Best generalists

Suppose you could only have pokemon from 5 species…

Luckily you can use any evolution stage -including megas- and have access to every available move with an unlimited amount of TMs and ETMs.

You need to be able to stay as competitive as possible in all aspects of the game Gyms, PVE and PVP on all 3 leagues (not on restricted cups)

Which would you pick and why?

My pick:

  • Swampert: decent in every league and PVE as a water attacker or ground attacker with the mega. (GROUND + WATER)
  • Mewtwo: Decent in ML and the shadow with all this charged moves is usually a good PVE pokemon, obviously the best psiquic and if you include armored mewtwo (I am not sure if it would qualify and I created the game) it is also good in UL (PSIQUIC, GHOST, ICE, FIRE, FIGHTING)
  • Metagross: Best in his category and good for ML (METAL) and decent generalist with the shadow version.
  • Venasaur: Decent grass and decent in all three leagues. (GRASS, POISON)
    . ???

I’ll replace Venusaur and Metagross by Machamp and Dragonite. The last one I choose Xurkitree, of course PvE only, best electric attacker, top-tier (regular) fairy and grass attacker, a different flavour of Mewtwo.

Gyarados is a good pick as well, two typings, good meta, viable in all leagues.
I also would love something with rock - dual typing would be nice, so terrakion or rhyperior.

In the end it depends on what you focus on: these two picks won’t do well in GL, and relying on swampert alone does not break it. Since GL is probably the most important league, we have to be sure that a team out of the five works well. Florges would be ok for all leagues (also goes well with swampert in pvp) and not that bad as fairy attacker, quite attractive! Then, a surprise, pidgeot? Does well in UL and GL, the mega is decent.

So - Florges - Swampert - Pidgeot - Mewtwo - ???

something for raids and ML (gyms can easily be done with anything), either indeed metagross or terrakion as potential dual type fighter/rocker. Yep, I guess I’d go for terrakion, perfect synergy for raids. But then again… I never will use it for PvP… But a florges/swampert/mewtwo team in ML is not thaaat bad.

With good moves, Solgaleo and Lunala will rip through the meta !
Luckily you had made them available :wink:!

Few type combinations which I like are :

Normal/Ghost [ H-Zoroark ]

I like Mega Salamence, Mega Blaziken, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Tyranitar, Mega Gengar, Mega Gardevoir.