Best event CEs to roll for year 2020?

I see a ton of discussions about the servants to roll for the upcoming banners, but I want people’s opinion on the best CEs to roll for each events.

So far, I’ve found that hotly discussed / video / meme CEs are mostly in general summoning pool :

  1. Black grail
  2. K.scope
  3. 2030
  4. Holy night supper

Or ones we can’t obtain at the moment :

  1. Golden sumo and aerial dive
  2. Gudaguda poster girl (I really feel like I missed out on this, but oh well)
    and others I can’t think of.

Does anyone have recommendations on which event CEs might be must have in regards to gameplay / future proofing?

HNS is a past, event-limited CE as well.

Aiming for general pool CEs is pointless since they have no rate-up. Technically the chance of getting them is better when no event CEs are on rate-up in the same banner, but the odds are still incredibly low.


Agreed with your assessment on general pool CEs.

I was hoping to gain feedback / have discussions on people’s favourite CEs that are coming up in events though.

How are you rolling for the best ces in 2020 in 2021?

Jokes asides good luck getting any of the good general pool five star ces when most banners have shit event ces.

The summer 4 free ce is basically a discount drunk Jeanne alter ce. So that’s kinda heat.

Christmas has a quick aerial drive for free.


Offhand, Traces of Christmas will be a good Quick/Starting Charge CE for those without scopes and other options.


The art of death is a ce that I overlooked because it won’t freaking leave me alone. I’ve probably burned dozens by now. Recently I leveled one to 80 and it’s 30% special attack is really noticeable as humanoid enemies are quite common. It’s quite easy to obtain as well as it’s only a 4 star ce.


Seems like slim pickings, but some of them are really good. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Keep them coming if there are some we have overlooked!

The most important event CE-s this year are Heavenly Demon Princess and Traces of Christmas (as well as Beautiful Dreamer but that event already ended).

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event ce which has starbomb effects are good. for cq needs and if you wanna run crit memes
golden carp, hmt (the martha ce during xmas), and the ooku dmg ce.
Imaginary Element is a good kscope alt
60% (75% mlb)

Considering these are Gacha Ce’s , it may take you a while to MLB it but Another Ending & Victor of the Moon are really good CE’s. At MLB they can obtain 2400 Attack at max level and they are some of the few CE’s that do go over the 2K dmg threshold you’ll most see on attack based CE’s.

As Elsa stated Art of Death is another good choice. I use it for Solo’s quite often especially when I decide to do Neutral Classing. And you’ll end up with more of these than you’ll know what to do with. Mine is lvl48 and sees more usage than my MLB Formal Craft. (However keep in mind some servants are Divine)

I do like Another Ending and Victor, but I couldn’t recommend leveling them if you have a Black Grail, as it’s almost always superior. Since they are all equally rare, being general pool 5-stars, most players are likely better off leveling a starting charge event CE, as they will be more universally applicable.

I mean, I’d really like Victor to be good, since I have an MLB one myself, but I just can’t think of a situation where I’d use it over Aerial Drive.


I actually have a MLB Victor and I’ve never used it :confused:


I started burning MLB Victors and Endings…my “main” copy of one of them stopped leveling at 65 because I stopped using it when scopes and BGs were options.

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When I was new I thought it’d be one of my top prioritized CEs for lv 100, glad I didn’t actually level it past 30.

@OP: Rolling gacha for the general pool CEs is probably not the wisest way to spend your sq, but you can try to aim for good banners with no rate-up CEs like the Arjuna Alter and Super Orion banners later this year. That said, the math won’t look pretty for you, a specific SSR CE is like 0.20% so you can expect to spend over 1k sq per copy on average over the long run. Not a realistic goal for non-whales tbh, and I say that as someone who actually rolled story banner trying to get my fifth kscope. (emphasis on trying)

Are Victor and Ending just not that good?

Overall, I strongly recommend against rolling for limited CEs. Of all the gacha CEs from event rolls, the only ones I’d consider rolling for would be Poster Girl and Magical Girl of Sapphire (both of which, I actually did role for, specifically). Most CEs just aren’t important enough to blow quartz on.

Sometimes I feel like the crit from those CE’s would outweigh the battery on Aerial Drive. Especially in solo scenarios.

Neither of mine are MLB but my BG is, so I’m basing my opinion on videos. However after getting MLB BG & maxing nearly immediately after, it has pretty much been my go to CE when K scope or AD isn’t used for farming.

I didn’t expect these answers honestly. Here I’ve been cursing myself for not being able to snag more copies of either of those Ce’s. /I’m not sure how relevant Mark Of A Smiling Face will be with Castoria since most people can just slap on Black Grail, but would that be worth taking to 100 or would it be best to wait for Heavenly Demon Princess because of the 50% battery? I ask since I already have BG maxed and don’t want to spend Ce XP unwisely.

Edit: First post was meant to be a reply to @The_Cheeseman


The problem with Ending and Victor is they have no starting charge and are inferior to Black Grail in 99% of situations in which you wouldn’t need starting charge.

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The issue is, if crit is important to your team’s damage, you’re probably getting outside crit bonus from sources like Waver and Merlin, so the extra crit on the CE will be watered-down. Buster servants aren’t known for their long-term efficiency, so 50% starting charge is likely to be how you get a second NP off in the fight.

As for soloing, it’s tough to say since every servant does it differently in different circumstances.


I have a lvl 100 MoaSF and have yet to use it. If NP Gain is the priority, I’ll typically use Magical Girl of Sapphire since it has starting NP and is completely card-agnostic; if damage is the priority, BG is usually way to go (and some of MoaSF’s bonus is wasted on Servants without damaging NPs, so I wouldn’t use it there, either).

One thing to keep in mind about crit damage bonuses is that they don’t necessarily translate to huge effective damage boosts.

  1. All crit damage bonuses are zeroed out if for any reason cards don’t crit.
  2. More modest crit damage bonuses aren’t that dramatic since +25% crit damage isn’t the same as +25% total damage.
  3. In the case of Servants with high native crit damage boosts, the extra X% from a CE is negligible since it scales poorly and needs massive increases to make a dent. E.g. Going from 50% crit damage to 100% is something like a 20% effective damage boost when you crit, so CE crit damage boosts are anemic for these Servants. Also consider Servants running on 200%+ crit damage for their Quicks with 2x Skadi.

TL;DR: Servants who want the crit damage usually have better options; Servants who run on crit damage usually gain minimal benefit from crit damage CE values.