Best Fire Emblem Game || RESULTS


Woo! My Blazing Babes! I’m so happy they won. X)


A game not even in my top 5 FEs…

I feel like maybe I should just start avoiding all polls on here…


  • you can’t hide from the polls
  • the polls find you

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Wanted to vote for both options

Extreme disappointment




Thank you

Disappointment retracted


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No way, unfortunately. I tried when writing the Newsletters but Markdown text formatting (what we have, as well as things like Reddit and Discord) doesn’t have that available right now.


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Did you manually do that? LOL


I used   i know, gross right


It’s not gross while it isn’t JS


Great solid game in so many ways.


P O L L S !


PoR didn’t win…

sadness intensifies


Gotta say, I think PoR deserved the top spot, but FE7 is a masterpiece as well


Me on the regular here: Cries in lack of Tellius (especially RD)

Although this particular case Cries in lack of Binding Blade or Mystery of the Emblem as well


I’m surprised PoR placed this high. My impression was that the opinions of it weren’t that high.

Also surprised that Binding Blade didn’t place higher given the place of Blazing Blade. But I don’t know the difference lol
Barely watched any play of either one


Binding Blade had no character balance, take the knights of the game, easily the best example
Bird is the knight you start out with, he has bad bases, as he is recruitable in chapter 1 and he has bad bases for his class(very low strength and defense). Barthe comes in later(chapter 8 I believe). He has pretty good bases and good strength and defense growths, even if everything else will turn out poorly. The final knight(not gonna count Douglas cause he comes in at the end of the game anyway) is Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn has trash bases, joins the same time Barthe does, is level 1, and has very strange growth rates, with strength, skill, and speed at 40%, luck at 45%, and defense at a measly 30% , Gwendolyn is only usable by people who want to brag and say that they’ve used one of, if not the, worst fire emblem units
Other examples include Roy not being able to promote until Chapter 21, the game ending on 22, and one of the Pegasus knights being locked behind the two other Pegasus knights being higher leveled than the nomads of the game, so you’re likely using one of them already
Could also be simple and be that it hasn’t released outside of Japan, but then I couldn’t write this college thesis about it


Really? I think objectively it should have won, although I’m glad that Blazing Sword did because the results screen for it was fun to make lol.