Best Hardy Fighter options?

I got an A!Fjorn on Letizia banner …
I already have one A!Fjorm, so I am thinking on give her B skill to someone of my armor units.

My options are:

-B!Hector (no mergues, no Far Save, he only has refine).
-Valentine Rudolf. He has an strange build focused on Far save… I got it from Hall of Forms. He has Aegis, Distant Ward and A/R Far Save

-Forsyth or Picnic Luke? THey have very good defenses, I can give them a build focused on Pasive and Damage Reduction with Hardy Fighter (without Save). Forsyth also can heal 10 for every hit, which makes him even harder to kill.

-Amelia. My Amelia has Ata/Spd Push, Savvwy Figher and Near Save.
Savwy Figher or Hardy Fighter, whats better for her?

-Valentine Gustav. I have seen builds on Youtube with Hardy Fighter and Pasive, and he just get like 75% DR for every hit… which is pretty awesome? This strategy has counterplays tho…

-Otherwyse, is better to Mergue my A!Fjorn. I use her a lot on AR-A as my Far Save armor hero (light season). Maybe I should keep my copy for Astra Season. I get problems with Astra season some times…

  • B!Hector
  • V!Rudolf
  • Forsyth
  • Picnic Luke
  • Amelia
  • Valentine Gustav
  • A!Fjorm Merge
  • Keep copy for Astra Season

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Do you have/care for AIdunn or Arden? If not, go for BHector.

AFjorm is not worth the merges (it might sound hypocritical as I have her at +8, but I needed a replacement for my Surtr in arena and I picked her).

Rudolf might be worth the investment once his refine hits us, but the other listed options are not that appealing besides BHector.


Yes, I have both
A!Idunn, Arden and Original Idunn.

Is A!Idunn better with Hardy Fighter than her B slot? (Willy Figther)

If you care for competitive modes, then yes, but she would need Far Save too. You don’t seem to have it available yet, so I would hold the Form copy until you do.


Rudolf is a good option if you care a lot for Summoner Duels and have Distant Defense 4 available. Running this build, he survives so many meta units and this is enough to encourage opponents to not attack you.

This may sound tedious, but considering we get three Light / Astra blessings each week, you could re-bless Fjorm for each season instead of having two of them. As xchan mentioned, she’s not worth the merges.

For general purposes, the best option seems to be Brave Hector.

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