Best IVs for Ferdinand Von Aegir?

Hey everyone! I didn’t see any topics about him

I’ve got 2 copies of Ferdinand! :upside_down_face:

These 2 copies got good IVs imo but well I don’t know which one to choose :thinking:
I don’t think I’ll +10 him, but at least +1 for fun purposes.

  1. +def -atk
  2. +spd -res


seems the best overall choice but +def can let him to be a spd tank unit ? or it’s just better to focus on the spd ?
And I don’t know how I’ll build him with that boon, he faces a lot of competition :feh_elisad:
Do you have some (budget) build suggestions w/ that boon ?

(And I already have a +SPD S!Cordelia)

my budget S!Cordelia

Random build ideas with the def boon

Build 1 : Mix spd tank.
Build 2 : Def wall (but idk if it’s useful) | 54 def when he’s in the brazen range seems fun. For a easiest use, just replace Fury & Brazen by Steady Stance 3 (or 4).
Build 3 : Def wall. Get like 56 atk and 54 def when he’s just near an allie. Simple & budget.

Random build ideas with the spd boon

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Please dont use Fury with QR


It’s just to secure the First double against fast sword units. But if you prefer, Dull close or even Renewal can be an alternative.

Ferdinand von Aeiger is pretty versatile, so he can run a lot of things depending on what you want. You could go +res for mixed bulk, +spd or +atk for more offensive. Really anything works ,it just a matter of what you want.


Alright thank you !

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Also @Shuriken-of-Sacae and @LadyLuna probably have some stuff they could say about Ferdinand von Aeiger.


As for me I got 3 Ferdie’s in 6 blue stones. Wouldn’t a 5 five star have been more likely at that point? It says 4* focus is only 2.97% starting. (Boons are Res, def and HP)


I love how his name isn’t Ferdinand, it’s Ferdinand Von Aegir. And it needs to stay that way.


Out of the two, I’d say go with +Spd but with a more defensive mindset. Since you have Summer Cordy, it’s redundant to build him offensively since he won’t outperform her there, but he can tank hits a lot better than her and his Speed is high enough to use defensively.

Steady Posture is a fantastic skill for this type of build and goes very well with Ferdie’s native Rouse and lance (or a Slaying Lance if you prefer that, or even Barrier Lance for mixed bulk). Cavs are limited on B slots, unfortunately, so there’s not much to pick from there. QR/Swordbreaker can be used for extra speedy swords or to break through Wary Fighter, Renewal for passive healing (although I just like that skill a lot), or Dull Close. A Lull would be ideal but that’s too expensive for a “for fun” build.

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Thank you for your advices and build ideas :+1: :ok_hand:

Yeah I’m thinking about that ; more def is cool, but it’s more cooler if he avoids more doubles :thinking: :feh_marththink:

Overal my preference is res>spd>def
Mostly like res and spd on him since it’s his most unique feature.

And for builds I like to focus on allround (or spd/def/res) into a unit that won’t deal much damage, but will be a pro at surviving

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Then why did I see it on Xander?

Because the guy who built it was most likely mentally confined

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Out of the two boons you got, definitely +Spd. Hope you have fun with the great Ferdinand von Aegir! :ferdysmile:

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Yeah, Spd boon is probably your best choice. At no merges that’s 38 Spd before buffs, which is a reasonable amount, but you’ll still get doubles by super fast units. More merges would help with that :feh_flaynsmile:




I didn’t realize he was in unit builder yet so I used the custom units one instead :feh_tooobin:


Ferdinand von Smol :ferdbirb:


Versatile? Just like mi papa


Ok it seems spd > def :feh_tooobinyes:
so well I gave him some random budget skills and I try to make him a dual phase unit. On PVE contents he does the job well, now I need to test him in Arena :feh_eirikathink:

And yeah he’s fun, he can be built with so many ways !
And his arts are :ok_hand:

Thanks for your help everybody :+1: