Best (future?) Hundo evoli

Still have a hundo Eevee lying around and already have a hundo glaceon which i don’t use a lot due to mamoswine and shadow icetwo. Any chance that any evoli gets a move update making hundo development worthwhile? What about Sylveon? Have a 93percent vaporeon already double moved for PvP.

My hundo is an Umbreon and she rocks. I say, life is for the living and why hold off using a great Mon for something that may not ever arrive.

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Sylveon’s got a similar attack stat to vaporeon (203 to Vap’s 205) and very balanced Def and Sta which I’m not convinced does it any favours in either side of the game. Moveset dependent, it’s likely better than Granbull but worse than the two main fairies in Gardevoire and Togekiss

I’d say if any could become better in PvE, you’d be looking at Espeon, Flareon, Jolteon in that order. But truthfully, I can’t see anything much doing that to take it beyond the massed ranks of other stuff ahead of them these days.

That said, it’s a hundo, Eeveelutions don’t disgrace themselves in PvE and PvP produces new moves all the time so it might throw a winning combo in there somewhere.


Ok, might pass it to Umbreon when a last resort event ever comes again. Or use a ETM. Have a 91percent Umbreon already at lvl 32 though, which hindered me last time. Thanks!

I don’t see Espeon likely being improved by a moveset update. As for Jolteon, even if it gets Wild Charge, it’s just another Luxray (same CP and attack stat). But Flareon is quite hopeful if at some time Flare Blitz is introduced.

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Interesting! Though the chance is low that Flareon is better than Blaziken with blast burn i guess

Indeed, I keep debating 2-moving a couple of my shadow metagross for some psychic variety, but the eevees could be fun for self-designed challenges.

I made mine a glaceon and he rocks but you already got one. I like vaporean but I dunno… I do have a shiny waiting for the sylveon release :)

Tried a Brave Bird clone and Flareon is still far behind. To surpass Blast Burn Blaziken, Flare Blitz needs to be a 2-bar move and stronger than Sky Attack.

Magmortar looks good on that :)

I so wish Magmortar was more useable. He looks great, but just doesn’t cut it. Possibly the most disappointing CD ever, worse than Slakoth.

5000 eevee candy later…I guess Umbreon has more use since I have a level 47.5 Mamoswine…but a Glaceon can take at least half of a level 40 Kyogre’s health. Mamoswine maybe 30%…on a good day


Yeah, pretty close! I’m getting some fun play out of an UL Magmortar with CChop/Fpunch+Tbolt. Still, pretty underwhelming for a CD!