Best force strike wyrmprint

as topic, most of my mains are swordsmen so i use overlord in slot #1 but i’m torn between best force strike print in #2 - use 2ub stellar show atm but have the resources to max it, sisters day out or lunar festivities. does sisters day out (force charge - +25% skill charge per force strike up to 3 times) work on alberts skill 2 ? 75% skill prep sounds good for most content but is it worth it over stellars crit dmg for longer fights/raids ?

ta for any replies

From what I recall Only skill prep affects Albert’s 2nd skill’s charge. On my Albert I keep overlord and The Chocolateries for boss battles, and for normal quests anything that gives crit/str boost.

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The “best” FS print varies depending on character. Most still prefer Stellar Show (MUB) because they don’t get much out of Force Charge. Albert does prefer Sisters’ Day Out, it fills his S2 so it helps him get his cycle going much earlier while still stacking FS damage. Lunar Festivities is just a nice budget option IMO, Striking Haste isn’t very impactful.