Best inheritors for Odd Tempest?

So, the mythic banner gave me three LDimitris. I’m keeping one of them (he’s +spd -hp), while the other two are now manuals. I know he also has Sturdy Impact, but I am wondering who can work well with Odd Tempest. I want to avoid putting it on fliers (Aerobatics, Flier Formation, and Smol Palla exist, and Beast Fliers have the movement buff already covered).

Or should I just focus on Sturdy Impact or give LDimitri a merge or two?


Well, I think Odd-Tempest works best on any infantry galeforce unit you have or are thinking of building. But, it can also go well on whatever player phase infantry unit you have too.



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I would say any GaleForcer or any hard-hitting unit, like Larcei or Mareeta (I probably spelled her name wrong)


I said I’m avoiding putting it on a flier.

Besides, my Mininerva’s C is already in use.


Seiros or Marf

Seiros for Non-Mythic teams

Maybe when Karla gets a refine she’d be a good pick. Base Edelgard’s fun too. She prefers being away from allies, and is super defensive so she makes great use of Sturdy Impact as well, for optimal fodder.


Infantry/Flying AR-D dancer, like Mirabilis.

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Galeforcers, who want to charge into enemy ranks and be able to have great movement and multiple moves.

If you’re against putting on fliers then infantry is your only other great option. (or just merging)

I’d remember you can probably inherit both Sturdy Impact and Odd Tempest at the same time, by inheriting Sturdy Blow to the receiving unit first. Then you can grab Sturdy Impact and Odd Tempest 1,2,3 at once from one Dimitri.

If you like Dimitri a lot, you could merge once for the bane negation, and still have an extra copy. If you’re lukewarm about him, you already have a great IV and don’t strictly need a merge


Like everyone said, galeforce, but the best galeforce unit w/ odd tempest imo is Duo ephraim, his weapon is screaming for it.

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Not infantry locked, I use it on my galeforce OG!Minerva and she zooms around the map


Yeah, but they asked for no flier recommendations.


Ah I see


Thanks for reminding me that I forgot to add “Don’t suggest dancers”.

There are better ways that I can get a range 3 dancer (either deploy a white birb or once I get Duo Sigurd), and WoM is more reliable for infantry dancers IMO.

As for those wondering why I am not putting it on a flier: personal playstyle is why. Besides, I have Tibarn and Naesala who can already got the PP playstyle covered flierwise.

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Duo Sigurd is ranged so easily baitable.
Reyson and Leanne have… no non-beast adjacent ally condition so they don’t fit every set-up (actually, they don’t fit most set-up).
Not to mention they both lack the HP to cover Bridal Fjorm’s Isolation, and the Def to cover Mila’s Isolation.

Mirabilis too, but she takes a Mythic slot while beast/duo sigurd don’t, which offer a different kind of set-up.

Let’s agree to disagree :feh_annawink:

This only applies if her cares for AR tho, I have never encountered a bridal Fjorm in my life so every dancer is viable

I was only talking about AR-D, obviously if she doesn’t care about AR-D then it’s pointless.

Okay, it’s decided. Giving OT to my OG Mareeta. I have fodder for Galeforce and can give her Flashing Blade seal, allowing her to keep A/S solo.

As for the second manual…let’s merge that one.