Best healing assist?

I’m thinking about how I’d build a Serra once I get enough copies to +10 her, but choosing a healing assist is surprisingly difficult.
It’s not just about her - I simply wonder what the best healing assist is. So how about I ask you for your opinion?

Martyr heals both the user and the target, with the healing being increased when the user’s damaged.
Recover is just a solid heal.
Physic can be a bit troublesome to use, but it helps you keep your distance.
Rehabilitate heals more when the target is more damaged.
And Restore comes with Harsh Command+… sort of.

Look, before you all go “Restore for Aether Raids duhhhh”, I need to adress this: I don’t care about Aether Raids, all I care about is what healing skill is technically the most useful and/or the best overall.


Honestly, if this is for general use outside of AR and Arena… It’s really up to you.

If you’re running an offensive Serra healer build (a/s push 4) Martyr+ will help keep her healthy after she’s been hitting multiple opponents though it loses its value if its just a one map clear stage.

Recover+/Rehabilitate+ if you really think your teammates need fat heals.

Physic+ if you think Serra is incapable of taking hits and needs to heal from a distance, but physic+ is kind of a budget heal assist imo for not really invested healers.

Restore+ if your team has trouble with debuffs. But Restore+ isn’t as useful in pve content so eh.

Personally run Marytr+ on a lot of my PvE healers because they tend to have offensive builds so they take hits more often and its good for multi-map stages (Chain Challenge and TT+ for instance). But my main healer has a high attack stat to work with so i dunno if it’ll work the same for Serra.

Martyr+ or Recover+ are her best options in PvE IMO. If you’re bringing a healer they might as well heal for a lot, and recover+ makes sure that you’re healing for a good chunk while Martyr+ keeps both herself and her allies healthy.



Fr tho I sorta forget what half of them do, except restore and recover.

Tbh for PvE just go recover+


Wouldn’t it kinda depend on the unit and the build though?

Like… recover+ and physic can be filler, but physic is preferred on teams where you don’t wanna stick together but still have to heal (or for specific situations where you can’t be adjacent).

Rehabilitate and Martyr work very nicely with miracle effects. A bulky healer with escape route can martyr to a wounded teammate and heal themselves in the process after a miracle. Rehabilitate can work with units like Seliph or miracle spam units for assured full heals.

And Restore is obviously most notable for removing debuffs. I’ve seen it being used in PVE teams that need panic counterplay.


Generally speaking Restore+ is the most useful, since if an ally has a penalty you can remove it and charge up her special without the need for a damaged enemy.

Depending on the build however other’s may work better. For instance Martyr+ is great for Offensive Healers, since you’re probably going to see them taking damage more regularly than a pure support healer would, especially if you forgo Dazzling for a better B slot.

Martyr+ is better if you have nothing else to heal yourself (Live to Serve, Renewal). But if you do, Recover+ is the best option.

And if you wish to use a 4* healing assist, Rehabilitate is by far the best one since it heals a lot more than the others.

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ardent sacrifice :feh_florina:


depends on team

general use: recover
tanky front: rehabilitate
if you team is desceptible to debuffs: restore
cav units: physic, to be able to heal even whit a slower move speed

What I didn’t see mentioned about Physic+ is the fact that it works very well with Solo skills, should you go down that route with your Serra.

At max investment she can heal around 25HP, while also keeping her distance and being able to benefit from those juicy solo bonuses.