Best IV for Reyson

I’m almost at 900k feathers, so it’s about that time of the month to decide on a new FTP project.
After using a forma soul on Fallen Ashnard, of course he’s on the top of the list.
However, checking my barracks, I found Reyson left at +9 with +Spd IVs, and I remembered I didn’t want to fully merge him a few months back just to be sure his IVs would be the best for the kind of build I wanted for him.
I’ve decided I want to build him as an AR-O support refresher with Galeforce for Light season, and I need help to decide wether his best IV is +Spd or +Atk.

Points to consider
  • He’ll not be my main initiator, so WoM on B is a must.
  • He’ll need some form of special acceleration, most likely HB3 on SS because I don’t have spare HB4 manuals.
  • By the facto, using HB means his Atk needs to be compared against his foe’s.
  • On Light season, he’ll be getting buffs from 1 Peony, 1 Dagr and 1 Mila. Also Mila will have Sabotage Atk on B so that means visible -7 Atk to foes.
Reyson on Light season (+4 spd, +5 def, +5 res)

More or less that is the target build. I gave him +Atk in the unit builder just for relevancy. The fodder may include a B!Claude and a V!Catria. If there’s anything you think could be changed for the better, please let me know.
So, the main question is: +Atk or +Spd?

  • +ATK
  • +SPD

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Thanks for your time and help!

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If you need to proc HB, then atk all the way, but even then I’m not sure how reliable it will be. Reyson has decent stats, but he is of an older gen and winning a stat war is always a pain, especially for a balanced unit like him.


That’s also what I think. He has it tough.
That’s why I’m doing everything I can to close the gap between his Atk and the new stronger units by giving him Atk/Spd Rein and Sabotage support.
Also Atk/Spd Bond 4 normally isn’t as good as Atk/Spd Unity for main carries and for consistency in term of positioning, but for this particular case I find it really, really good, (potentially even better if he doesn’t get debuffed): he’ll be attacking adjacent to an ally anyways because of WoM, and if he activates Galeforce then he’ll sing another ally, so in that circumstance positioning will not matter as much.

So idk, I actually think with this particular set he’ll work really well on light season.

The main issue that will decide this playstyle’s reliability is imo the consistency of the galeforce sequence initiator, whom I’ve yet to decide.

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It seems the poll is at a stalemate.
Making a reply just to bring the post up.
Feel free to give feedback in the comments.

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I voted Atk because Reyson has to run Heavy Blade for this set and his Atk is kind of low for today’s standards. Even what you got is at most 62 Atk (provided he transforms) when some units hit 60+ Atk with zero support or merges. The Rein + Sabotage support helps but I’d rather be safe than sorry with Atk checks and bulk creep


At this point it feels odd closing the poll with just a difference of 1 vote in favor of +Atk, yet I don’t think there’s any point on keeping it open.
It’s clear that if I want to comit to this set, Heavy blade needs to proc, meaning Reyson will need all the Atk he can get.
And I don’t really feel like waiting for IS to make beast refines a thing, to see if this is wise or not.
So, +Atk it is.

Thanks everyone for the help!

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