Best Friends Forever ? Fate Grand Hoarder

Okay so I’ve been thinking…

Coin-Meta is coming on FGO 6th anniversary, in 2 years. You don’t get retroactive coins for 1-3* servants, BUT
It is possible to hoard FP for 2 years… so maybe 5 to 10 millions FP with the lotos and others events.

Based on this, I bet it’s totally feasible to roll at least 6 times the same 3 star servant for a level 1 append skill, and maybe all 3 if you roll the same servant 18 times (no matter what is your bond level).

So technically, if you roll all your FP after the update, it is possible to have ALL 1-3* servants with at least append skill 1/1/1 !!! :fgo_insane:

Crazy idea? Am I the only one tempted by this ? What do ya think ?



I won’t worry about this system for most of my low rarities. Gong and Arash are the only ones I use semi-regularly, but each lottery brings millions of FP, so I’m not worried.

Actually rolling by hand is more of a pain in the ass than getting the necessary FP.


Ask @Useless_Monkey_Uko or @poketar wether they already have 3 append skill on low level servant or not


This is absolutely true. Farming a few lottos, opening all those boxes, no problem. Spending (for example) 10 million FP, however, requires you to tap that button 5000x. And you don’t even have a nice sheep in the background.


Have fun farming all those shit mats for every 1-3 servants append skills.


I’m only half-insane, that’s why the goal is only 1/1/1… for now. :fgo_bbgrin:

I don’t see the point of unlocking append skill for most low rarity servants, especially on day 1. Besides, you are bound to roll the sq gacha at some point and be slammed with 3* anyway


What qaumufun said. What’s the rush, friend? Keep calm and roll along B)


Tbh, I was super disappointed with that. But this seem like a good idea, because we will need those FP for Habenyan too.


I am definitely spamming FP on 6th anniversary because I MUST have my arash coins asap! It would be wonderful to get plenty for Paracelsus and a few others, but Arash needs supercharging to the max as quickly as possible.


What you mean not get retroactive coins for 1-3 stars?


Nop. Only for 4☆ and 5☆

i’m asking what he means by it.

i’m stupid so i need explanation.


1-3* servants get retroactive coins on the 6th anniversary for bond levels only, not for np levels like the 4-5* servants will. So to get coins for grails or append skills beyond what your bond can afford, you need to summon a bunch of np copies after the anniversary. And unfortunately this includes storylocked and limited 3*. So if you want a super bedi, jaguar warrior, izou, mori, etc, you will need to summon them again with sq for the coins :fgo_badciv:


Fga can roll fp if you have it


shoot so I’m holding onto Cú copies in the second archive for nothing? :feh_elisad:

Ah well at least that’s some extra space for embers


Salieri will be the only low rarity that I expect to do any append skill upgrades to. Lucky for me I rolled his most recent banner when I heard about this.

Bad news? I fused them to save space lmao.
Only saving Grace is that I favor him a lot so he has a strong chance to hit bond 15.

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You need to roll after 6th anniv if you want Coin from Salieri copies :catpat:


F. Bond 15 it is

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aaaahhhh… really? I mean I guess I understand these numbers on my lower servants… Though this was off of 3.5 mil friend points. And that’s hard for me to believe… I guess since I never really went hard on lottos in jp not the fp gacha, so my numbers aren’t very… Reliable… I guess…?