Best Fever quest

What is the best fever quest for qp farming?

Camelot Casino. 400k QP pay in.

You can get anywhere from 2.5 to 4.7M QP.


My best AOE Saber is Saber Lily so that will be very hard for me to farm. What is the second best?

The one below it 350K pay in. Might not get quite as much, but it should be manageable for you and it’s a different class too.

Camelot is Lancers, so you should bring Hokusaber with her powermod. Even if you don’t 3T it, the payout is worth it.

Personally, I am farming bond on Event servants, so I’m running lolivinci as support for Hokusaber.


I don’t really use AoE Sabers for this either that have powermod. I only have my own Siegfried and/or borrow one.

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From the Fever section of the guide: