Best F!Edelgard Boon?

Hello everyone! After sparking her and using her in some PvE, I decided to merge up F!Edelgard. I can’t +10 her all in one go, but I did already get the two boons that I can’t decide between: Atk and Res. Both are super boons, and both have their merits, so I decided I might as well poll. I’ll be using her everywhere, particularly AR offense now (she will be paired with my +10 Nagi and both will run Saves when I get the fodder) and Arena when she’s +10 (months from now). I’ll include the other boons just in case, but I’m pretty sure Atk, Res, or Def will be the best options. I’m less interested in boosting Def than Res, but I can see it being useful for Near Save builds. I’ll probably put Far Save on her, but I’m not sure yet, and it will probably be a bit before I can get the fodder.

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Defense
  • Resistance

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Between Atk and Res imo. Res helps for greater survivability and you can never go wrong with more Atk

I’m leaning more towards Res tho because I personally think that she’d benefit more from being harder to kill


I’d lean towards Res so she has some actual mixed bulk to keep herself tanky, especially against Bramimond who can ignore her kit with ease. I would only go +Atk for Galeforce strats so she can one shot her foes easily.


I honestly dislike the idea of using her as anything but a Galeforce tank (any other role makes her a crappy Bector without the ability to run Flayn support due to the transformation restriction), killing 3 enemies then easily tanking the remaining ones. So I’m going with Atk.


I personally would go with +Res. (My F!Edelgard is + RES)

Reason: I don’t like Galeforce strategies, i prefer the tank version. :D

So + RES is better IMO


I’m not sure which way I will end up using her more for AR offense. She has a nearly unique (with L!Edelgard) ability to take down 3 defenders in a turn with a Galeforce build, and F!Edelgard isn’t season-locked. This is probably the niche where she shines the brightest, because she’s not going to outdo B!Hector at Far Save tanking. However, she is still a very good Save tank option, and I’m thinking she might be a good backup option when people hard counter B!Hector. Plus, player-phasing two units as a tank is pretty nice. Also, it might require some trickier positioning, but as long as Flayn is 2 spaces from F!Edelgard and say, 1 from Nagi, it won’t mess with F!Edelgard’s transformation.


Someone voted +spd

Guys please I love speed memes too but I really don’t think this is the time-


What, +Spd is bad on a unit who has built in no hp threshold Wary Fighter in the weapon and no way to change the weapon due to Beast weapons only being Prf’s… pffft

With Triple Peony buffs


50 Spd. F!Edelgard xD WTF xD


Would be 52 Spd… but apparently Atk/Spd Ideal isn’t in the builder… then 58/59 with buffs


Also, she could technically have another +9 Spd if all 3 Peony’s are lined up correctly… so she can have upto like 67/68 Spd and can’t even use it effectively since she’s not allowed to double

Edit: Unless she is running Bold Fighter and has 5 more Spd than the foe


Personally, I prefer the Res boon. She hits so hard anyway and and the res boon makes her even more unkillable than she already is (I mean, c’mon, 49 res with the weapon is clearly not enough).


Wouldnt her speed conflict with her weapon? she cant make follow up attacks.


Atk boon, at +10 with just dragonflowers and SS she hits 69 attack while transformed

case closed


I want to test this.

She has better atk, def, and most importantly, a lot better res. Like, 11 points better or so. Supposing she sacs her A-slot for Svalinn shield (which…maybe will become necessary one day? B.Hector seems to have discouraged all the anti-armours, but I think people are going to use him for far save so much that defenders will start noticing anti-armours work against near save), Hector will manage to equalize in atk and def, and he has the added benefit of penalty neutralization and QR in exchange for losing special fighter at 50% instead of 25%HP. Also that it’s probably better to be colourless when your stats are this stacked, especially if raven tomes aren’t a concern.

Which leads me to argue, she’s at least as good for near save, even without transformation.

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Difficult decision; I lean towards atk because it’s the flexible IV. Res doesn’t help much on galeforce builds; atk is good on enemy phase strategies. OHKOs are really important when she only ever expects to hit once.

Her player phase potential is going to stick around longer than her enemy phase potential. I don’t know how fast she will fall off, but I tend to think she will continue one-shotting squishy stuff longer than she will be able to tank the latest glass cannon.

The one role in which I think I might recommend res is AR-D far save, and that’s extremely niche, like, it’s really hard to transform her. But if that’s what you’re doing, the best thing a far save can do is refuse to be killed so +res > +atk.


It takes Peony buffs to reach the maximum Spd Orson can hit without Blessings/Bonus

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She’s still able to double but it requires exchanging Armored Wall out for Bold Fighter. But even without being able to double her having that much Spd would help against units with NFU because now they have to have 5 more Spd than her to double her and with her being able to reach almost 70 Spd that’s mostly only the Fast Swordies

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In all seriousness though, Atk is probably your best bet since she doesn’t have a guaranteed Follow-up


The Edelgard that swept my teams was + Atk from galeforce. I prefer like this. Since she has the possibility to sweep 3 enemies. As long as none of them are Boey. Because all you have to do is pray.images (7)