped off a cliff. Last summer i’d go out and they’d be everywhere even outside partially cloudy, now, even in partially cloudy weather larvitar’s been a more common sight (this is in a water biome btw).

And this is also applicable to everyone else. If most players are put off by they 20 coin sink, and most go with the ‘wait for one to drop’ mentality, then that still means theres not going to be many dropped. If one person has doubts about wanting to use the coins to buy it, whos to say most everyone else isnt having the same? It isnt as if everyone else is buying them en mass, while only a few have the wait for one to be placed thought process, its very much the otherway around.

glaceon is a pokemon that in theory is easier to get than mamoswine, but the limiting factor is the lures, you can have all the high level/IV eevee you want, but if you dont have a lure to evolve them with, that means nothing. Relying on other people to drop lures for you or spending 200 coins to evolve them yourself isnt something that makes a pokemon easier to obtain.

There’s not really a fast answer. On one hand a Glacial Lure is 200 coins. On the other hand Sinnoh Stones aren’t a guaranteed drop and you only get 4 chances a day at getting one, plus an extra chance each week via research breakthrough.

A lure can be gotten in 4 days minimum with good gym turnover. 6 Sinnoh Stones in 4 days is less likely given the approximate 15% drop from trainer battles and best case 10% chance drop from Master League fights against leaders. Link for source:

Evolving 6 L30 Eevee requires 150 Eevee candy, 1 Glacial Lure, and a maximum of 6 CTM’s if you get unfortunate and they all learn Icy Wind upon evolution - we assume only one CTM is spent to remove Icy Wind since Ice Beam is acceptable for a Rayquaza duo at L30. Fast move difference is largely negligible as both result in an estimator below 2.00 with some breathing room.

Evolving 6 L30 Swinub requires 750 Swinub candy, 6 Sinnoh Stones, a maximum of 6 FTM’s if you’re unfortunate and they all leard Mud Slap upon reaching Mamoswine, and any number of CTM’s due to Mamoswine only having one Ice type charge move in its arsenal. Mamoswine is the champ of Ice type damage, but there’s zero room for variance in its moveset for the purpose of a Rayquaza duo, unlike with Glaceon who can get by with a less than optimal set.

Also, since you edited as I was typing this:

Of which Glaceon counts. My alt was started one month ago. I held onto every high-level Eevee it caught (which were more common than Swinub by a significant margin), bought a Glacial Lure using alt’s gym winnings, and bam. One zero dust investment team capable of a Rayquaza duo.

Same for Mamoswine and Sinnoh Stones, what’s your point exactly? For reasons described in this post already one can more reliably get coin for one Lure than they can x6 SInnoh Stones.

Also, IV’s are irrelevant if you’re end goal is to bang out a duo-ready team for the current boss as fast as possible. High-level catches are key here.

Mamoswine is the more powerful, more supreme option here. Absolutely no one is denying this and at no point have I implied otherwise. With high power comes a higher barrier of entry, one that’s harder to reach for anyone who wasn’t playing last February. That’s what makes Glaceon an ideal option, because its barrier for entry is so much lower. And thus, relevant to the thread at hand, is why I’d argue it’s currently the best Eeveelution at the moment, for its more widespread relevance compared to Espeon and ease of access compared to the other two elite attackers of its type.

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New generations dilute the spawn pool.

I still see Magikarps, but they are no longer common trash like in the old days.

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Both of them have their pros and cons. Had there been no alt present would you have been willing to spend those same 200 coins on your main account for the eevee? The setting an alt up also is a different senario than a new player, since an alt I am assuming made for the purpose of raiding, a situation not as comparable to a new player who has just started and likely doesnt know as much on how things works (as well as likely taking longer to get up into the levels to where they can actually start encountering though higher level eevee) I mean I dont expect someone whos level 15 to be catching a level 25 eevee (since I believe thats actually impossible, and best they can get is 20 at that moment)

Glaceon is only useful for right now, after rayquaza leaves they are basically useless.

I point to machamp. Especially for newer players machamp is a fairly critical pokemon (not to mention regigigas will likely becoming any time now) on top of its gym utility, Espeon being able to beat it when its also reliably been in raids outside of one month i’d say makes it a better option, since it has longevity, rather than little more than 2 weeks of lifespan at the current moment.
Rayquaza might be good, but its also easy to beat with three players even without optimized coutners, so a player can simply just tag along for the raid and just throw whatever they have at it while building up stuff for after rayquaza leaves.

This was almost directly after eevee day they started becoming less common, not just after gen 4

I mean I specified the coins came from the alt, not the main. For all intents and purposes the alt can be treated like a new account. But to answer your point no, because the main already has Mamoswine. That’s the key difference here - the alt doesn’t have them, has seen less than 10 Swinub, and needed an answer now. Enter Glaceon and its supremely low barrier of entry.

It’s not like leveling up is hard. It took me a week to hit L30 on the new account and I wasn’t really trying that hard other than making smart use of Lucky Eggs.

There’s more potential for use for it outside of Rayquaza. It’s one of the faster, albeit more frail answers to Zapdos. It’s okay-ish against Groudon. Looking ahead, it’ll be a top pick against Thundurus and the blessing to a balanced OU, Landorus. Not to understate Espeon’s utility because building up a Machamp army is one of the cornerstones of building up a new account but it admittedly has little relevancy beyond that.

Equally fair, but if you’re going to handwave the need for good counters then why give a shit about Mamoswine?

I agree that using an Espeon army to acquire a Machamp army is an important rite of passage for newer players, but they will eventually outgrow that phase.

Level 40 players with dozens of maxed mons, hundreds of legendary raids, thousands of hours defended and tens of thousands of gym battles will still find Glaceon useful. When was the last time I used Espeon? I cannot remember.


Glaceon doesn’t become useless after Rayquaza leaves, at least for newer players, because Ice counters more types than psychic. Psychic’s role has become so niche that once a newer player raids for their 6 Machamps, their Espeons serve little to no purpose. Glaceon on the other hand can counter a lot of the common raid bosses, and we’ve seen Dragonite return as a T4 boss multiple times. Also, a lot of upcoming raid bosses in Gen 5 will be weak to Ice types, so keep that in mind. Having those Glaceon could help a newer player build up a strong team of Dragon generalists. Espeon is one of the better Eeveelutions, but it is far from the best, considering its use is so limited.

I have seen numerous lures even after the release day. Yes they aren’t as common, but go to an area where you know a lot of people play, and there’s a high chance you’ll see a glacial lure. Galceon is easier to get quickly, and it has way more use.

In fact, three legendaries are doubly weak to Ice and another ten are singly weak to Ice. Pseudo-legendaries are popular gym defenders and three of the five released so far are doubly weak to Ice, while the three in future generations are singly weak to Ice.

(I am not actually familiar with the later generations, so I counted based on information from Bulbapedia. Corrections welcome.)


Glaceon. It actually has a use for duoing Ray and helping vs other Dragons (besides Diaga, Palkia, and fire moveset Reshiram). As others said Espeon second for Machamp. Even if you participated in Mammo Day, odds are you still don’t have 12 level-appropriate Mammos

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There are also situations where Glaceon has an advantage over Mamoswine due to its typing. I recently used Glaceon to take down a constantly-berried Salamence with Fire Fang + Hydro Pump.

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Not inherently wrong, though with Kommo-o being a fighting type as well I’d be hesitant to use ice against it.

That’s a rather unique defender build. Every Salamence I see in gyms is a CD one.

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I’m also going to cast my vote for frosty fox for the following reasons.

• 2nd best Ice attacker. Rounds out Ice teams and can easily stand-in for Mamoswine as needed. Gets the job done for Rayquaza duos.

• Cheap, easy, and efficient investment, all things considered.

• Ice-type attackers currently have high value, and will continue to see use going forward.

• Has stylish bangs.

• More reliable DPS output when compared to some other Eeveelutions with lower-end bulk whose best movesets rely on 1-bar charge moves.

Psycho fox is a good 2nd place choice, but as others have already stated, Psychic has a pretty limited niche.


Yes, as others said, Glaceon is the best choice, due to being very strong as an ice attacker, as well as having the option to evolve as many as you wish immediately, since all it takes is a glacier lure, which one person can activate and then others can take advantage of it too.
Ice is on offense a good type, but for defense it’s not, since it only resists itself, when it really should have also grass, flying and water, considering how things in nature work…
The other eveelutions are all good and as budget options, they do the job, apart from Umbreon, which is only good for pvp and gym defense(when surrounded by psychic and fairy types).

I couldn’t agree more. I realize this is a biiiiiit off-topic, but if there’s one type out there that I’d like to see reworked (in terms of resistances), it’s ice. Quite possibly the worst type in the game, defensively.

Extending the off-topic discussion a bit:

The problems the ice-types have are not only the lack of resistances but also how the stats are usually spread out for them, they are bad defensively as a type and the stats are centered toward defenses with low speed, crippling their chances as attackers while also not being enough to give them bulk. If Gamefreak wanted to balance the type better they world have to rework Pokémon’s stats (I don’t know of a single time they did that and it’s better to not expect that) or change the type resistances to make them less frail in general, because offensively the type has great potential

To connect this discussion with the topic: that’s partially the reason why Glaceon shines in Pokémon Go, it has a pretty good attack stat and the HP buff given a while back to all Pokémon is a small patch to compensate its lack of resistances.

Not needing speed to be good in Go is also why it became #2, plus it has the best moveset available and even with megas, few things threaten its position in the future. With all things considered, Glaceon is a solid Pokémon, easily the second best of its type right now

In Gen 7 a handful of Pokemon received slight buffs to their base stats. Not the same as completely re-balancing a Pokemon but there’s precedent for fiddling with the numbers down the road. Same for changing resistance profiles. Steel used to resist ghost and dark type attacks where now it doesn’t.

Thankfully that was changed. It made no sense at all